Digital Nomad Visa For Montenegro

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Digital Nomad Visa For Montenegro
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Montenegro Rating from Citizen Remote

Internet Infrastructure
Country Stability
Cost of living
Ease of Obtaining Visa

Montenegro Quick Facts

Montenegro is a young country, having only existed as an independent country since 2006, when it separated from Serbia. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to expect in this country, which is a shame as it has a lot to offer digital nomads and remote workers.

Montenegro has over 115 beaches. It’s also home to over 270 species of birds due to its vital position in their migration path, making it one of the most popular destinations among bird watchers.

Suppose you are looking for a country with relaxing beaches and incredible mountains full of adventure, history, and beautiful old towns. In that case, Montenegro might be a great next stop on your nomad journey!

capital Capital Podgorica
gov Form of Government Multiparty republic
population Population 621,718 (2020)
climate Climate Mediterranean climate
lang Language Montenegrin
currency Currency Euro - Need Help Converting?

Quick Visa Facts

Visa Length
2 years
Possible to extend?
Who can apply?
Citizens of countries that are not part of the European Union
Minimum Income Requirements
Time for visa applications
30 days

Living in Montenegro as a digital nomad

Montenegro is a fantastic destination for digital nomads. Many remote workers who visit the Balkans and Eastern European cities are attracted to Montenegro because of how beautiful and affordable the country is.

Montenegro is ideal for those seeking a warmer destination for their next leg in their digital nomad journey. The Mediterranean climate makes it the perfect spot for relaxing and working simultaneously.

There are many things to explore in Montenegro. With over 115 beaches and lots of exotic and unique flora and fauna, you’ll never spend a day without something to do. The local cuisine is exceptionally delicious, and the locals are friendly and helpful. Plus, Montenegro is one of the safest places. You can freely walk around the city at all hours without feeling anxious or unsafe.

Attractions and best places to visit

Even though Montenegro is a small country, it’s quickly becoming one of Europe’s tourism hot spots. With its picture-perfect historic towns, beautiful sunny beaches, and the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, it is no surprise that many travelers decide to visit Montenegro.

The country’s name comes from the Latin “Monte Nigro,” which means “black mountain.” This name comes from the appearance of Mount Lovćen, the most important mountain in the country, which is covered by thick forests.


Kotor Old Town

One of the most beautiful places in Montenegro is Kotor Old Town and the Bay of Kotor. Kotor’s Old Town is one of the Adriatic coast’s best-preserved fortified medieval towns. The town is full of stunning Venetian-styled architecture, and it lies just at the edge of the blue Bay of Kotor, surrounded by mountains. The most distinct attraction in Kotor Old Town is the 12-century Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, which showcases the kind of stonemasonry the city was famous for during the Middle Ages.


Another city worth visiting is Budva. The Budva Riviera stretches along the central Montenegrin coastline and is the perfect summer beach destination for tourists and locals alike. The city has the beautifully clear and turquoise Adriatic Sea on one side; on the other, it has stunning looming ​​mountains.

Durmitor National Park

If you want to explore nature, head towards the Durmitor National Park. This park is in the Dinaric Alps and is home to 18 glacial lakes, the Tara River, and the world’s second-deepest canyon.

Digital nomad hotspots

The best place in Montenegro for digital nomads is the capital city Podgorica. The digital nomad community is still growing, but you’ll find many coworking spaces and cafes in Podgorica. The lifestyle in Podgorica is more city-like. It has gyms, shopping malls, bars, yoga studios, and more. Podgorica has all the amenities you could need while being a good home base if you want to visit everything else Montenegro has to offer.

Another place that is perfect for digital nomads is Kotor. Even though it is a relatively small town, it is charming and cozy. Kotor is a good place if you like a more laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Plus, Kotor is the perfect place if you also want to take hikes and explore the nature of Montenegro.

In general, most digital nomads that choose Montenegro work from their accommodations or cafes. You won’t find as many digital nomad meetups and events as you would in other countries; however, with the new digital nomad visa for Montenegro, that could soon change

Cost of Living

Montenegro is very affordable, but the prices will vary depending on the time of year. Summer is the busiest season and also the most costly. But the prices go down if you visit Montenegro during winter or fall, and you’ll find great deals everywhere.

Montenegro uses the Euro as its currency, so you’ll have no trouble exchanging your money or using the cash you already have.


One-bedroom apartment in the city center for $335/month

Three-bedroom apartment in the city center for $489/month


Meal at an inexpensive place $10

Combo meal at a fast food restaurant $4.30

SIM Cards:

Data plans as cheap as $10-$15 a month

Digital nomad essentials



Podgorica, the capital city, has the best and fastest internet in the country. Many places will have fiber optic internet speeds around 50Mbps, which isn’t incredibly fast, so those who need to make many video calls might struggle. Podgorica also has many restaurants and bars that offer free Wi-Fi.

Other bigger towns will also have a decent internet connection, but the internet will be much slower if you’re in the mountains or small towns. There are many tourist data plans, so we recommend you purchase a SIM card when you arrive in Montenegro to stay connected all the time.

Coworking Spaces

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Visa Overview

The Montenegro authorities have announced that they plan to launch a Digital Nomad Visa soon.


The President of Digital Nomad Association Croatia, Jan de Jong, announced on LinkedIn “Montenegro has followed in the footsteps of its neighbor, Croatia – by introducing its digital nomad visa!”

Digital nomads will be allowed to apply for a 2-year visa permit in Montenegro, possibly extending for another two years. During their stay, digital nomads are exempt from paying income tax in Montenegro.

The Montenegro government wants to attract digital nomads to stay in the country. They announced they will run a program to begin accepting visa applications by 2025. The program will start to roll out this year and be fully applied in the following years.

Their goal is “to improve the digital environment, not only for nomads but also for all citizens, so the introduction of new electronic services was also recognized through the program.”

Current travel restrictions

Montenegro no longer requires travelers to show a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board their flight.

However, it is essential to be up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines before traveling to Montenegro.

Stay up to date with the current travel requirements on this website!

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Who Can Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa for Montenegro

Anyone who is a citizen of a country that is not part of the European Union is permitted to apply for the Montenegro digital nomad visa. Your spouse and children may also apply on the grounds of family unification.

Additionally, you must follow these requirements:

Have a valid passport with at least six months remaining

Proof of having travel insurance

Proof of income

Hold a return ticket or onward ticket

Have a valid email address

Present proof of accommodation in Montenegro

Show they are employed or have a contract with a company located outside Montenegro

How to Apply for the Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa

The application process is not yet open, but it should become available soon.

You can expect that to apply, you must fill out an application form online. In addition, you will likely need to provide your personal information like passport details, travel insurance details, and proof of income.

You’ll also be required to pay a visa fee. Once you have paid, you can submit any additional documents at the Montenegrin embassy or consulate in your home country.

Once the embassy or consulate has received all your documents, they will process your visa and let you know any further steps.

These steps are likely to change once the digital nomad visa application opens. We will update the information as soon as more is revealed.

Documents required to apply for the digital nomad visa in Montenegro

To apply for the Montenegro digital nomad visa, you’ll need the following documents:

Valid passport with at least six months remaining

Proof of travel insurance

Proof of income

Return ticket or onward ticket

Health insurance

Valid email address

Proof of accommodation in Montenegro

Proof that you are employed or have a contract with a company outside of Montenegro and paying personal income tax

Show that you are using digital nomads platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts for work

Show that you are using an online payment system such as Paypal or Transferwise

How much does it cost?

The visa fee is expected to cost €25, paid by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

This information is subject to change, stay tuned for new information!

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Timeline for Applying

There is not an exact application process timeline yet. However, it is expected that the Montenegrin embassy or consulate will review your application and have a response within 30 days.

The application process is not open yet, but we expect it to open by the end of 2022. We will update this page as soon as we know more!

Taxes for Montenegro digital nomad visa

Anyone with a digital nomad visa will be allowed to stay in Montenegro and be exempt from paying income tax in Montenegro.


The entire Adriatic region has so much to offer to digital nomads. If you make Montenegro your next destination, you’ll get the chance to enjoy its relaxing beaches, beautiful mountains, and exotic history and culture.

If you’re interested in other digital nomad visa options in Southeastern Europe, check out the digital nomad visa for Serbia or Croatia. If you’re unsure which visa works best for you, enter your details in our Visa Wizard to find out!

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