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Relocating is risky
Stop the hassle Simplify your travel

Self Attempted
  • Potential of rejected visa application
  • Uncertainty of scams in accommodation marketplace
  • Hesitancy to embrace your adventurous spirit
  • Lack of travel companions
Citizen Remote
  • Professional visa assistance from start to finish
  • Verified & secured rental properties
  • Insured peace of mind during your adventure
  • A travel oriented community to connect with on the go
Netherlands -> South Africa
The Citizen Remote team has helped my husband and me tremendously in finding a suitable apartment in Cape Town.
Ester Twisk Ester Twisk

We’re shaping the
future of mobility

United Kingdom -> Greece
I obtained the paper certificate on the spot in Athens on the 9th of September, only a few weeks after contacting Citizen Remote
Ben Steffens Ben Steffens

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your journey

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United States -> Germany
They helped me understand, navigate, and decide which visa I should pursue to make my dream of moving abroad a reality.
Ben Steffens Natalie Marciniak

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