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Insurance for Digital Nomads

Citizen Remote & World Trips have partnered up to offer our members premium travel insurance.

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Plans tailored for you

Enter your details and the types of coverage that are most important to you and build the best plan for you!

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Add multiple travelers

If you're planning to travel with others, you can add them directly to your plan!

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Manage your plan

With the Citizen Remote app and the World Trips dashboard, you'll have everything at your fingertips!

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Plans for up to a year

Planning to be away for a while? Our plans are super flexible!

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Enjoy All The Benefits With Premium!

Aside from buying insurance in the app, users can become a Premium app user and access all the features we have to offer.

  • Get the full Social experience

    Premium users can post and comment within the community.

  • Limitless Messaging

    Send outgoing messages and create group chats.

  • Explore Further

    Discover even more details and user reviews for each country!

  • Enjoy The Journey

    No holding back: collect unlimited stamps and save all your memories!

  • Endless Love Coming soon

    Get your unlimited Dating swipes to find that special someone!

  • Join The Events Coming soon

    Get full access to events and become a host of your own parties!

  • And even more!

    Get ready for more upcoming features and new adventures!

Join us on desktop or your smartphone!

Connecting with other no matter where you are.

Frequently asked questions

How does this process work?

Once you create a Citizen Remote account, you can create the perfect plan for you. Once you're ready to go, you can purchase directly in the app!

How do I submit a claim?

Within the Citizen Remote app, users are able to access all the information about their plans, however, if you ever need to submit a claim, you'll be forwarded directly to World Trips dashboard in which you'll be able to submit claims and even more.

How do i change or cancel my plan?

There are some things you can change within the Citizen Remote app, for things that you can't change, you'll have direct access to your World Trips dashboard where you can handle everything in there.