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Top 8 Tax-Friendly Digital Nomad Countries

Favorable tax conditions for individuals who work remotely while traveling.
Need help with your taxes? Talk to one of our experts!
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I obtained the paper certificate on the spot in Athens on the 9th of September, only a few weeks after contacting Citizen Remote - it could have even been sooner but that was the earliest appointment they had in the embassy.
Citizen Remote has been pivotal in assisting me with my goal of travelling the world, my way.
I’m grateful to Citizen Remote for providing me with a quality service and helping me to obtain tax residence in Dubai!
My experience with Citizen Remote was extremely helpful. They answered all my questions, walked through options that were right for me, and prepared me for my next adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The visa wizard is a portal where you can access up-to-date information on steps & documents needed to apply for various digital nomad visas. For additional fees, you can access local immigration lawyers to connect with you directly on your application.

What countries/visas do you support?

Right now we have support for Spain but are adding new ones each week!

Why do I need to think about taxes when applying for a visa?

If you plan to spend a decent amount of time in a new country you should always consider the tax consequences involved. Countries are always looking for additional income and therefore, they will be happy to consider you a tax resident and tax you. If you will actually become a tax resident of a country will depend on the local laws. Generally speaking, there are two ways you can become a tax resident somewhere. The first is by spending a certain amount of time there. Most people know this rule as the 183-day rule. However, other time frames could apply. Another way to become a tax resident is by establishing ties to the concerned country (e.g. real estate, bank account, etc.). For these reasons, it is important to always assess your personal situation in detail when thinking about moving to a new place.

I’m not planning to spend more than 183 days in the country so I don’t need to worry about taxes?

Most people know about the rule stating that if you spend more than 183 days in a country, you will become a tax resident in that country. And thus, on the contrary, if you spend less time you will not be considered a tax resident. Yet, first of all it is important to note that not every country applies this rule. In addition, some countries apply different criteria or time frames based on which they consider you a tax resident. Therefore, it is important to check the applicable rules in the country you are moving to.

I will still be paying taxes in my home country so I won’t be liable to taxes in the country I’m planning to visit?

Unfortunately, paying taxes in one country doesn’t exclude you from paying taxes in another country as well. Different countries could consider you as their tax resident. Accordingly, they all will want to claim taxes from you. Luckily, a lot of countries have double tax treaties in place in order to avoid double taxation. However, not all countries do… Nevertheless, even if a double tax treaty is in place, you would want to check what this exactly means for you and where you will be paying taxes.

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