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Citizen Remote offers a range of options to help you find and acquire the best digital nomad visa for you
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Want to apply to Spain, Greece, or any other Digital Nomad Visa? Access our DIY portals for all you need.

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Our extensive and diverse range of document services encompasses various specialized areas of assistance that we provide.
Tax Assistance
We help with taxes: expert guidance for compliance and savings.
Document Certification
Document translations and certifications for your application!
Accommodation Help
Are you in need of a place to stay? Let’s find you the perfect place!
Health Insurance
Reach out yo us and get health insurance if you don't already have it.
Background Checks
We provide accurate reports using advanced technologies.
Community of Remoters
Join the community of remoters all around the globe!
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Having assessed all my needs, the experienced team of experts at Citizen Remote assisted me every step of the way to obtain a Digital Nomad Visa for Malta.
The Citizen Remote team has helped my husband and me tremendously in finding a suitable apartment in Cape Town.
Tim with Citizen Remote has been so amazing with supporting us and consulting with our plans to go live and work abroad. He's been responsive, personable, and very timely with responses. Would definitely recommend Tim and Citizen Remote.
Tim and the team at CR helped me understand, navigate, and decide which visa I should pursue to make my dream of moving abroad a reality. Because of their availability, guidance, and constant reminders to better be safe than sorry 😅 while preparing my application, I’m confident I’ll be abroad in no time.
Tim and Citizen Remote helped me acquire my Residency VISA for Mexico towards the End of 2022. Tim and his company are amazing, they were so responsive and connected me with a very talented immigration attorney who helped me get residency in Mexico. Now, I am staying in Mexico and I am in love with this country my quality of life is a lot better now than before. It would have definitely NOT been possible without you guys, Thanks Citizen Remote!!
Although I haven't traveled yet, the call with David was extremely insightful. I had a lot of technical questions that not any person could answer. David helped me achieve clarity on what best paths I can move forward with. I'm excited to reach out again when my circumstances change.
We found David to be super helpful and easy to talk to. My wife and I have been living and working remotely for a few years and we wanted some advice and guidance on the Schengen Zone. The call was to-the-point and very helpful. Definitely worth the fee.
Due to existing travel plans and already being in the EU, the application process is less straightforward than applying in the US. I wanted to make sure I understood application processing times so that I don’t surpass the legal amount of time I can be in the EU on a non-visa. Doing your own research online often results in inaccurate, outdated, and incomplete information. David was able to help sort all of this out in a matter of an hour. Well worth the consultation!
The call I had with David as Citizen Remote was BEYOND helpful. There’s a lot of misinformation online about visas and requirements, and it’s nice to get information from a trusted source. We learned a ton and we’re much more confident about moving forward!
From my first meeting with David and Irene to my visa approval and beyond, Citizen Remote has been amazing. Their team organized a clear plan for success, and were there with me every step of the way. Incredibly grateful!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The visa wizard is a portal where you can access up-to-date information on steps & documents needed to apply for various digital nomad visas. For additional fees, you can access local immigration lawyers to connect with you directly on your application.

What countries/visas do you support?

Right now we have support for Spain but are adding new ones each week!

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