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Question 1/7
Question 1/7
Do you have a valid
To get any kind of digital nomad visa, you'll need a valid passport.
We recommend getting your passport and then coming back to Citizen Remote so we can help you start your journey!
Question 2/7
Question 2/7
What nationality is
your passport?
    Question 3/7
    Question 3/7
    Do you currently
    have a remote job?
    You need to acquire a remote job first.
    You can find one in our digital remote job board.
    Question 4/7
    Question 4/7
    How much do you make each month in USD?
    Question 5/7
    Question 5/7
    Do you have any cash in your bank account?
    Question 6/7
    Question 6/7
    Do you have international health insurance?
    Question 7/7
    Question 7/7
    Do will you be bringing a spouse or dependents?
    Question 7/7
    Question 7/7
    How many dependants would you bring?
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