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We’re building for a remote future.

Our mission is simple: to build a borderless world. Remote work has changed the way many people see their work lives, but we believe it has the power to change your whole life. With more opportunities than ever for remote workers, from digital nomad visas to relocation programs, Citizen Remote is here to help you realize all that’s possible in the remote future.

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Who we are

We’re a team of digital nomads and remote workers, just like you, spread all across the world. We have a passion for remote work and its power to free you from the constraints typically associated with a steady job.

  • Portrait of Peter Gratale

    Peter Gratale

    CEO & Co-founder


  • Portrait of Tilal Husain

    Tilal Husain

    CTO & Co-founder


  • Portrait of Tim Marting

    Tim Marting

    COO & Co-Founder


  • Portrait of David Cantor

    David Cantor

    CLO & Co-Founder


  • Portrait of Volodymyr Boiarinov

    Volodymyr Boiarinov

    Head of Design


  • Portrait of Grigore Nasco

    Grigore Nasco

    Director of Engineering


  • Portrait of Ann Vladysevska

    Ann Vladysevska



  • Portrait of Sergei Zavala

    Sergei Zavala

    Lead Web Developer


  • Portrait of Nicolae Caliman

    Nicolae Caliman

    Lead App Developer


  • Portrait of Vladyslav Bilyk

    Vladyslav Bilyk

    Head of SEO


  • Portrait of Nadia Dardon

    Nadia Dardon



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Our vision

Citizen Remote was first born after the rise of digital nomad visas. But once we realized that visas were just the beginning of the journey, we decided to create a place that helps out with all the other pieces of your journey of moving to a new country as well. We continue to build every day to make this a truly all-in-one app.

Visas, Travel planner, insurance, e-sims, community, accommodation
Visas, Travel planner, insurance, e-sims, community, accommodation