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The best travel backpack for digital nomads

The best travel backpack for digital nomads

The most challenging aspect of preparing for your next trip will be deciding which is the best travel backpack for you as a digital nomad. The backpack must be a safe bag for your laptop, everyday bag, and carry-on.

As a digital nomad, your bag is the closest thing to a permanent residence you will have while roaming the world. The right backpack will make life simpler, cozier, and more convenient whether you remain in one location for three days or three months.

Your ideal digital nomad backpack will fulfill your needs and smoothly integrate into your nomadic lifestyle. The appropriate bag can help you travel more quickly whether you routinely board trains, cars, or aircraft, journey to coworking spaces daily, or leave your home base for a weekend excursion.

Best travel backpack for light travel

You will spend many hours traveling with your bag as a digital nomad. However, if the luggage is uncomfortable and heavy, becomes unorganized, or if your possessions are lost or damaged, your life as a digital nomad immediately becomes difficult.

travel backpack

These problems are minimized with the proper backpack, allowing you to enjoy your trip without worrying about your possessions. If you love traveling light and minimalistic, having a lightweight bag you can also use as a daypack is necessary.

However, do not compromise on quality and durability because of the weight. Instead, ensure your backpack can stand long travel and carry all your bear and clothes.

Nomatic Travel Bag 40L

It should be no surprise that this is one of the finest nomad backpacks, given its name, Nomatic. The 40L Nomatic Travel Bag is the epitome of backpack engineering. This is not a hiking or camping backpack; it is a carry-on-compliant backpack made for modern, tech-savvy travelers that want to travel light and comfortable.

This innovative gear has over 20 distinctive features, including a shoe compartment, a water bottle container, and a lockable valuables pocket. Overall, this bag is excellent for anyone who appreciates its organization, effectiveness, and design. It’s undoubtedly among the best minimalist bags available.

Tortuga Setout 45L

Tortuga, a US-based company, claims that its Setout 45L model would give a travel bag with the mobility and ergonomics of a hiking backpack with the organizational attitude and simplicity of packing that come with a suitcase.

backpackYou can carry almost anything in the main compartment. The Setout comes with packing cubes so that you can take clothes, cosmetics, and gear. Additionally, it has mesh pockets for electrical gadgets, a front organizing pocket, and a sizable main compartment for apparel.

This digital nomad bag is ideal for everyone who wishes to travel light and stylishly because of its high-quality construction, weather-resistant material, simple design, and excellent organization.

Peak Design Travel Backpack

Another fantastic nomad backpack that maintains a mix between toughness, comfort, and style is this bag. You can travel well organized and lightweight and choose sizes including 30, 35, and 45L.

Although you need not be a photographer to utilize this pack, it was made to fit photographers with camera equipment. For example, the main compartment of the Peak Design travel backpack may be accessible from the rear, front, and both sides. However, the back is where the full zipper is.

There are plenty of internal, exterior, and secret pockets to keep your belongings organized. Electronics, small objects, and books fit well in the inner compartments.

The fabrics used for the side pockets on this backpack are composed of tough nylon rather than mesh, which is frequently the first component of backpacks to fail. The waist straps can easily tuck away when traveling or putting your bag away.

Topo Designs Global Travel Bag

The 40L Topo Designs Global Travel Bag provides travelers with the essential room and excellent organization in a timeless heritage design.

For the digital nomad, pockets are everything. The main compartment and many outer organizing pockets are also features of the Top Designs Global Travel Bag. These zipped compartments have adequate room for travel necessities and computer equipment.

A 15.6-inch laptop may fit in the section for laptops as well. Additionally, the bag is composed of waterproof material, which guards against water damage to your gadgets.

The Topo Designs Travel Bag is perfect for you, regardless of whether you’re a frequent traveler or a remote worker. This time-tested travel accessory meets all the size, style, use, and cost criteria. There are three methods to carry this back: top and side handle, shoulder strap, and backpack straps.

The Wayks

The Wayks is a multipurpose recycled backpack ethically made with respectable and verified suppliers who take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously. Designed in Berlin, the young German company makes it a point to consistently and considerably lessen all of its goods’ social and environmental effects.

Despite its environmental concern, the bag is a seriously dependable travel buddy. The 45L modular bag is not only durable and expertly crafted, but it’s also fashionable and incredibly useful.

The top portion becomes a smaller day pack, and the bottom part zips off to create a camera or cooler bag. The yoga mat strap is an excellent addition for people taking yoga vacations. This pack is a great substitute for the more well-known brands.

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Best travel backpack for long trips

Although there isn’t one “ideal travel bag” that fits every type of traveler, there is a definite list of qualities that make a backpack more suitable for travel. Therefore, the pack you take is a critical decision if you plan longer trips.

travel backpack

It is a huge plus if the backpack can fit all your items and you can travel only with your carry-on. This way, it is easier for you to move places and travel daily.

Hanergy Solar Backpack

Hanergy genuinely understands solar energy and is knowledgeable about the finest backpacks for digital nomads. This is the best travel backpack to accompany you when you are traveling on long trips or to remote locations.

travel backpack

One of the most cutting-edge backpacks available for digital nomads, it gives you enough power to charge your phone from the backpack almost as rapidly as from a wall outlet! It’s not only one of the top solar backpacks available; it was made with travel in mind.

With compartments and pockets that are simple to organize, it is durable and waterproof. Hanergy has produced backpacks in enough various sizes, so there is one available for whatever your needs are, and it incorporates hip straps for additional support.

Matein Travel Backpack

The Matein travel backpack is perhaps the most affordable option for digital nomads. It offers a secure place for your laptop and several more pockets to keep your items organized. If you travel light, you can pack everything you need for your trip in this bag.

travel backpack

Although it doesn’t come with the same guarantees as some of the other bags on our list, it is quite strong and, given the price, should last for a long time. It includes a cushioned back for increased ventilation and an anti-theft pocket at the rear to protect belongings.

Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP65

This bag is for you if security is your top concern. It has received recognition for creating cutting-edge anti-theft travel accessories.

Although it appears straightforward, Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP65 for digital nomads has five built-in security features. This includes internal locking cables, slash-proof materials, and even a cable that you can use to lock the bag to a fixed object.

Anyone looking for a travel bag that can fit all their belongings will love its 65l capacity. It opens like a suitcase so you can pack efficiently. It also has a hip belt for hauling more significant items and has tons of storage organization, including a protected laptop sleeve.

Osprey Fairview

Any digital nomads embarking on a more extended trip would do well to choose the Osprey Fairview as their backpack. This bag has enough space to qualify as a genuine trip backpack, and it also has a smaller, detachable rucksack for daytime usage, making it a two-in-one bag for all your needs.

travel backpack

The shoulder straps and the hip belt may fold up for simple storage. It includes several practical compartments for organizing storage and opens entirely like a suitcase for easy packing. The detachable day bag contains a specific laptop and tablet compartment and a pocket that won’t scratch items like phones or sunglasses.

Osprey backpacks are among the most well-known on the market. That’s because they contain high-quality materials, are superbly constructed to last, and were created with travelers and digital nomads in mind.


The GR3 backpack from GORUCK was created with travel in mind. This heavy-duty backpack fulfills all the requirements regarding size, cost, adaptability, and comfort. To say that the GORUCK GR3 is spacious is an understatement. This pack is so large that it may cause problems on foreign flights.

travel backpack

Three zipped compartments are in the front, where you may keep small travel necessities or computer accessories for easy access. The central cavity comes next, which is big and lined with fabrics that have loops so that hook-backed pouches may be attached.

Digital nomads who need a lot of room for their travel accessories will appreciate this bag. It can allow you to pack everything you need while fitting in the overhead bin.

The GR3’s design contains exceptionally durable nylon, which is water repellent, abrasion- and tear-resistant. The disadvantage is that even when empty, the backpack weighs 2 kilograms. Hip belts on the GR3 may adjust for more comfort. Additionally, it has two cushioned side handles that are great for transporting through airports.

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Best travel backpack for living abroad

Your digital nomad backpack should be big enough to hold the stuff you use daily. Big enough for the fundamental necessities, yet compact enough to keep you mobile and adaptable when traveling abroad.

travel backpack

You should be able to arrange your complete life in one backpack; thus, it should be cozy, robust, and feature-rich.

Lekesky Backpack

If you are looking for the best travel backpack for everyday life as a digital nomad that is also fun and stylish, the Lekesky Backpack is for you. This bag is a beautiful day bag in addition to having all the characteristics that are crucial in a backpack for digital nomads.

travel backpack

When it comes to buying a practical backpack, we sometimes forget that the way a bag looks may also be a top priority. It is constructed of strong, water-resistant fabric, features several handy sections, including a good-sized laptop pocket, and has a wide opening for easy access. In addition, it features a secret anti-theft pocket as well.

Cabin Zero ADV Pro Backpack

Any traveler who requires a big, fashionable travel bag with lots of versatility should choose the Cabin Zero ADV Pro. The ADV pro is a compact backpack with several capabilities that are perfect for the digital nomad. For example, some of its best features are a top or front loading main compartment, a quick access zip pocket, and a water bottle.

travel backpack

You may also utilize the cushioned laptop section to store your laptop securely. For example, a 14-inch laptop and tiny tablets may both fit in the laptop compartment. In addition, two large external pockets are also available for storing laptop accessories.

The backpack has broad, thick straps made of perforated EVA foam, and the back has a breathable mesh. With elastic keepers to keep them from dangling and top load adjusters to keep the bag tight to your back, the straps are also quite adaptable.

FE Active 30L Waterproof Dry Bag

Those needing a daypack they can rely on to keep laptops and other electronic devices secure and dry when traveling can turn to the FE Active 30L. You never know when it will rain or what else can happen, so it is good for the backpack to be waterproof.

travel backpack

It has padded straps, perfect for long walks or hiking, and a chest strap which is great if you have back pain. Smaller items like keys or money will store in a zipper pocket inside, which is easy to access.

A built-in cord on the front can hold a hoodie or a t-shirt, and grab-and-go pockets are on each side for my water bottle. You can also use it as a carry-on if you have other luggage and this one is going with you on a coach.

Osprey Farpoint

Osprey’s Farpoint line of backpacks is unquestionably one of the most outstanding options for frequent travelers. These backpacks are perfect for digital nomads because they are comfortable and incredibly light.

The Osprey Farpoint is available in 4 sizes: 40L being the smallest and 80L being the biggest. Each bag has unique advantages and disadvantages for use by digital nomads.

Given that you can use this bag as a carry-on and are just traveling with a small amount of electronic equipment, the Osprey Farpoint 40L is the perfect backpack for those who wish to save baggage fees and can later use the backpack for everyday life.

If having a carry-on-only backpack is not a requirement, the Osprey Farpoint 55L & 70L are better options because they include a detachable daypack. Often, if you don’t overpack your backpack, you can use it as a carry-on.

When it comes to 80L, it is probably too big for the carry-on, but that size can fit all of your clothes together with electronics, and you can use it for traveling abroad comfortably.

Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L

If you are seeking a backpack you can use when visiting the city, for hiking, or at the airport, your answer is Eagle Creek’s 40-liter Global Companion backpack. It is a terrific option for outdoor enthusiasts since it offers a lot of space, but it is not heavy on its own.

travel backpack

The bag has padded straps and a hip belt for comfortable carry. Long hikes benefit from the stabilizing effect of the pack thanks to the shoulder strap adjusters, sternum straps, and top load adjusters, which allow you to adjust it to fit your body.

The bag has two distinct sections for packing, similar to luggage. First, a shoe compartment is at the bottom to keep dirty shoes away from clean items. You will also find an easily accessible padded laptop sleeve and a mesh stuffer pocket at the front of the bag for segregating your damp items.

The Global Companion contains lockable zippers that seal the bag even when it is fully packed. Best of all, Eagle Creek’s warranty covers the Global Companion 40L in total, so you’ll never have to question whether or not you can return the bag.

Lowe Alpine Carry-On 45

You should consider The Lowe Alpine Carry-on 45 while looking for a backpack appropriate for business, life, and travel. It is fantastic since you can take it on as hand luggage, and it fits in the overhead bins without any issues.

travel backpack

It is specifically made to meet the standards of any airline’s hand-luggage policy with dimensions. Because of this, it’s a fantastic choice for the business traveler and the minimalist traveler looking for a lightweight piece of baggage they can trust.

Additionally, the backpack has side compression straps that let you compress it even more to match the space needed. Another fantastic characteristic is how unbelievably light it is, despite the absence of a specific laptop portion. Not to add the tamper-resistant zips, which enable you to open the bag from the front completely. Additionally, the spacious interior of the backpack includes two supports to keep my items secure and allows you to load them up quickly.

Deuter Transit 50

Another top-notch manufacturer of backpacks for digital nomads is Deuter. They are renowned for their exceptional quality and cutting-edge designs. Fortunately, there isn’t a single exception with the Deuter Transit 50. It is the best travel backpack if you want a more versatile bag for travel and everyday use.

It includes a detachable daypack! The primary backpack has a large capacity of 50 l. However, it is convenient that many airlines still accept it as carry-on luggage despite its size. A thoroughly accessible U-shaped pocket is available to you once more to simplify packing and unpacking.

It has adjustable chest, waist, and shoulder cushioned belts that can all be tucked away. Additionally, you may carry it on one shoulder like a typical bag by attaching the included long shoulder strap.

The Aircontact system is another excellent feature. A pumping effect forces air through the porous back, cushioning each motion. As a result, there is 15% less sweat than with comparable backpacks of a similar design. Perfect if you have to carry it for a long distance or live somewhere warm.

The main bag’s zipper allows the smaller backpack, which holds around 12L, to be quickly attached. This is the ideal size if you want to explore the city without lugging a large bag. The absence of specific laptop storage is the only drawback I can identify with the Deuter Transit 50. However, it should be secure enough if you pack your laptop in a padded sleeve, which you should do anyhow, and put it in the main compartment with your clothing.

Choosing the best travel backpack for digital nomads is more than just having enough compartments. You must pay attention to durability, water resistance, lightweight, and much more. We hope this guide has helped you get what you need and that you will be traveling the world with your new bag soon!