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The app for your digital nomad journey

Manage your visa, taxes, and connect with other travelers


A better visa experience


Browse all digital nomad visas, find the right fit, read reviews on others’ experiences.


Use our checklists to organize your application process or have a lawyer help you directly.

Connect with other nomads & remoters


Create text, image, and video-based posts to connect with other nomads & remoters around the world!


Direct message other users for private conversations.

More surprises made just for you


Connect with relocation specialists to get help with your visa application


Browse trendy co-living spaces in your area.


Get discounts on accommodation, food, software, and other products


Relive past experiences with interactive timeline and earn badges for places you’ve visited

Start exploring today!

community of nomads & remoters shaping this app.


Mobile app roadmap

Here's what we're building.


Reddit-style forums for users to connect based on location, interests, etc


Keep up with where you’re tax liable. Connect with tax advisors


Track your travels across the world and earn badges along the way!

  1. Photo library Coming soon
  2. Country BadgesComing soon
  3. Travel timelineComing soon

Browse all digital nomad visas, find the right fit, read reviews on others’ experiences.


Browse all digital nomad visas, find the right fit, read reviews on others’ experiences.

  1. Personal visa card Coming soon
  2. Visa MatchingComing soon
  3. ReviewsComing soon
  4. Visa WizardComing soon
  5. Application helperComing soon
  6. LawyersComing soon

Browse trendy & affordable living spaces within your area.


Browse trendy & affordable living spaces within your area.

  1. Co-living spaces Coming soon
  2. HotelsComing soon
  3. ApartmentsComing soon
  4. ReviewsComing soon
Other Goodies

Discounts, travel journal and much more!

Other Goodies

Discounts, travel journal and much more!

  1. Perks Coming soon
  2. ReferalsComing soon

Have idea or suggestion?

Get the app and create a new post in social with #suggestion tag!


Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help you.

What platforms is this available on?

Right now, we are only doing beta on iOS. We are building the Android app in parallel but just wanted to limit beta to one platform to start. You can still sign up for our beta and get notifications once our Android version is out!

Does it cost?

Eventually it will! Which is why now is the best time to sign up for our beta! All beta users will enjoy free lifetime accounts. One day, Citizen Remote will become a paid app for future users.

What features do you offer right now?

To start, just a portion of our “Social” section is built out and we’re ready to start building a community! Each week, our development team releases new features and we post updates in the social section. Come join us and help drive what our development team works on!

Can you help with digital nomad visas?

In short, yes! We will be offering the same services that we offer on our website within the app as well. So feel free to hit us up in the app and we will help you with your visa journey!

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