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Georgia Digital Nomad Visa

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Taxes Star rating: 55.0

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Georgia Quick Facts

Georgia sits in the area between the Black and Caspian seas and shares its borders with Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It was a part of the USSR but has become a popular tourist destination due to its natural landscapes, amazing regional food, and welcoming culture.

As a former Soviet republic, the modern nation of Georgia is still very young. However, as a culture, the Georgians are one of the oldest, and there is evidence that the first Europeans came from the nation that is now called Georgia in the English-speaking world.

Most of the nation has warm summers and cold winters, although, in its mountains, the temperatures drop substantially. In the country, you can find almost every type of terrain you can think of, from mountains of eternal snow to sulfur water pools.

Capital Tbilisi

Form of Government Parliamentary

Population around 3.7 million

Climate Temperate, subtropical

Language Georgian

Currency Lari (GEL)

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Living in Georgia as a digital nomad

Georgia is one of the most open to digital workers, and they also allow almost anyone to open a bank account on arrival. This can be extremely beneficial to digital nomad, since most countries require you to be a resident to open an account.

In 2020, as a response to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Georgian government introduced the digital nomad visa for Georgia. They call it ‘Remotely From Georgia’ and its aim was to attract remote workers and digital nomads while travel restrictions were in place.

Since then, Georgia has been receiving many digital nomads and remote workers from all over the world. The capital city, Tbilisi, is starting to get the attention of many remoters and is quickly becoming a digital nomad hub.

Georgia is booming with tourist attractions. Even though the territory is small, there is so much to see in the country. Tbilisi is the biggest city in the country, located in the Caucasus mountain region. Its airport allows direct flight connections to a lot of other European airports, which makes the city accessible and attractive to a lot of visitors.

Georgia is known for being a super friendly country. Locals warm up to visitors easily, and they’re always up to offer helpful advice. Another amazing thing about Georgia is how affordable it is, especially in Tbilisi.

Attractions and best places to visit

As mentioned before, there are a lot of places to visit in Georgia. The country offers everything a traveler could want. It is affordable, the culture is welcoming, there are lots of transportation options, and the weather is nice!

skyline of georgia

There’s something for everyone in this country. You can visit the mountains, or enjoy a seaside resort. You can also find a vibrant city life. What else could you ask for?

If you wish to explore the best places in Georgia, we recommend you head towards Ushguli. This is a tiny collection of villages located high in the Caucasian mountain region. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with dozens of ancient watchtowers.

If you’re looking for something more modern, then head towards the city of Batumi. This city offers incredible modern architecture. It also has a breathtaking botanical gardens, and you can even enjoy the iconic black pebble beaches.

If you want to explore Georgia’s food culture, then we recommend you visit Kakheti. It is home to Georgia’s famous wineries. Georgia is famous for its delicious and affordable wine, and the best of it is created in Kakheti. Plus, it’s an absolutely stunning place to visit and just a day trip away from Tbilisi.

Digital nomad hotspots

Tbilisi is the hotspot for digital nomads visiting Georgia. As its capital city, Tbilisi is the most popular destination among tourists. Even though it’s quite busy and can get a little bit crowded, the city will not disappoint you.

You can explore local cuisine with the many restaurants all over Tbilisi, enjoy the fun nightlife, find affordable and comfortable accommodations, and visit tons of historical landmarks.

Due to its strategic location, it’s a great hub to explore the nearby mountain, desert, and wine regions of Georgia. You can easily settle in Tbilisi and spend your days taking different day trips or tours to other regions of the country.

Cost of Living

Georgia is very affordable for travelers and digital nomads. Tbilisi is as cheap as many South-East Asian capital cities.

Their currency is the Lari (GEL)Their currency is the Lari (GEL) 1 GEL= 0.33USD.

For short stays, Airbnb may be the best option for you because you can find affordable and nice places to stay, especially in Tbilisi. ​​For example, you can find an entire apartment for $400 per month. Normally Airbnb can be quite expensive when compared to long-term rentals, but in Georgia there’s not a massive price difference.

If you want to rent an apartment, you’ll find them at $250 – $600 per month in a good location.

A meal at a basic restaurant will cost you around $3.

A three-course dinner in a top restaurant will cost you around $25.

Tbilisi has a subway system known as the ‘Metropolitan’. It only has 2 lines and 21 stations. The cost is set at 50 cents GEL, which is less than 20 USD cents. You can also use the city buses which travel around the whole city, at around the same price as the metro.

Digital nomad essentials

Of course, every country has its downside. Internet connection is not the best in Tbilisi. It isn’t terrible, but it can be really slow if your job requires you to upload a lot of large files, do zoom calls, or stream videos.

street in georgia

All Airbnbs have a Wi-Fi connection, and many cafes and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. Often, they don’t even need a password, so you can connect easily. Sadly, that means the connection is not always secure, so it’s a good idea to invest in a quality VPN.

You can purchase a SIM card very easily. Mobile phone plans are inexpensive, but you need to have your passport with you when you purchase one. If you’re planning on spending longer than a week in Georgia, it is recommended you get an Unlimited Plan SIM, which usually costs around 40GEL ($15) a month.

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Georgia Remote Work Visa Overview

Georgia has several options for remote workers, including dedicated programs for anyone who works online. The nation also offers a full-year visa for tourists from many nations, which is an easy way to try the country out before going through the entire process of getting an official digital nomad visa.

The country’s government recently launched the “Remotely From Georgia” campaign aiming to fight the losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and create new opportunities for travelers interested in working remotely from the country.

It must be noted that although the program is technically not a special visa category, you need to fill out an application and provide information as you would with any other visa, so for the sake of clarity we will be referring to the program as a Digital Nomad Visa for Georgia.

If your application for the digital nomad visa/program is approved, you will be able to stay in the country for up to a year, including family members who need to travel with you.

The program aims to allow citizens from a list of 95 countries to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa for Georgia, which will permit them to live and work remotely in the country.

For updated COVID-19 information please click here!

Who Can Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa for Georgia

The digital nomad visa for Georgia is available for any foreign national who was eligible to visit Georgia before the pandemic and seeks to cross the Georgia border for a long period with the intention of working remotely. However, you should be a citizen of one of the 95 countries determined by the State Commission on Migration Services.

Applicants are required to complete a specific application form online and provide some basic documentation supporting their financial situation as well as their remote work status.

The Georgian government has not established a quota on the number of applications received within the framework of the program or the number of applications that will be accepted, which has resulted in more than 3000 people applying to it since the launch of the program on August 27, 2020.

This program is not only for those looking to travel from Georgia, but their families as well. This means that the spouses and children of the applicants will be covered by the letter of invitation if approved, allowing the whole family to live the Georgian experience together.

One of the most frequently asked questions is what’s the difference between being exempted from a visa and applying for the program. The answer is that even visa-exempt people are unable to travel to Georgia at this time as the borders are closed, which with the current situation is likely to continue in the close future.

Anyone who applies for the digital nomad program will be able to enter the nation even with the restrictions in place, which keeps costs down, and allows the move to happen. With that said, it is probably a good idea to jump on this program as soon as you decide you are interested as Georgia’s travel laws could be updated if the situation changes.

How to Apply for the Georgia Digital Nomad Visa

guy applying for digital nomad visa

In an attempt to make the process as straightforward and easy as possible, the Georgian government has created a specific application that can be filled out online to obtain pre-approval and with some luck, your letter of invitation.

The application process for the Digital Nomad Visa for Georgia is simple and straightforward and can be conducted entirely online.

First of all, you must gather all the documents necessary. You’ll need a valid passport, bank statements, proof of remote work, and health insurance. Make sure to scan and digitize all of these documents to submit your application.

You can submit your application online, it shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes.

Documents required to apply for the digital nomad visa in Georgia

In order to apply for the Remotely From Georgia Visa, you’ll need the following documents:

  • A valid passport

  • Income of $2,000/month or $24,000 in savings

  • Proof of remote work

  • Proof of health insurance

How much does it cost to apply for Georgia digital nomad visa?

The application to the “Remotely From Georgia” program doesn’t have any cost, a huge bonus compared to similar programs/visas that require you to pay non-refundable fees.

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Paying Taxes on a Georgia Digital Nomad Visa

You are not obligated to pay taxes as a digital nomad in Georgia until your 183rd day of residence. If you remain for more than 183 days, you are regarded as a tax resident and are subject to an income tax of about 20%. This isn’t the lowest tax rate but you won’t pay any social contributions in Georgia.

Furthermore, you might even be able to qualify for the specific tax regime for individual entrepreneurs. If you qualify you just pay 1% tax on your turnover if you don’t exceed GEL 500.000 (around $190.000). You should know though that this regime isn’t available to consultants of all sorts.

In addition, Georgia applies a territorial tax regime which means you don’t pay taxes on foreign income. However, if you can apply this rule depends on your setup. Therefore, you should speak to a tax advisor before jumping on this route.

Timeline for Applying

castle on mountain in georgia

Due to the online nature of the application, the whole process is faster than expected for most remote work authorizations, taking only 10 business days after its submission to be reviewed.

  1. Make sure you comply with all the requirements for the program

  2. Gather the necessary documentation.

  3. Fill the online application form here.

  4. Wait up to 10 working days for the application to be reviewed

  5. You will be contacted and given an invitation letter that will allow you to move to Georgia as a Digital Nomad/Remote worker.

In case of requiring any additional information, the process will likely be extended beyond 10 working days depending on how long you take to submit it, so make sure to provide all the necessary information beforehand.

Curious about other digital nomad visa options? Why not check out Cyprus or Malaysia. Or plug all your details into our Visa Wizard to see all the options available to you.

FAQs About Georgia Digital Nomad Visa

georgia lake

Can I Apply for a Georgia Digital Nomad Visa Online?

The digital nomad visa for Georgia application procedure is easy to understand and may be completed fully online. You must fill out the application form online and submit the documentation needed, then register for crossing the border on these links:

What Are the Benefits of the Georgia Digital Nomad Visa?

There are many benefits to choosing Georgia as your digital nomad base, here are some of them:

Simple visa process. The application for a visa is particularly simple. You can apply online and get a response within ten days.
No application costs. It costs nothing to apply for a Georgia digital nomad visa. Also, 95 nationalities are permitted entry into Georgia without a visa and a year-long stay.
No taxes for six months. For the first 183 days, you do not pay any taxes, but after that period you become a tax resident and pay 20% of taxes.
Bank accounts are easy to open. You can open a bank account as soon as you arrive in Georgia. As a digital nomad, having a bank account in the nation where you reside makes your stay more convenient and enjoyable.
Cost of living. Georgia is one of the most affordable places for digital nomads with a low cost of living.

How Long Can I Work in Georgia as a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad visa is valid for up to one year. You can extend it and even get permanent residency with the Individual Entrepreneur scheme that the country offers.

What Is Georgia Called In Georgian? Sakartvelo?

Georgians call themselves Kartvelebi (ქართველები) and the country Sakartvelo (საქართველო). Their language is called Kartuli (ქართული). The European name, Georgia, comes from the Persian word – gurğ (گرج), ğurğ.

Can I Get Help Applying for Georgia Digital Nomad Visa?

We can help you understand the process and requirements of any digital nomad visa, including the one for Georgia. Contact us and schedule a consultation with us.


Nadia Dardón is a freelance writer from Guatemala. In early 2022 she embarked as a digital nomad, traveling through Europe, focusing mostly on the literary history of each country. She has worked fully remotely for the past four years as a reader, writer, and content creator with experience creating pieces for different industries. She also has a personal blog where she writes about her cultural and literary travels.