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Cambodia Digital Nomad Visa

Cambodia Rating from Citizen Remote

Overall Star rating: 44.0

Internet Infrastructure Star rating: 11.0

Country Stability Star rating: 44.0

Cost of Living Star rating: 55.0

Ease of Obtaining Visa Star rating: 55.0

Taxes Star rating: 55.0

Quick Visa Facts

Visa length 30 days

Possible to extend? Yes

Who can apply? Anyone

Minimum Income Requirements N/A

Time for visa applications Immediately

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Cambodia Digital Nomad Visa Overview

Cambodia is a beautiful country located in Mainland Southeast Asia. Best known for its colossal temples and stunning landscapes, Cambodia is a fantastic destination for digital nomads.

Unfortunately, Cambodia does not have a digital nomad visa. However, there are other visa options that digital nomads can use in order to visit, live, and work remotely from this amazing country.

In this article, we’ll explain all the alternative options for a Cambodia digital nomad visa. You’ll get to see which option works best for you and make Cambodia your next destination in your digital nomad journey!

Serene lake adorned with vibrant lotus flowers.

Types of Cambodia Digital Nomad Visas Options

Sadly, there is no digital nomad visa for Cambodia. That does not mean it is impossible to live and work from Cambodia as a digital nomad or remote worker. You’ll just have to use a different type of visa in order to do so.

Here are the best Cambodia digital nomad visa options for digital nomads:

One-Month Tourist Visa

The tourist visa for Cambodia is extremely easy to obtain. You can obtain it upon arriving at the Siem Reap airport, at a consulate overseas, or online through the e-visa. The application process is easy and quick.

All you need is photocopies of your passport and passport photos, and fill out the forms. The visa fee is $30 USD. If you wish to extend the time for one more month, you can get an extension for $45 USD.

Keep in mind that this visa is aimed at tourism. If you’re looking to work for a Cambodian business, you’ll need to apply for a different type of visa. If you haven’t found the ideal remote job yet, you can discover it on our digital nomad job board.

30-Day e-Class Visa

The 30-day e-class visa is also known as the “Ordinary Visa” in Cambodia. This is a different type of visa than the online e-visa.

Similarly to the tourist visa, you can apply upon arriving at the Siem Reap airport. This visa is valid for 30 days, and it costs $35 USD. The only difference between this visa and the tourist visa is that the e-class visa can be extended indefinitely.

An ancient temple adorned with a majestic tree growing on its structure.

Who Can Apply for the Visa for Cambodia

Most foreign visitors will need a visa in order to visit Cambodia. This includes children and infants, who must pay the same visa fee as adults.

If you’re a citizen from an ASEAN country, then you don’t need a visa to enter Cambodia and visit between 14 and 30 days, depending on the country.

If you’re a citizen from Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Sudan you’ll need to apply for the visa at the consulate in your home country, as you’re not eligible to get a visa upon arrival.

Any other countries are eligible to get a visa upon arrival, an online e-visa, or apply at their closest consulate.

A scenic paved road leading through lush green trees

If You Are a United States Citizen

US citizens need a visa in order to visit Cambodia. US passport holders can apply for an online e-visa, or get one upon arrival at the Siem Reap airport.

If You Are a US Green Card Holder

US Green card holders also need a visa in order to visit Cambodia. The process is the exact same as for US citizens. As long as you have a valid passport, you can apply for an e-visa or get a visa upon arrival in Cambodia.

If You Are an EU Citizen

All EU citizens are required to get a visa to visit Cambodia. They can do this by applying at their closest consulate, getting an e-visa online, or applying upon arrival at the Siem Reap airport.

If You Are a Citizen of Canada

Canadian citizens require a visa in order to visit Cambodia. They can get one online through the e-visa portal, apply upon arrival, or get one before traveling through their local consulate.

If You Are a Citizen from Australia or New Zealand

Australian and New Zealand citizens are also required to obtain a visa in order to visit Cambodia. They can apply at their closest consulate or apply upon arrival or online for an e-visa.

If You Reside in Any Other Country

If you reside in any other country not mentioned previously, then you’re required to get a visa before your trip to Cambodia.

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Cambodia Visa Requirements

The visa applications for the Cambodia visas are quick and easy, with very few requirements.

All you need to present (either online or in person) is:

  • Original passport

  • Photocopies of your passport

  • Visa application form

  • Visa fee

Peaceful landscape with blue sky and green fields

If you’re receiving your visa upon arrival in Cambodia, make sure to take all the documentation with you and have a pen in hand to fill out the application form.

If you’re applying at your local consulate, check directly with them if you need to have an appointment previously. Some consulates allow walk-ins, but not all of them.

Proof of Financial Self-Sufficiency

You are not required to show proof of financial self-sufficiency when applying for a tourist visa or an ordinary visa. But always make sure you have enough financial means to support yourself during your stay.

Proof Of Accommodation

You’re not required to show proof of accommodation when applying for a Cambodia visa. But it is important that if you’re getting your visa upon arrival, you already have accommodation plans just in case.

Full Health Insurance

You don’t need to show proof of health insurance upon applying for your visa. However, you should definitely have health insurance coverage during your stay.

Don’t know which health insurance to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With Citizen Remote you can sign up for full health insurance, perfect for all digital nomads.

Minimum Stay Requirement

If you’re applying for a Cambodia visa, you need to stay for at least 24 hours. If you’re planning on visiting Cambodia for less than 24 hours, then you don’t need a visa.

How to Apply for the Cambodia Visa – Step-by-Step Instructions

Night temple in the middle of the city

The application process is quick and easy. However, it is important that you follow these step-by-step instructions in order to obtain your visa successfully.

Step 1 – Acquire All The Necessary Documents

Before applying for your visa at your local consulate, online, or traveling to Cambodia, make sure you have all the required documentation you’ll need.

You’ll need:

  • Original passport

  • Photocopies of your passport

  • Visa application form

  • Visa fee

Step 2 – Apply For Your Visa

At Your Local Consulate

Make an appointment at your local consulate in order to start your application. We recommend you check with them directly, since some consulates allow walk-ins for this type of visa.

Present all your documentation at the consulate. They will verify your documents, and do a screening before approving your visa.


You can also apply for the visa online, through the e-visa portal.

Upon Arrival

At the Cambodian Immigration, you can apply for your visa as soon as you arrive in the country. It only takes a couple of minutes to go through the process, and you’ll receive your visa immediately.

Make sure you have all the documents required, and have cash to pay for the visa fee. Use US Dollars to make the payment. After making the payment, you’ll receive your visa sticker in your passport.

Timeline for Applying for the Cambodia Visa

The application process is almost immediate. All you need to do is make sure you have all the documentation, and you’ll receive the visa right away without an issue.

How Much Does Apply for a Visa for Cambodia Cost?

The tourist visa costs $30 USD. The Ordinary Visa costs $35.

Cambodia Visa Denial

It is very rare to have the visa denied. Unless you don’t have the proper documentation or filled out the application form wrong, you shouldn’t have the visa denied.

If on the rare occurrence, you’re denied the visa, you can apply again making sure any mistakes made are corrected.

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Living in Cambodia as a Digital Nomad

Cambodia is a charming country full of temples, rich history, stunning landscapes, delicious food, and friendly locals. Only recently has it gained popularity in the remote work scene.

It is a developing country, and for some, it might be an acquired taste, but we can assure you that you will not regret visiting this amazing country.

Capital Phnom Penh

Form of Government Constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system

Population 16.59 million

Climate Tropical climate

Language Khmer

Currency Cambodian Riel (KHR)

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Attractions and Best Places to Visit

Stunning city view from the air

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a temple city and a top destination for all visitors. Angkor Wat is rated as one of the world’s must-see ancient sites due to its impressive temples of the Angkorian period. The city was built between 802 and 1432, and it was the largest city in the world during the medieval age and the vast powerhouse of the Khmer kings.

Phnom Penh

The capital city of Cambodia is another must-visit destination. It is Cambodia’s most cosmopolitan destination, offering a vibrant lifestyle. However, it is also home to a scattering of important historic sites that showcase Cambodia’s modern and ancient history.

Prasat Preah Vihear

Prasat Preah Vihear is the most dramatic location in the country. It sits atop the Dangrek Mountains and it is home to a monumental temple complex of intricately carved pavilions linked by long causeways. The temple was originally built to honor the god Shiva. The temple is located right at the border with Thailand, and it’s been a connection point between the two nations.


If you’re looking for a more rural destination, head towards Battambang. It is surrounded by rice fields and tiny villages. Battambang holds some of the most tranquil scenery in all of Cambodia. It is home to various temples and historic sites that attract plenty of visitors every year.

Koh Kong Conservation Corridor

If you wish to explore Cambodia’s natural riches, head towards the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor. It stretches across an area within Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains. You’ll find a dense rainforest, winding rivers, and waterfalls. There are plenty of eco-resorts scattered all over the riverbank, all of which offer activities like day hikes and kayaking.

Digital Nomad Hotspots

Sky view on the capital city of Cambodia

Phnom Penh

City in Cambodia

As the capital city, Phnom Penh is the perfect destination for digital nomads because it is the best-developed city in the country. Phnom Penh is home to a massive expat community and an ever-growing digital nomad community. You’ll find plenty of accommodations, good cafés, and even some co-working spaces. 

City street with cars and green trees

Siem Reap

City in Cambodia

This city is located in northwestern Cambodia, and it is another popular destination among the digital nomad community. The city has plenty of resorts, restaurants, shops, and more. You’ll also find a couple of co-working spaces that are well-equipped for all types of remote workers.

Woman looking at the temple


City in Cambodia

This is a coastal city, located in the southeast region of Cambodia. If you like the beach and a more laid-back lifestyle, then Sihanoukville is the perfect place for you. It has welcomed plenty of digital nomads in the last few years, so you’ll find cute cafés and one or two co-working spaces.

Benefits Of Working In Cambodia as a Digital Nomad

Cambodia is a developing country. It might not hold all the amenities other asian countries may offer to digital nomads, but it is still an amazing place where you can make your home for a couple of weeks as you work remotely.

One of the best benefits of Cambodia is how cheap it is. You’ll find affordable accommodations, food, and anything else you may need.

Plus, due to its growing popularity among the expat and digital nomad communities, it offers a good internet connection almost everywhere in the country. You’ll find good phone service and plenty of cafés and restaurants that offer fast Wi-Fi. Plus, most big cities have co-working spaces with good connections so that you can work without a problem.

Cost of Living

The official currency of Cambodia is the Cambodian Riel. $1 USD = 4125 KHR approximately.

The average salary in Cambodia is between 1,239,618 KHR ($300 USD) and 4,826,522 KHR ($1170 USD) approximately.

Here’s a rundown of what you should expect to pay per month rentals in Cambodia Phnom Penh:

One-bedroom apartment 1,985,980 KHR ($479 USD)

Three-bedroom apartment 5,369,807 KHR ($1,296 USD)

Monthly electricity, water, and related bills 452,279 KHR ($109 USD)

Meal at a simple restaurant 20,710 KHR ($5 USD)

Meal for two at a restaurant 124,260 KHR ($30 USD)

Here’s a rundown of what you should expect to pay per month in Siem Reap:

One-bedroom apartment 880,175 KHR ($212 USD)

Three-bedroom apartment 1,794,866 KHR ($433 USD)

Monthly electricity, water, and related bills 214,003 KHR ($51 USD)

Meal at a simple restaurant 9,319 KHR ($2 USD)

Meal for two at a restaurant 103,550 KHR ($25 USD)

Digital Nomad Essentials

Internet (speed) 3.1 Mbps

Time Zone (GMT+7)

Socket Type Types A, C, and G

Calling Code +855

How to get a phone (SIM card)

Did you know you can purchase an eSim card with our digital nomad app?

Our all-in-one app has everything you need. It has a huge range of regional and global provider options that cover all countries, including Cambodia! Plus, the prices are accessible, and the purchase process is easy.

Coworking Spaces

Make Cambodia Your Home!

Wooden bridge leading to the green island in the middle of the water

Cambodia is a magical country that has a lot to offer to all of its visitors. From historical sites, religious temples, and delicious foods, Cambodia will welcome you with open arms.

So what are you waiting for? Book your flight to Cambodia right away and prepare for an adventure you’ll never forget!

FAQs About Cambodia Digital Nomad Visa

Does Cambodia Have a Digital Nomad Visa?

No, Cambodia does not have a digital nomad visa. However, there are other options that digital nomads may use in order to visit. They can opt for a 30-day tourist visa or a Cambodia Ordinary Visa. 

How Much Money Do You Need per Month in Cambodia?

Cambodia is an extremely cheap country, compared to other digital nomad destinations. You’ll only need around 4,826,522 KHR ($1170 USD) approximately to live comfortably as a digital nomad.

Is There a Digital Nomad Community in Cambodia?

Yes! Cambodia has a growing digital nomad and expat community. You’ll find plenty of other remote workers in cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

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