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Digital Nomad Visa For Anguilla

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Digital Nomad Visa For Anguilla

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Anguilla Quick Facts

Anguilla is a British overseas territory that is well-known as a small emerging Eastern paradise in the Caribbean. The island is near Antigua and Barbuda in the southeast, Saint-Martin and Saint Kitts and Nevis in the south, and the US Virgin Islands in the southwest and its neighbors in the west are the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Anguilla has been attracting Hollywood stars for years now, but has only recently began catching the eyes of digital nomads. The most charming things that you can find here are its pristine white sand beaches, friendly people, dramatic sunsets, delcious dishes, turquoise waters, and a truly cool island vibe that may not be found in other areas of the Caribbean.

Capital The Valley
Form of Government Self-governing territory of the UK
Population 18,090
Climate Tropical
Language English
Currency East Caribbean dollars (XCD) - Need Help Converting?

Living in Anguilla as a digital nomad

Anguilla, with its idyllic climate, could be the right place for nomads who are looking for a dream spot to work and chill out by unwinding on lovely stretches of stunning sandy beaches. In addition to its natural beauty, there are plenty of things it can offer digital nomads.

Anguilla is a friendly place that is ready to welcome you, your family and your pets. As such, digital nomads will no longer be worried about leaving their pets where they live now. They can bring them everywhere while staying on the island without being bothered.

The official language of Anguilla is English, so you’ll find it very easy to blend in with the locals and communicate with everyone around you.

Attractions and best places to visit

Anguilla has a lot to offer for digital nomads and there are many beautiful places that are worth visiting. The most attractive thing about Anguilla is its beaches. They are white-sanded, dazzling, and a great place to realx. The locals around the area are very friendly and will be happy to welcome you and help you whenever you need.


The first place you have to visit is Shoal Bay East. It’s one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. This beach is perfect for those who enjoy water sports like snorkeling and swimming in open water. It’s waters are home to stunning coral gardens and a variety of fish and other forms of water life.

If you’re looking to enjoy Anguilla’s culture, head over to Sandy Ground Village. It has a fishhook-shaped bay, one of the best protected in all of Anguilla. It’s the main port of entry for many yachts. The beach is surrounded by many local restaurants and attractions, great for family day trips. Plus, it’s one of the best spots for nightlife in the country.

Anguilla is also a great place for divers. There is a double-reef system that wreaths Anguilla, with a huge variety of corals. This island country is also famous for its wrecks, including intentionally sunken ships that became home to artificial reefs. There are seven marine parks all around the island. If you go diving, you can discover many turtles, stingrays, and garden eels.

Anguilla also has an amazing archeological site, called Fountain Cavern. This is a natural and cultural wonder, home to two freshwater pools and many Amerindian petroglyphs. It’s an astounding view that you should definitely check out!

Digital nomad hotspots

Meads Bay is the best place to visit if you’re there for the first time. It’s located very central to everything, which means all the top places are within half an hour’s drive away.

Another popular hotspot is Sandy Ground. It’s perfect for those living in a budget! You will find plenty of cheap accommodation and dining options. It also has stunning beaches, so you can still enjoy everything Anguilla has to offer.

If you’re moving to Anguilla with your family, then you might want to consider going to Blowing Point. It is close to the airport and there are many fun activities all around the area. You will find plenty of places to eat and many more to explore, so you’ll never get bored!

Cost of Living

Anguilla is the perfect location for long-term stays. Compared to other many cities in North America and Europe, the cost of living here is moderate. Living on the island, you can take advantage of super high-speed internet, affordable international calling, and online payments, among others.

You can find rent a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center for $800/month. A 3-bedroom apartment costs around $1,750/month.

Dining-out ranges from $7-$17, depending on the type of restaurant you’re looking for.

There is no public transport in Anguilla, such as a metro system or a railway. It’s much easier to just walk around. You can also rent a car or take a taxi if you need to move greater distances.

Digital nomad essentials

Anguilla has strong cellular coverage throughout the island. The country has two telecommunications providers, Flow and Digicel. Their prices are very similar. A 100Mbps fibre connection costs around $92/month. You can find cheaper options with lesser speeds.


Sadly, there aren’t any co-working spaces in Anguilla. However, many local businesses offer free wifi. Some services can reach speeds of 50Mbps. But many digital nomads prefer to just work from their homes.

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Anguilla Digital Nomad Visa Overview

The Caribbean island has launched the Lose The Crowd Find Yourself. Work. Life. Bliss. Program in August 2020 that allows digital nomads to live on Anguilla for three to twelve months.


Anguilla’s program is unique in that it not only targets nomads or remote workers along with their families but also students. Also, you will not be charged any local income tax.

Unfortunately, the Anguilla nomad visa is not designed to be extended. As so, once its validity ends, you will need to apply for the new one to continue staying on the island.
Unlike tourist visas, you can keep working to earn money during that time and don’t need to commit to a full residency permit once holding a nomad visa.

Click here to stay up to date with the current COVID-19 travel restrictions!

You can also check this website for more information regarding the COVID-19 situation in Anguilla.

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Who Can Apply for the
Digital Nomad Visa for Anguilla

As mentioned before, the Anguilla nomad visa program is for digital nomad and their families, including those who love to work remotely, self-employed people, freelancers, and students.

To be eligible, you must provide details of self-employment or be employed by a company based outside of Anguilla. In other words, you must not work for any local companies in Anguilla. Also, remote students are considered qualified.

How to Apply for the Anguilla Digital Nomad Visa

The application process for the Anguilla nomad visa is pretty easy when compared to other Caribbean countries. You simply need to gather required documents, print them out, and complete the application form. Then pay the fees associated with the application.

Documents required to apply for the digital nomad visa in Anguilla

In order to apply for the digital nomad visa in Anguilla, you need the following documents:

A completed application form.

Proof of Employment or Business Incorporation Certificate: income, employment, or self-employment certificate if you are a remote worker.

Proof of Visas: where applicable.

Visa: if you are required

Valid police clearance: from the past 6 months for all applicants 18 years and older.

Proof of applicant’s relationship to dependents: such as marriage and birth certificates.

Pre-arranged transfer – to and from Anguilla

Accommodation Booking

Valid Health Insurance – this must-have COVID-19 coverage

In addition, each applicant, including each family member will also submit:

Copy of Birth Certificate.

Copy of Passport Picture Page.

A brief description of the work the applicant is doing.

Proof of school enrollment for students

How much does it cost?

The visa application fee is $2,000 USD per individual or the $3,000 USD per family which is up to 4 persons, including applicant; spouse, and dependents, such as a child or step-child under age 26, or any other relative. If the number of your family members is more than 4, then there will be a charge of $250 for each additional dependent.

For students, the fee is $2,000 USD.

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Timeline for Applying

You must apply online here.

After submitting your application, a concierge will be contacting you through e-mail and give you payment instructions. You need to reply to the e-mail and your documents will also be asked.

Your application may be processed approximately 7 to 14 working days after submitting.


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Do you qualify for this visa?
Requirements for Applying
A completed application form.
Proof of Employment or Business Incorporation Certificate: income, employment, or self-employment certificate if you are a remote worker.
Proof of Visas: where applicable.
Visa: if you are required
Valid police clearance: from the past 6 months for all applicants 18 years and older.
Proof of applicant’s relationship to dependents: such as marriage and birth certificates.
Pre-arranged transfer – to and from Anguilla
Accommodation Booking
Valid Health Insurance – this must-have COVID-19 coverage
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