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How to Work from Anywhere: Jobs, Benefits, Challenges, TOP 40 Companies Hiring

Job opportunities are more flexible than ever. While work from anywhere existed before the pandemic, it wasn’t as popular as it is now.

One of the few good things that COVID-19 brought was that many companies now offer remote job opportunities. They realized that people don’t need to be sharing a space to work efficiently.

Working from anywhere leads to happier employees with higher productivity, and it provides a balanced leisure-work lifestyle. Sounds great, right?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Work From Anywhere (WFA). Check out the multiple benefits it has, and also some of the challenges you might face. Plus, you’ll also find the top companies hiring so that you can start your WFA journey!

What Is Work from Anywhere (WFA)?

Work from anywhere (WFA) is a new approach to working. It provides flexible opportunities for employees to work autonomously from anywhere in the world, while still striving towards the company’s culture and goals.

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People can work from the comfort of their homes, or at coffee shops, co-working spaces, and anywhere in between. As long as they have the tools, resources, and technology available, people can set their workspace anywhere and reach their goals regardless of their location.

WFA has changed the way people think about their work and place of work. Now, work is no longer a place you go, but rather a thing you do. With this shift in mindset, companies can better harness people’s skills and dedication toward increasing productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Work from Anywhere Jobs vs Remote Work

You might be wondering…what’s the difference between work from anywhere and remote work? Aren’t they the same thing?

They are similar concepts, but WFA is more than just flexible working arrangements.

When the pandemic hit, most people were forced to work remotely, but not many organizations were not prepared for this drastic change. They needed new metrics, employees didn’t know how to work effectively outside of their office, and the life-work balance was suddenly not balanced at all.

Thankfully, with time and commitment, people were able to shift into their new reality, and many decided to keep working remotely even after their office spaces opened again. Companies realized they no longer needed all of their employees at the same place and they could instead hire people from all over the country, even all over the world! This opened the doors for thousands of new opportunities.

However, not everyone works effectively at home. This is where the difference between Work from Anywhere and remote work comes into play.

Work from Anywhere is a company-wide policy, with the understanding that some or all employees can perform their duties from anywhere. It isn’t a flexible arrangement in the sense that it isn’t agreed on a case-by-case basis. Work from anywhere is the normal way of working, and this means that the company needs the right infrastructure to support it.

How to Work from Anywhere?

Digital nomads are an excellent example of working from anywhere. The digital nomad culture is built on being able to work while traveling, and this they know how to work from anywhere in the world.

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Digital nomads work at airports, hotel rooms, coffee bars, co-working spaces, and many other places. Of course, it isn’t all as easy as it sounds. In order to work effectively from anywhere, you need to be prepared for everything.

First of all, make sure you have the proper equipment. You’ll need a reliable computer to perform your job, with all chargers and accessories you need. It will depend on where you’re traveling, but in some countries, it isn’t as easy to purchase replacements, so plan ahead.

Talking about the places you’re traveling to, double-check for locations where you can work from. If you’re renting an apartment or using another service like Airbnb, make sure it has a reliable internet connection. Research what’s nearby, and look for coffee shops or co-working spaces with a strong internet connection, so you can work without worrying.

Additionally, keep time zones in mind. Most jobs will allow you to work at your own schedule, but others might request meetings or set deadlines, so always keep the difference between your location and your employers’.

When it comes to applying for a job, it is important to show your potential employer that you’re willing to work remotely. As mentioned earlier, now there are thousands of opportunities to work from anywhere, so employers will be looking for people who are flexible and able to work independently.

Highlight other jobs you’ve performed remotely, and during your interview mention how you’ve managed to balance the workload while traveling. This will help potential employers see you’re responsible and reliable.

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Benefits of Work from Anywhere Jobs

When you open the doors to it you’ll find there are multiple benefits of work-from-anywhere jobs. Here are some of them:

Most people are looking for a good work-life balance. As a digital nomad, you need the freedom of managing your own schedule and how you deal with your workload. WFA jobs give you all the flexibility you need to work comfortably while traveling.

This is a benefit that will please you and your employer. Working from anywhere will give you the opportunity to work on your own schedule. Maybe you’re more productive at night, or you work better with the low buzz of chatter in a coffee shop. No matter your case, WFA will improve your productivity.

Saves time
Working from anywhere jobs make everything more efficient. Because teams are spread all over the world, having agile communication is essential. Meetings will be more efficient with the use of scheduling and collaborative tools.

Multiple opportunities
Working from anywhere in the world opens up the door to a global workforce. This means, companies are no longer focusing on hiring locally, but they’re also hiring internationally. This increases job opportunities for all types of talents.

Challenges of Work from Anywhere in the World

Like everything in life, all good things come with a set of challenges. WFA jobs are no different. Here are some of the challenges you might face while you work from anywhere:

Having effective communication between teammates is hard when they’re all in different places and different time zones. Now, there are multiple tools that help synchronous communication. However, the team must figure out which one works best for them.

If you’re working on public wifis or other sources of the internet, then you must protect your data. Some companies offer VPNs to keep your information confidential. But if they don’t provide it, then you’ll need to get one yourself.

Investing in the right tools and software is key for WFA. Without the proper tech, people can’t perform their duties correctly. However, because employees are no longer working at an office and using the company’s equipment, it might be harder for them to get the tech they need.

Employee engagement
Working from anywhere may lead to employees feeling disconnected from each other. This is due to poor communication and in order to redeem it, teams must come up with intentional experiences to cultivate employee engagement no matter where they’re all at. 

TOP 40 Companies That Hire for Work from Anywhere Jobs

Now that you know what WFA means and how it works, you can start looking for work from anywhere online job opportunities.

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Here’s a list of 40 companies that post multiple WFA job offers:

TOP 10 Work from Anywhere Remote Jobs

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As you can see, there are multiple companies hiring remote workers. In case you were wondering, here are the top 10 work from anywhere remote jobs:

  • Copywriting

  • Recruiter

  • Front-End Developer

  • Web Designer

  • Project Manager

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Executive Assistant

  • Educator

TOP 10 Work from Anywhere Industries

girl on the phone and computer sitting on the floor

If you’re looking for the industries with the most work from anywhere opportunities, here are the top 10:

  • Marketing

  • Computer & IT

  • Sales

  • HR & Recruiting

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Graphic Design

  • Customer Service

  • Writing/Editing

  • Project Management

  • Education & Training

Frequently Asked Questions About Work from Anywhere Online Jobs

If you still have questions about how to work from anywhere, here are the most frequently asked questions!

Can I Work from Anywhere If I Am Remote?

Yes, as a remote worker, you can work from anywhere.

Do WFA Jobs Track My Location?

It will depend on your company’s policy. As a general rule, if you’re using your employer's equipment, then they have the right to monitor what you do. 

It is important to keep honest and open communication as to where you’re at or where you’re headed to avoid any conflicts. 

Do I Need a Visa to Work from Anywhere?

It will depend on where you’re at and how long you’re staying. 

If you’re curious about what countries offer Digital Nomad Visa and whether or not you need one, check out our Remote Work Visas!

Where Do I Pay Taxes If I Work from Anywhere?

Some remote work visas have special tax perks, depending on how long you’re staying in the country.

But as a general rule, you only owe taxes in the country where you live and work.

How Long Can I Work from Anywhere Remotely in Another Country Without Paying Taxes?

It will depend on what country you’re staying. Some countries do not require you to pay taxes, regardless of how long you stay there. Others will ask you to start paying resident taxes if you stay for more than 183 days.

Did you know that countries like Anguilla, Bahamas, and Costa Rica offer tax-free digital nomad visas? Well, they do!

Can Citizen Remote Help Me with My WFA Job Search?

Yes, we just created a job board for digital nomads where jobs are to work from anywhere. Check it out, start your exciting life-long journey, and ensure offices won't get in your way.


Nadia Dardón is a freelance writer from Guatemala. In early 2022 she embarked as a digital nomad, traveling through Europe, focusing mostly on the literary history of each country. She has worked fully remotely for the past four years as a reader, writer, and content creator with experience creating pieces for different industries. She also has a personal blog where she writes about her cultural and literary travels.