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    Studios, Flats, Rooms and Apartments for Rent in London

    We are ready. 63 amazing offers are waiting for new tenants.
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    The Soho Studio - Modern & Bright 2BDR in Central
    €5,770 / month
    Apartment132m2 Space for 6 person
    The Oxford Street Retreat - Modern 3BDR in 2 Apart
    €9,810 / month
    Apartment179m2 Space for 6 person
    Luxury room close to the heart of London
    €2,180 / month
    Private Room72m2 Space for 1 person
    Flat with views in Tower Hill
    €6,976 / month
    Apartment36m2 Space for 2 person
    Vauxhall Two Bedroom Apartment
    €6,986 / month
    Apartment61m2 Space for 4 person
    Cozy flat
    €1,845 / month
    Apartment32m2 Space for 4 person
    The Sweet Mews - Big & Bright 4BDR Mews Home in Id
    €8,762 / month
    Apartment188m2 Space for 8 person
    Peaceful garden flat in North London
    €3,096 / month
    Apartment92m2 Space for 2 person
    Urban Oasis with Cosy King Beds near Tube & Parks
    €3,127 / month
    Apartment75m2 Space for 4 person
    Sunny double bedroom in London Bridge/Borough
    €1,456 / month
    Private Room200m2 Space for 1 person
    The West End Penthouse - 4BDR Fitzrovia Penthouse
    €11,615 / month
    Apartment100m2 Space for 8 person
    The Heart of Balham - Modern & Bright 2BDR Apartme
    €3,668 / month
    Apartment131m2 Space for 4 person
    The Norfolk Escape - Beautiful & Bright 4 Mews Hom
    €40,865 / month
    Apartment614m2 Space for 34 person
    Canary Wharf Studio
    €5,471 / month
    Apartment61m2 Space for 2 person
    Large 5 bedroom Luxury House with Garden in London
    €9,624 / month
    House260m2 Space for 10 person
    Aldgate One Bedroom Apartment
    €7,203 / month
    Apartment61m2 Space for 2 person
    The Norfolk Maisonette - Lovely 4BDR Mews Home in
    €8,603 / month
    Apartment105m2 Space for 8 person
    The South Kensington Mews - Lovely & Bright 5BDR K
    €7,010 / month
    Apartment130m2 Space for 10 person
    The Harrods Mews - Modern 4BDR Mews Home with Roof
    €9,834 / month
    Apartment186m2 Space for 8 person
    Sunny flat overlooking the Thames
    €2,325 / month
    Apartment80m2 Space for 3 person
    The Norfolk Townhouse - Large & Stunning 5BDR Mews
    €13,754 / month
    Apartment187m2 Space for 10 person
    Designer flat in the heart of Fulham
    €4,315 / month
    Apartment100m2 Space for 4 person
    The Bayswater Gardens - Bright & Central 3BDR Home
    €6,888 / month
    Apartment139m2 Space for 8 person
    The Mayfair Retreat - Modern & Central 1BDR in 3 A
    €16,283 / month
    Apartment150m2 Space for 8 person
    The Paddington Studio - Cool & Stylish 1BDR Mews i
    €4,008 / month
    Apartment56m2 Space for 4 person
    The Maida Vale Retreat - Modern & Central 2BDR Apa
    €4,500 / month
    Apartment59m2 Space for 3 person
    Modern Apartment in King's Cross
    €5,035 / month
    Apartment45m2 Space for 2 person
    River View Apartment in Vauxhall
    €5,000 / month
    Apartment70m2 Space for 4 person
    Modern Two Bed in Vauxhall
    €4,500 / month
    Apartment65m2 Space for 4 person
    The Mayfair Parade - Trendy 1BDR Pied-a-Terre in C
    €4,944 / month
    Apartment46m2 Space for 3 person
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    Frequently asked questions

    What Is the Average Cost of Renting a Place in London?

    The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in London is €4277, while a room can cost around €1416 (including utilities).

    What Is the Average Rent for Apartment in London?

    The average monthly rent for an apartment in London is €7558, however prices start at €1845.

    What Are the TOP 5 Most Affordable Apartments in London Right Now?

    Here you can search, choose and book any type of accommodation in London. Here are the most affordable of them:

    However, we recommend looking for the most reasonable housing in the city you'd like to live in so you don't miss out on an awesome experience.

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