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Digital Nomad Visa For Seychelles

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Cost of Living Star rating: 33.0

Ease of Obtaining Visa Star rating: 55.0

Taxes Star rating: 44.0

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Quick facts about Seychelles

Seychelles, known officially as The Republic of Seychelles, is an archipelagic island country, consisting of 115 islands, located in the Indian Ocean.

As an island country, Seychelles has beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and a quiet and relaxed lifestyle. Seychelles has been catching the attention of many travelers including tourists, ex-pats and remote workers. And now that there is a digital nomad visa for Seychelles nomads can live and world from this island nation.

Capital Victoria

Form of Government Unitary presidential republic

Population 98,462 (2020)

Climate Tropical climate

Language English, French, Seychellois

Currency Seychellois rupee (SR)

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Living in Seychelles as a digital nomad

Living in Seychelles is like living in paradise. It has spectacular beaches, lots of wildlife, and warm weather to enjoy. The lifestyle is much more laid-back than living in a big city, something that has caught the eye of many digital nomads.

And the government of Seychelles noticed. They know there are many remote workers looking to live there, leading them to lauch their Workcation Retreat Programme as a way to attract digital nomads to come explore the country.

Seychelles is a magical and relatively untouched place. But that does come with some downsides. Transport is not super reliable and locations are very far away from each other so most people have cars which can generate a lot of traffic.The cost of living can also be quite expensive, but we’ll break down the prices of all the essentials down below.

Just like any other place, there are pros and cons. But don’t let these things be a dealbreaker. Seychelles has a lot to offer if you give it a chance.

Attractions and best places to visit

Seychelles is an archipelago with 115 islands. This means there are plenty of places for you to visit and explore. Even though all islands are absolutely stunning, there are some that are more developed than others.

rock in the middle of green waters

Mahé Island is the largest island in the archipelago, and one of the most popular places in Seychelles. It’s home to many natural worders like forests, the highest mountain range in Seychelles, and over 65 beaches. This island is also home to the capital city, Victoria, which offers the widest range of amenities.

While visiting Mahé Island, make sure to take an island tour. The tours will enable you to explore the beautiful forests and see some interesting wildlife like giant tortoises and black parrots. You can also take the time to go to one of the many beaches near Victoria. Anse Major offers clear blue water and white sand. The place is stunning and perfect for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather.

Praslin Island is another beautiful island you have to visit while in Seychelles. It’s mostly popular for the Vallée de Mai, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known for Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, two of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

If you want to explore the wildlife of Seychelles, then head towards Moyenne Island. This island is popular for the Giant Tortoises that roam freely all over the island. Moyenne also has ancient ruins and pirate graves. This place is now a nature reserve, and very popular among many travelers.

Digital Nomad Hotspots

Victoria is definitely the main hub for digital nomads and ex-pats. The city is located on the largest island of the archipelago and has all the amenities you could need. You’ll find good accommodations, lots of shops and restaurants, and an internet connection.

Cost of Living

As mentioned before, Seychelles can be very expensive compared to other island countries.

You can rent a furnished studio apartment in the city center for $914/month. A bigger furnished apartment in the city center costs $1,798/month.

A meal at an inexpensive restaurant cost around $16 and at a fast-food restaurant costs $7.

Seychelles doesn’t have a metro or railway system, so the best way to get around is by using the bus on the islands of Mahé and Praslin. One ride costs around $0.50/ride. If you want to use the bus as your main transportation method, then you can purchase a SMART Card for $4 and load as you go.

Digital Nomad Essentials

You can find internet on Seychelles through four providers: Intelvision, Airtel, Cable&Wireless, and Kokonet. If you base yourself off the most populated islands, like Mahé and Praslin, then you’ll easily find hotspots and free wifi access in public spaces.

Airtel offers many SIM cards with 4G bundles. A 30-day plan with 7GB of data costs $70. Cable&Wireless has 4G bundles as well, with 5GB plan for $58/month.

natural small island with a resort on it

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Visa Overview

Seychelles is joining the many countries offering visa options for digital nomads and ex-pats. Their program is called Workcation Program. It has two options: For employees and for self-employed (company/business owners).

Seychelles offers travelers the chance to escape to an exotic place while staying safe and protected. Those benefiting from the digital nomad visa for Seychelles can stay in the country for up to one year while living and working at this beautiful tropical destination.

Keep in mind that Seychelles might have some restrictions for travelers. Find out about current COVID-19 travel restrictions here.

Benefits of Workcation Program

  • Long-term accommodation and access to facilities at a discounted rate.

  • Basic accommodation requirements such as food, beverages, and access to Wi-Fi.

  • Access to health care facilities and other essential services.

  • No tax and customs duty on work equipment.

  • No personal income or business tax.

  • The special discounted package is extended to family members.

  • Ability to visit and stay on a different island.

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Who Can Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa for Seychelles

beautiful blue and green waters

Any visitors can apply for this visa, but it is especially geared towards remote workers. You can apply to the digital nomad visa for Seychelles if you’re working remotely for a company(employee) or run your own company/business (self-employed).

How to Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa for Seychelles

The first step to apply for the Workcation Program is to gather all the information and documents you need (which are all listed below).

You must apply for the digital nomad visa for Seychelles online, through this website. In order to participate in the program, all visitors are required to get a ‘Visitors Workcation Permit’ (VWP), at least two weeks before entering the country.

Once your VWP is validated, you must complete the entry application by getting a ‘Health Travel Authorisation’ (HTA), and paying a one-time fee. Before applying for the HTA, all applicants must get a valid negative PCR test of not more than 72 hours. With this, the visitors will get a PCR test certificate.

If your application is successful, you’ll receive a unique THA document. This document will feature the ‘Seychelles Workcation Retreat’ program logo, an ID number, and a color code.

Documents required to apply for the digital nomad visa for Seychelles


  • Valid passport holder.

  • Provide documents as proof of being an employee (A letter of employment)

  • Provide proof of income or wealth

  • Hold a valid medical and travel insurance policy.

  • A provisional onward ticket for the duration of the visit.

  • Provisional proof of confirmed accommodation.

  • Health insurance coverage for Covid-19

  • A negative PCR test certificate (for the HTA)


  • Valid passport holder.

  • Provide documents as proof of being a business owner.

  • Proof of source of income or wealth

  • Hold a valid medical and travel insurance policy.

  • Provisional onward ticket for the duration of the visit.

  • Provisional proof of confirmed accommodation.

  • Health insurance coverage for Covid-19

  • A negative PCR test certificate (for the HTA)

How much does it cost?

The application has a one-time fee of €45. This fee covers both the VWP and the HTA.

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Timeline for Applying

At the moment, there is no specified timeline for the application process. But you can expect your application to be processed in a matter of weeks.

Curious about other digital nomad visas that you may be eligible for? Enter your details in our Visa Wizard to get a list of all the options available to you.


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