Companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system

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Companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system
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Companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system

The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed our way of life, from the way we interact with others to how we conduct business. One of the biggest and potentially longest-lasting impacts is the ability to work from anywhere. While the world was shut down and everyone was confined to their homes, companies realized that productivity can stay the same or even increase when people get the opportunity to work from wherever they want.

Some companies are permanently adopting the work from anywhere system as employees push for things to stay remote. If their current companies will not allow this, there are plenty of companies that will, so many are switching companies or careers. Here are five companies that are embracing the work from anywhere system.


Airbnb is beginning to partner with tourism boards around the world offering remote workers and digital nomads a one-stop-shop where they can find accommodation and visas for different countries. Their new initiative “Live and Work Anywhere” helps connect remote workers with accommodation and visas in different countries making it easier for people to move around the world while continuing to world their jobs. Airbnb has generally positioned themselves as a vacation rental marketplace, but they are taking advantage of the rise in remote work to appeal to another demographic, digital nomads.

Companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system

They are continuing to seek partners such as governments, destination marketing organizations and relevant non-profits around the world to build out their program to offer the widest range of options for those wanting to use the program. Each destination will have a landing page on Airbnb where you can find everything you need to go and work remotely from that country. They’ve already started uploading caribbean destinations which you can find here.


Spotify is now allowing employees to work from home or any of their offices in 43 cities around the world. You can work from anywhere as long as you are in the same region as where your role is based for timezone purposes. You will need to make sure you have adequate visas and documentation, but the idea is that you can work from wherever you work best, no matter the city or specific location. If you choose to work from home, Spotify will provide you with the equipment suitable for your role so you can maintain the same productivity you had in the office.

Companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system

Work From Anywhere at Spotify is a great initiative that gives people the autonomy and flexibility to work where they want. Although you cannot move across the world just yet, you can live where it makes the most sense for you, your job, and your desired lifestyle.

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Twitter was one of the first US-based companies to allow work from home in 2020 and has announced that they will allow employees to work remotely forever if they choose to do so. Twitter has emphasized the difficulty that comes with remote working but understands that adapting to the times is important.

Companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system

Elon Musk is slated to take over Twitter in the coming months, and some are worried that this could disrupt the companies promise to allow employees to work from home indefinitely. That’s because he has recently given Telsa employees the ultimatum to return to the office or resign, but it’s unclear whether this will also apply to Twitter when he finally takes over. That said, a Twitter spokesperson stated that they had no plans to change the policy.


Companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system

Although Shopify does not allow its employees to work abroad forever, you can work abroad for 90 days per year with the Destination90 program. However, employees are allowed to work remotely the majority of the time through the Digital by Design program. In person, connections remain important but are becoming much more intentional. Shopify is committed to providing employees with the tools they need to succeed, both physically and mentally.


Companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system

Quora adopted a remote-first work model in 2020 and enables all roles to be performed remotely from anywhere in the world unless otherwise noted in the job description. After surveying employees, Quora found that commute times, the ability to focus in an open office environment, and the housing crisis in the Bay Area where the office was located all contributed to the desire to work remotely. They decided to keep their office and turn it into a coworking space as some people preferred to work from it, but everyone else can relocate to anywhere they can legally be employed. Quora requires employees to be available for “coordination hours” which are 9 am to 3 pm Pacific Time, regardless of where they choose to live.

Additionally, there are “work from anywhere” travel programs available from companies including:

These programs have been offering these experiences before the pandemic, but there is a much larger demand for them now that remote work has become more popular.

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The work from anywhere system

It seems as though one of the biggest conversations that has occurred both during and post-pandemic has been what the future of work will look like. After surveying employees to determine how they prefer to work, the vast majority of people want to continue to work remotely. While not everyone wants to be a digital nomad and travel the world, most people enjoy the opportunity to work from home, go to the office occasionally, or work from a coworking space or cafe.

Companies that are willing to adapt to the demand to work remotely will likely see the best long-term success. Many companies are hesitant to fully embrace the change. This could be because they desire greater control over employees or because they’ve already committed to the cost of an office space. Whatever the case, many workers have shown that the ability to work remotely is at the top of their priority list – so much so that they are willing to leave jobs for other companies that allow it. The companies that have adopted the “work from anywhere” system are companies that listen to their employee’s wants and needs, making them attractive to potential employees and contractors.

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