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    Studios, Flats, Rooms and Apartments for Rent in Corralejo

    We are ready. 7 amazing offers are waiting for new tenants.
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    Beautiful apartment in Corralejo
    €2,000 / month
    Apartment78m2 Space for 4 person
    Bristol Sunset Beach- shared 2 bedroom apartment
    €775 / month
    Private Room38m2 Space for 1 person
    Boulevard Loft Corralejo
    €1,400 / month
    Apartment30m2 Space for 2 person
    Payen Home Corralejo
    €1,488 / month
    Apartment40m2 Space for 4 person
    Casa Bubal
    €1,335 / month
    Apartment70m2 Space for 3 person
    €1,318 / month
    Apartment28m2 Space for 3 person
    Oasis Tamarindo
    €1,488 / month
    Apartment50m2 Space for 4 person
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    Frequently asked questions

    What Is the Average Cost of Renting a Place in Corralejo?

    The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Corralejo is €1406, while a room can cost around €1318 (including utilities).

    What Is the Average Rent for Apartment in Corralejo?

    The average monthly rent for an apartment in Corralejo is €1505, however prices start at €1318.

    What Are the TOP 5 Most Affordable Apartments in Corralejo Right Now?

    Here you can search, choose and book any type of accommodation in Corralejo. Here are the most affordable of them:

    However, we recommend looking for the most reasonable housing in the city you'd like to live in so you don't miss out on an awesome experience.

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