Cayman Islands Quick Facts

When thinking of the tropical paradises for a vacation, the Cayman Islands must be on your list. With beautiful long sandy beaches and sunny climate, the Cayman Islands is probably the perfect place for a holiday destination. It also offers other interesting things, like a high standard of living in the Caribbean islands.

Capital George Town, Grand Cayman
Form of Government British Overseas Territory
Currency The Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)
Population 76,600
Language English (Offical)
Climate Tropical Marine

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory consisting of three islands, including Little Cayman, Grand Cayman, and Cayman Brac which are located in the western Caribbean Sea. The territory is also one of the major offshore financial centers in the world. Its neighbors are Cuba and Jamaica.

The Cayman Is were first discovered and named Las Tortugas by Christopher Columbus in 1503 during his final voyage to the New World. The name came from the large number of sea turtles that he observed. Later, the first English visitor Sir Francis Drake named the islands Cayman after the caiman.


People living on islands enjoy a tropical marine climate, a wet season of warm and rainy summer in May to October, while November to April is a dry season of cool winter every year.

Recognized as one of the ultimate beaches by Caribbean Travel and Life, Seven Mile Beach on the western shore of Grand Cayman Island is the place that attracts most travelers. It is a public property that allows you to take a walk along the full length of the beach after stressful working hours.

As the wave of remote workers has increased in the pandemic, digital nomads are not only attracted to the beauty of the natural scenery but also to safe places when looking for destinations. As such, the wealth, economic, and political stability of the Cayman Islands together with strong laws and regulations will give you peace of mind on these wonderful islands.


The islands have thousands of hotels, resorts, and coffee shops providing a stable internet connection for your remote work. Most hotels, restaurants, and local shops accept payments by all major credit cards. Alongside of the Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD), the US dollar is widely accepted throughout the islands, and transactions using non-domestic credit cards will be charged in US$.

Even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these beautiful tropical islands are still one of the safest places in the Caribbean. The islands have been successful in achieving what many haven’t during the widespread pandemic thanks to the government’s response and the collective behavior of residents. Daily life has returned to an almost normal pace now.

In addition, Caymanians, who are well-known for the ‘CaymanKind’ culture, have created one of the most welcoming communities on the globe for you to immediately feel like you’re among family and friends.

So, if you are looking for an idyllic paradise where is not only a safe place to live and work but also to find joy every day with kindness and hospitality, the Cayman Islands may be the right place for you!

Cayman Islands Nomad Visa Overview

As the digital nomad visa program is emerging across the world, the Cayman Islands has entered the expanding list of island nations to launch the Global Citizen Concierge Program (GCCP) to give a place for people who don’t need to be tied to an office for their chosen careers to live and work in paradise. This is a chance for office workers all over the world to trade their normal boring environment to work beachside with great weather and fresh air.


While most other nations are offering only 1 year, the GCCP is the longest remote work visa on the market which is up to 2 years with unlimited trips allowed in and out of the country.

Not only yourself but your family can also enjoy developed infrastructure, international-standard schools, and high-quality medical care in the culture of Caymankind. It is not difficult to find broadband internet, wireless, fixed-line, and fiber optic connections ranging from 512 Kbps to 300 Mbps.

In addition, as mentioned before, since the Cayman Islands has achieved some success in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, the covid cases here are extremely low.


Before you get here to explore your new working environment, you must follow some quarantine restrictions with COVID. Anyone who applies for the program and gets approval will have to abide by all entry requirements and rules, which currently include multiple tests, quarantines, and even a monitoring device upon arrival in the Cayman Islands.

You must be willing to undergo COVID-19 testing upon arrival at the Owen Roberts International Airport on the first day and do it again on day 15.


There is a quarantine for at least 14 days, after which a day 15 negative test result and sign-off by the Medical Officer of Health is required for the quarantine period to cease. Then you may wait another 24-72 hour period for results in quarantine. During the entire length of quarantine, you will wear a personal monitoring device.

However, after all of these things, you should be able to go out without a mask or with distance restrictions.

Who Can Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa
for the Cayman Islands

The program is encouraging digital nomads and remote workers all over the world to pack up their laptops and clothes to the Cayman Islands which offers them sun, sand, sea, and safety for 2 years. However, similar to other digital nomad visa programs, you must be working at a company outside the Cayman Islands.

To be eligible for a GCCP, you are required income which is a minimum annual salary depending on the following category:

$100,000 per year for individual

$150,000 per year for couples- with your spouse or civil partner

$180,000 per year for an adult or couple with 1 or more children.

The Caymans not only opens their nation to you but also your family to enjoy this beautiful tourist Dependents can include:

Spouse/civil partner

Child, step-child, or adopted child


Parent or step-parent


Sibling or Half-Sibling

It’s important to note that once your work is terminated, you must inform the Director of WORC as soon as possible as your Global Citizen Certificate will be terminated as well.

How to Apply for the
Digital Nomad Visa for the Cayman Islands

The process of application is online and quite straightforward. All you will need to do is gather all needed documents then fill an application form online and submit all the documents.

Requirements for Applying

Proof of Employment or Income – a letter showing your proof that you are employed by a company outside the Cayman Islands, your position in the company, length of employment, and annual salary.

Proof of Legal Existence of Employer or Company – a Certificate of Incorporation or Registration Certificates of the company comes along with websites and social media profiles.

Proof of Applicant’s Identity – a photocopy of your passport.

Bank Reference – for the last 6 months.

Police Clearance – it should be issued within the last 6 months from the last place where you lived for over 6 months.

Proof of Health Insurance – request only for the first 30 days upon your arrival.

For dependents, there are also additional requirements, including:

Proof of Identity

Evidence of Marital Status or Civil Partnership

Dependent Children – Birth Certificates of Adoption Orders

Police Clearance

Proof of Health Insurance

Please don’t forget that your documents must be in English.

How much does it cost?

Also, you must pay the application fee as a non-refundable deposit of at least $1469 per year, and an extra USD 500 per dependent per year. The credit card fee is 7% of the total application fee.

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Timeline for Applying

The process of application is depended on how many applicants are. Normally, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks for approval.

To start, you need to make an application on the website and upload the required documents.

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the GCCP Team for completion and accuracy and you need to pay the Application Fee.

After the payment is made, an official letter will be issued as a certificate that you are allowed to live and work remotely in the Cayman Islands. Then, you will need to as well as bring the documents you have passed and enter the Cayman Islands within 3 months.

Traveling the world while working online from your laptop has been a dream for millions of digital nomads but it is much more difficult to work and travel internationally due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Cayman Islands is one of some nations on the planet that has protected its residents from the pandemic. It also has emerged as a beacon of hope during the pandemic to provide a safe paradise in Caribbean tropical islands.

If you are a nature lover who likes to immerse yourself in wild idyllic scenes or like to find moments of diving to see corals right after leaving work but feeling nervous from the COVID out there. Then, the Cayman Islands is definitely the most ideal destination for you!

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