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Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa

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Overall Star rating: 44.0

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Cost of Living Star rating: 33.0

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Taxes Star rating: 44.0

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Bermuda Quick Facts

Named after the Spanish sailor Juan Bermuda who discovered it in 1505, Bermuda became one of the first British colonies in the new world after its foundation by Sir George Somers under the name of “Somers Isles”.

Capital Hamilton

Form of Government Constitutional monarchy

Population 62,506

Climate Subtropical

Language English

Currency Bermuda Dollar

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Now, more than 5 centuries later, Bermuda has become one of the most popular destinations for those looking for a relaxing vacation on amazing beaches. While most people think of Bermuda as being located in the Caribbean, the island is in fact in the Atlantic ocean.

Despite not being a part of the Caribbean region, the beaches in Bermuda have nothing to envy when it comes to the quality of the sand, incredible landscapes, clear water, and breathtaking views.

sandy beach in bermudaBermuda is formed by 138 coral islands grouped in an area of 20 sq miles and has become famous for its association with the infamous region known as the “Bermuda triangle”.

While this region has captivated the minds of people around the world, there is little evidence of supernatural activity taking place in it, but that doesn’t stop thousands of people from visiting looking for it.

The island is not only known for its pink beaches but also for its many grottos and cave systems, which in addition to being beautiful can be swum through.

If you are looking to move to a new place with a rich history and has inspired artists like Shakespeare and John Lennon, where you are always 1 mile away from a beach, can communicate freely in English, and have access to some of the world’s best resorts, restaurants, and golf courses, Bermuda might be the right place for you!

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Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa Overview

The government of Bermuda has been aware of the importance of tourism for its nation for a long time and has recently decided to open the door to digital nomads by launching the “One Year Residential Certificate”.

This program was launched on July 18th of 2020 and will allow remote workers to live in the country for up to a year without the need of playing the system by briefly leaving the country to reenter under a tourist visa.

If your application is approved, you will be authorized to live in the country for up to a year as well as to travel in and out of the country during that period. If you decide to stay longer, you will be able to reapply for another year!

An interesting aspect of this program is that it is not only targeted to digital nomads and remote workers, but it also allows students who are not able to study in person but are enrolled in a foreign university. If you are taking online classes due to the covid19 pandemic or you are enrolled in an online university, you will be able to apply.

house on the beach in bermuda

This means that although the One Year Residential Certificate is not specifically a visa, it does, in essence, fulfill this function as it is the gateway for remote workers and digital nomads to enter and work from the country.

Unlike other digital nomad visas, when living in Bermuda with a one-year residential certificate, you won’t be required to pay income taxes. This is a great benefit as other countries like Germany are known to charge up to 42% in income taxes, which is certain to have a considerable impact on anyone’s finances.

As if all of this was not good enough, the processing time of this visa is super short. Once you have completed your application, it will take an average of 5 working days to be processed.

With an easy application process and standard requirements, the Bermuda digital nomad visa is an attractive option that has already caught the attention of remote workers and entrepreneurs around the world.

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Who Can Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa for Bermuda?

The application process for the Bermudan digital nomad visa is open for any person looking to live in Bermuda while working as a freelancer or for a foreign company in a remote manner, as well as online university or college students.

As with most digital nomad visas, any person applying for it will be required to fulfill certain requirements such as having the necessary income to support themselves in the country and provide documentation supporting their work/study activities.

This visa has no restrictions based on citizenship, which means that anyone can apply independently of its nationality. Similarly, you won’t need to worry about the area you are working on, as there are no categories to what is considered a valid remote job based on it.

Bermuda has not established a quota on the number of visas they will approve or the number of applications they will receive, which is great as visa applications and trip planning can already be stressful enough without the need of adding deadlines that force you to hurry.

Something to keep in mind is that if you are traveling with dependents, you will be required to submit an application for each as well as pay the non-refundable fee for each of the applications.

How To Apply For the Digital Nomad Visa For Bermuda?

lady doing remote work at homeThe application process for the Bermuda digital nomad visa is extremely easy when compared to those of the “few” countries that offer similar visas at this time.

The process is entirely online, which means that you will need to have the supporting documentation in a digital format and attach them to the application form. Filling this form shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes in total.

The application process has a cost of $263 that will be processed before submitting your application. This fee is non-refundable, so in the unlikely case that you meet the requirements but are denied the visa, it won’t be returned to you.

Requirements for Applying

Bermuda is interested in attracting digital nomads, remote workers, and online students who can benefit from living in the country as well as give something in return. As so, there are certain requirements that applicants must meet to ensure they won’t be a burden for the country’s economy and its nationals.

The requirements you need to meet in order to apply are:

  • Must be 18 years old or older.

  • Not having been convicted in Bermuda or another country for an offense that:

  • Possessing health insurance coverage.

  • Owning or being employed by a company located and operating outside Bermuda, being a freelancer, or currently enrolled in a research/undergraduate/graduate/doctorate program.

  • Having the financial means to sustain yourself or your family during your stay in Bermuda without the need of being hired by a company in Bermuda.

As you can see, the requirements are pretty simple albeit a little vague. If you are considering moving to Bermuda, chances are you have the necessary income already, so just make sure to provide your approximate annual income in the application form.

To prove that you meet these requirements, you will be required to provide supporting documentation at the time of applying. If you don’t have these documents in digital format already, make sure to have them scanned before starting the application.

The documents you will be required to complete the application are:

  • Proof of employment or evidence of school enrolment.

  • A color scan of your passport’s photo page.

  • A color scan of visa information.

It is also important to keep in mind that all supporting documentation should be in English

As of now, a visa is not required to enter Bermuda as a tourist, which might make the last document somewhat confusing. The visa information you will be required to provide with your application is for the multi re-entry visa (MRV) of the country you will be traveling from to Bermuda.

Right now, you will need to go through the USA, UK, or Canada, which means you will not be required to have a visa or attach it with your application.

However, if you are not from one of these countries, you will need to check the requirements from the country you will be traveling from and apply for an MRV if necessary.

You should also keep in mind that family members traveling with you will need to apply individually and will be evaluated on their own merit according to the Bermudan government.

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How much does it cost?

The One Year Residential Certificate requires the payment of $263. processing fee as of December of 2020.

This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances, including the denial of the visa application, and will need to be paid before applying.

If your family members are also applying for this digital nomad visa, they will also be charged the same fee for each application.

As it is likely that the documentation required is already in your possession, and the lack of any other procedures once you arrive in Bermuda, you will not be charged any other fees in addition to the application fee.

However, due to the COVID19 pandemic, travelers will be required to take a COVID-19 PCR test less than 5 days before arriving in the country, which means you may have to pay a fee depending on your country/health provider’s regulations.

people applying for bermuda visa

Timeline for Applying

The application process for the “One Year Residential Certificate” visa is pretty quick, taking a maximum of 10 working days to be processed according to the official information. However, most applications take an average of 5 working days to be completed.

The steps you should take into consideration when applying are:

  1. Check the requirements and make sure you meet them.

  2. Gather the required and supporting documentation.

  3. Fill your online digital nomad visa application form by following the instructions. You can find the application form here.If you are traveling with family members, fill each member’s application using a new form.

  4. Pay the application fee and submit the application form.

  5. Wait up to 10 working days for the application to be processed.

  6. Celebrate if the application is approved and get ready to travel to Bermuda.

  7. Take a PCR COVID19 test less than 5 days before your arrival in Bermuda, you will be required to provide a negative certificate.

  8. Once your visa is about to expire, make sure to reapply if you are planning to stay in the country for a longer period.

You should also keep in mind that you are not required to travel to Bermuda as soon as your application is approved. You are only required to submit your application less than 9 months before the start of your residence in the country.

While the application processing time for the visa is really low and there are no limits on the number of visas that can be issued, you must apply as soon as possible to avoid possible changes in the requirements or travel conditions.

bermuda island skyline

Now that you know what the “One Year Residential Certificate” visa is and how to apply for it, you are ready to do your research on the country to figure out if it is the right choice for you.

If you decide that pink beaches, world-class entertainment and hotels, great nightlife, and breathtaking landscapes are what you are looking for, we wish you the best.

Have a nice trip!


Nadia Dardón is a freelance writer from Guatemala. In early 2022 she embarked as a digital nomad, traveling through Europe, focusing mostly on the literary history of each country. She has worked fully remotely for the past four years as a reader, writer, and content creator with experience creating pieces for different industries. She also has a personal blog where she writes about her cultural and literary travels.