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Remote work has become a popular trend over the years, giving professionals the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. However, working from home can become mundane and unfulfilling. This is where Noma Collective comes in – a community of travelling professionals who seek adventure, meaningful connections, and life-changing experiences.

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What Is Noma Collective?

Noma Collective was an idea born of friends and brought to life on a peninsula in Belize. The success of their first project, Umaya Village, saw over 250 guests visit a beautiful resort, nestled between the lagoon and the ocean.

They worked, played, grew, shared, and became more than just a travel concept; they became a community. Today, they are extending their reach across the globe, with 600+ alumni and multiple exciting locations with endless new experiences. Their goal is to help people make new connections, discover, develop, and explore new ways of being.

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  • You are required to have a remote work job or project you’re working on at the time of travel.

  • We do a vetting interview before accepting people into the program to gauge what they are like and if they would be a good fit for a community living closely and spending a lot of time together.


  • Unique worldwide locations: Each Noma Collective edition is located in a different, breathtaking destination that is carefully curated to offer a unique experience to its members.

  • Comfortable private accommodations: Noma Collective offers comfortable private accommodations that are shared with your community members, ensuring that you have a comfortable and safe living space during your stay.

  • Authentic experiences: Noma Collective offers authentic experiences curated by local Community Managers who know the area and the culture well. These experiences are designed to be life-changing and memorable.

  • Specially curated event schedule: Each edition has a specially curated event schedule with at least one community event a day to choose from. This allows members to socialize, connect, and network with like-minded individuals.

  • Access to a global slack channel: Noma Collective provides access to a global slack channel with 600 Noma alumni and a lifelong travel network, allowing members to connect with other remote workers and build long-lasting professional relationships.

  • Community outreach programs: Noma Collective believes in giving back to the communities they visit. They organize community outreach programs, allowing members to make a positive impact in the local community and leave a lasting impression.

  • Working spaces on-site with high-speed wifi: Noma Collective understands that work is a crucial part of the remote lifestyle, and they provide working spaces on-site with high-speed wifi, ensuring that members can work effectively and efficiently.

  • Skill-sharing workshops: Noma Collective offers skill-sharing workshops, allowing members to learn new skills and grow professionally.

  • Pre-loaded local data sims: Noma Collective offers pre-loaded local data sims, making it easy for members to stay connected and access the internet while on the go.

  • Diverse and inclusive community: Noma Collective welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and professions. This creates a diverse and inclusive community that fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth.

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How Does Noma Collective Work?

To join Noma Collective, customers book an interview call with a specialist advisor. If accepted, they receive onboarding information packs and access to the community’s Slack space. Before arrival, they have a virtual meet & greet session with their group and Community Managers.

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Once on-site, customers settle into their private accommodation and designated work spaces. During their stay, they enjoy 3+ weeks of community events, nights out, and local excursions outside of work hours. By the end of the Edition, customers leave with new friends, memories, and a remote work travel network, as well as many other Noma Editions to choose from.

Who Can Qualify for Noma Collective?

Noma Collective is open to anyone who works remotely and is looking for a community of like-minded professionals who share a passion for travel, adventure, and personal and professional growth.

There is no specific skillset or experience required, but members are expected to embrace the core values of the community and be open to new experiences and perspectives. Noma Collective welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and professions, with a focus on diversity, inclusivity, and community building.

How Much Does Noma Collective Cost?

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The cost of Noma Collective varies depending on the location, duration of the stay, and the level of accommodation. However the cost for a three to four-week stay in a Noma Collective Edition can range from $1,950 to $2,500.

What Is Included?

  • Comfortable private accommodations shared with your community.

  • Airport shuttles to the locations.

  • Unique worldwide destinations.

  • Authentic experiences curated by local Community Managers.

  • A specially curated event schedule with at least one community event a day to choose from.

  • Access to our global slack channel with 600 Noma alumni and a lifelong travel network.

  • Community outreach programs.

  • Working spaces on-site with high-speed wifi.

  • Skill sharing and workshops.

  • Pre-loaded local data sims.

  • Onboarding location information packs.

  • Virtual meet & greet session before arrival.

  • Designated work spaces.

  • 3+ weeks of community events, nights out, and local excursions outside of work hours.

How Do I Apply?

  • Visit the Noma Collective website.

  • Click on the “Apply Now” button.

  • Fill out the application form with your personal details, work experience, and answer a few questions about your remote work.

  • Submit your application.

  • You can then book a call with the Noma team.

  • If accepted into the program, you will receive onboarding information packs and access to the Noma Collective slack space.

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FAQs About Noma Collective

What is included in a Noma Collective edition?

A Noma Collective edition includes comfortable private accommodations, access to working spaces with high-speed WiFi, curated authentic experiences, a specially curated event schedule, access to a global Slack channel, community outreach programs, skill-sharing workshops, and pre-loaded local data sims.

Who can join Noma Collective?

Anyone with a remote working job, that aligns with our values :) 

How much does Noma Collective cost?

Average from $1750 to $2800 depending on the room type, for a 3 or 4 week trip. 

How long is a Noma Collective edition?

3 to 4 weeks per edition.

What are the accommodations like?

All accommodations are private bedrooms, usually with en-suite bathrooms, desk areas in rooms. Each Edition varies from type of property. We have had shared houses, Boutique hotels, large resorts. All with communal areas and of course, all guests are coliving in the same location.

How do I apply for Noma Collective?

You click the ‘get started’ button on our website, which allows you to book a sales and interview call. Once accepted you will be onboarded to the community. 

What is the Noma Collective community like?

The Noma Collective community is made up of like-minded individuals who are passionate about remote work, travel, and creating meaningful connections. The community is diverse and inclusive, and members often form lifelong friendships.

What kind of events and experiences are included in Noma Collective?

Noma Collective editions include a specially curated event schedule with at least one community event per day. The events and experiences are designed to immerse community members in the local culture and create meaningful connections with other members. Examples of events include cultural tours, cooking classes, and outdoor adventures. It also wouldn’t be a Noma Edition if we didn't have some parties, live music events or shows.


Nadia Dardón is a freelance writer from Guatemala. In early 2022 she embarked as a digital nomad, traveling through Europe, focusing mostly on the literary history of each country. She has worked fully remotely for the past four years as a reader, writer, and content creator with experience creating pieces for different industries. She also has a personal blog where she writes about her cultural and literary travels.