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PassportCard Nomads — A Health Insurance For Digital Nomads

Opportunities keep arising, and a new era has opened the world to remote workers. As long as digital nomads have a compatible device and a secure Internet connection, they can bring their job anywhere on earth. While this is fantastic for people who love traveling, a few concerns are associated with “digital nomadism.”

Most significantly, digital nomads have to worry about health coverage wherever they travel. How can digital nomads ensure they’ll get proper medical treatment while on the road?

PassportCard Nomads provides a simple solution for every digital nomad’s health insurance concerns. This innovative insurance platform promises to help digital nomads cover their medical expenses wherever life takes them. With the PassportCard Nomads app and the red prepaid Visa debit card, you can enjoy quality doctor coverage worldwide. Sounds like freedom? It is.

Who Are PassportCard Nomads?

PassportCard Nomads is an award-winning health insurance program for digital nomads, and they have focused on creating innovative & effective global insurance solutions.

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Anyone who signs up for PassportCard Nomads will receive a red Visa prepaid debit card that connects with the PassportCard Nomads app. When a medical emergency arises and members need to pay their doctor’s bill, they quickly load their Visa card with funds from PassportCard Nomads to cover their medical coverage. Instead of submitting complex claims in the mail, PassportCard Nomads takes care of payments via its Visa card system immediately.

Over 2 million digital nomads in 150 countries trust PassportCard Nomads with their health insurance needs. PassportCard Nomads has also won multiple awards for its service, including the Mansfield Award for “Overall Excellence in Claims.”

Global Nomads Insurance

PassportCard Nomads offers different insurance plans to help digital nomads customize their coverage. However, no matter what insurance package a customer chooses, they will always pay medical bills with the prepaid Visa debit card.

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What Is the Starter Plan?

PassportCard Nomads offers a Starter plan with a $500,000 policy. It covers medical emergency care and is recommended for people who don’t plan to travel for more than six months. People who choose a Starter plan don’t have to worry about deductibles and can cancel their plan anytime. They can also extend the plan or upgrade to the Remote plan if they decide to stay abroad longer. So, you can sign up, extend and cancel all the plans – anywhere, anytime.

Although Starter insurance covers emergency care, it doesn’t include elective treatment. However, anyone with Starter coverage could opt for travel insurance for laptop, luggage, and camera theft. PassportCard Nomads also offers optional coverage for extreme sports accidents.

What is the Remote Plan?

The Remote insurance plan includes everything in Starter coverage, but it also grants clients non-urgent elective medical treatments. People with a Remote plan also enjoy coverage for specialist consultations and $1 million per policy period.

Remote insurance coverage is better suited for digital nomads who plan to be away from their home country for over six months.

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How to use PassportCard Nomads

PassportCard Nomads wants to make paying for medical expenses as seamless as imaginable. To do this, PassportCard Nomads developed its red Visa debit card that links with each member’s app.

Whenever members need to pay for medical emergencies or other payments covered by their policy, they select the service they need on their app and load their prepaid Visa card. There’s no need to fill out paperwork for medical claims. PassportCard Nomads sends the money onto the red card so users can instantly pay for medical services.

Besides paying for medical assistance, the PassportCard Nomads app also helps digital nomads connect with local doctors. If users don’t know good physicians in their area, PassportCard Nomads’ multilingual staff can help direct them to the closest medical provider. The best part? You choose your own medical provider, and you are not restricted to the PassportCard Nomads network.

Contact Customer Support

PassportCard Nomads offers digital nomads multiple ways to connect with its customer care division. First, anyone could use the PassportCard Nomads app to chat with a team member. PassportCard Nomads also has a WhatsApp at +49 177 178 1505 and a phone service line at +49 404 689 86375.

For dire situations, PassportCard Nomads asks customers to tap the bright “Emergency” button. The PassportCard Nomads team is on 24/7 standby and promises to respond to extreme cases in a few seconds.

Including COVID-19 Cover

No matter where digital nomads travel, they must be extra cautious of pandemics like COVID-19. To better assist policyholders, PassportCard Nomads provides medical coverage for COVID-19 inpatient treatment costs. PassportCard Nomads also covers testing procedures if patients have noticeable symptoms or were in contact with a COVID-19-positive patient.

Additional Coverage Options

As mentioned above, PassportCard Nomads offers optional travel insurance add-ons for people with a Starter or Remote plan. First, customers could include protection for lost or stolen luggage up to $6,000. PassportCard Nomads also provides theft protection for laptops and cameras up to $750 each.

For extreme sports fans, PassportCard Nomads has optional medical coverage for injuries related to many high-adrenaline activities. A few popular sports included in this plan include scuba diving, skiing, and surfing.

How to Sign Up for PassportCard Nomads

Visit, and click on the “Get Insured” button in the top right-hand corner to sign up. On the succeeding pages, customers fill in info about what coverage they want and where they’re traveling to figure out the ideal plan for them.

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What do the Members Say About PassportCard Nomads?

With 2 million members spread out around 150 countries, PassportCard Nomads has many positive ratings for its service. For instance, customer Baptiste Antonelli recently praised PassportCard Nomads for its speedy service and ease of use when he went to a Kuta Lombok hospital.

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As Baptiste put it, “I would rate 9/10 the service and the speed of the answers.” Baptiste also said it was “easier” to use “the red card” compared with a standard “deposit or letter of guarantee.” Lastly, Baptiste said he would “continue using your service in the future as I was delighted overall.”

Do you have any questions?

Health insurance for digital nomads is a relatively new concept, so chances are you still have a few questions about how services like PassportCard Nomads work.

For more detailed info on these and other questions, we recommend contacting PassportCard Nomads’ staff. On this link, you can visit PassportCard Nomads’ support page or call a team member at +49 404 689 86375.