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Insured Nomads for Digital Nomads

Insured Nomads for Digital Nomads

The digital nomad lifestyle is rising in popularity as opportunities for remote work become more accessible. Being able to base yourself in Mexico for 6 months, while still working and making a living is a no-brainer. But it does require some strategic planning.

If you’re going to be living abroad for extended periods of time, you need to invest in an insurance plan that will cover you if things go haywire. Healthcare insurance is incredibly important incase you have an accident, or get sick and require additional care. While you may not bother with healthcare insurance on a one week holiday, you don’t want to overlook it if you’ll be living somewhere longer term.

Thankfully, there are insurance companies who are aware of this digital nomad boom who now offer insurance coverage tailored to nomads. One of these is Insured Nomads.

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Who Are Insured Nomads?

Insured Nomads, or INC for short, is a company that offers travel insurance options with digital nomads in mind. The founders are nomads themselves and have lived on five different continents. They understand the range of insurance coverage needed for people working on the road, and built Insured Nomads to address that.

As an evolution of insurance for the working traveler, the company offers two options: Travel Insurance and Global Health Insurance. This includes total medical insurance which covers hospital bills, telemedicine consultations, flight delays, airport lounge access, and even COVID-19 related emergencies.

As an INC member you receive access to exclusive services and perks ranging from adventure and marine sports coverage to critical medical support. No matter where you are, you’ll have a solution for just about every situation you could encounter during your travels.

While Insured Nomads offers coverage in most countries, they do not currently cover stays in Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, or the Crimea region. Additionally, they do not provide COVID-19 coverage in any country where the US Department of States has a Do Not Travel (Level 4) designation.

Check out the valuable products that Insured Nomads provides below.

Travel Insurance

Insured Nomads offer two comprehensive travel insurance plans, The World Explorer and The World Explorer Multi. The World Explorer plan is best for digital nomads who are planning to stay in a single country, between 1 and 365 days. The World Explorer Multi is tailored towards those who will take multiple short-stay trips, and will return to their home country between each one.

These plans cover you and your family for emergencies that might occur at any point during your trip including both medical and non-medical situations. The policies are available to purchase for yourself, as a couple, a family, or a group of individuals. Also, there are optional extras for adventure sports and additional marine sports.

With The World Explorer plans, you’ll receive the following benefits:

-Medical & Personal Accident Insurance with emergency medical expense coverage, plus evacuation and repatriation coverage.

-Insurance coverage of up to $2,000,000 including 24-hour emergency medical care, COVID-19 cover, acute onset of a pre-existing condition, emergency dental treatment and accidental death.

Here are the levels of coverage:

  • Ages from 14 days to 17 is $1,250

  • 18-69 $25,000

  • 70-74 $12,500

  • From 75 years old is $5,000.

  • Personal belongings and equipment are covered from $500 to $1000, based on the plan.

Other benefits include cell phone coverage, flight delay, lost luggage, local ambulance transport, natural disaster accommodations and adventure/marine sports coverage.

Global Health Insurance

Global Health Insurance is for those who work abroad and plan to stay outside their home country for over a year. Digital nomads can also continue to renew this plan each year.

Similar to their travel insurance plans, Global Health Insurance, also known as International Health Insurance or IPMI (international private medical insurance), will cover you for emergencies as well as routine, preventative, and chronic care in the country you are visiting.

There are two coverage plans to choose from: Preferred Global Health and Preferred Plus Global Health.

In addition to the benefit offered in the World Explorer plans, the Global Health Insurance gives you the following, more comprehensive medical coverage:

The coverage includes all following services in the countries selected in your 1-year stay:

  • Hospital Stay

  • Surgery and Related Care

  • Oncology

  • Organ Transplant

  • Physician consultations

  • ER or Urgent Care

  • Diagnostic tests

  • Alternative and Complementary treatments

  • Mental Health

  • Other benefits such as ambulance transportation, vaccinations, preventative screenings, prescription drugs, maternity, or vision care.

COVID-19 Coverage

As previously noted, COVID-19 is treated as any other illness under Insured Nomads’ policy. However, there’s a little difference between Travel Insurance and Global Health Insurance options.

With Global Health Insurance, there are no exclusions for pandemics or COVID-19. And the policy is not affected by any other travel advisories connected to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the travel insurance plans operate slightly different. The policies still provide COVID-19 coverage in countries that are Level 3 or lower, as deemed by the US Department of State.

Its policy is still valid for all non-COVID-related claims if the country you are in is Level 4. Both Global Health Insurance and Travel Insurance do not cover Covid-19 tests and vaccinations.

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The INC Membership

Beyond just the insurance coverage that you’ll receive when you purchase an Insured Nomads plan, you’ll also get a 12-month INC Membership.

The the benefits of the INC Membership include:

  • Wellbeing and mental health counseling 24/7 in your preferred language.

  • Telemedicine with international access.

  • Emergency evacuation for as natural disaster, political, or conflict situations.

  • Up-to-date alerts about safety, security, travel, and medications, plus visa and vaccine requirement updates.

  • Airport lounge access for delayed flights as well as cybersecurity tools and VPN.

  • Traveler tracking, push notifications, dashboard, integrations, and customizations.

In addition, you can chat, find, and meet up with other members within the INC community or access exclusive offerings from businesses around the world.

How Much Does Insured Nomads Cost?

The cost of an Insured Nomads plan depends on the coverage you need, the plan your select and if you require any add-ons.

Some of the primary factors that influence your travel insurance costs are your age, the number of travelers on your plan, and type of coverage you select.

On the basic World Explorer plan your coverage can cost you from $28.70USD per month as a single to $145.60USD per month for a family.

If you require the World Explorer Multi plan (for multiple trips) it could cost you anywhere from $350USD per individual or $525USD per family with a maximum of 30 days per trip.

The cost for the Global Health Insurance plans will vary based on factors that are specific to each customer.

Get a quote for your Insured Nomads insurance plan here.

How to Apply for Digital Nomad Insurance with Insured Nomads?

The online application process for Insured Nomads is very straightforward. Just head over to the Insured Nomad website, choose the insurance option that is suitable for you, fill out your details, and submit.

Once your application is submitted, it will take an average of two working days for the company to review it. If there’s more required data, they will contact you for that information.

If your application it’s accepted, you will receive a payment link to complete the purchase. Insured Nomads accepts all major credit cards and will also accept debit card payments for Global Health Insurance plans.

After your payment goes through, you will receive an electronic ID and Payment Card within 24 hours along with a welcome email including non-policy benefits of the INC membership.

You can apply for Insured Nomads coverage here. 

Insured Nomads Offers Comprehensive Coverage for Digital Nomad

Compared to competitors in the market, the insurance plans from Insured Nomads are a bit pricy. That said, their coverage is more comprehensive than many other competitors. Not only is Insured Nomad great for nomads, but it’s also great for anyone who likes to take more frequent, long-term trips.

Investing in a digital nomad insurance plan from Insured Nomads will give you peace of mind so you can focus on work, enjoying your travel experiences and soak in the culture of each place you visit.

Get started with Insured Nomads here.