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Genki Travel Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

The life of a digital nomad is full of excitement, and you are often more active than the average person working in an office. For example, you might rent a motorbike in Bali, go to a beach yoga class, travel on a train through Europe, and so much more. When you live with a lot of excitement, accidents can happen, and being away from home, those accidents can cost you a lot.

If you enjoy traveling while working and choose a digital nomad’s exciting life, you should ensure you are safe while on the road. Choose the insurance company that works best for your style of travel and budget, like Genki Insurance, which offers monthly subscriptions and fantastic customer service. Continue reading this Genki health insurance review to find out more:

Who is Genki Travel Health Insurance?

Genki is a company created for regular travelers like digital nomads and backpackers. They offer coverage for a monthly subscription that can be canceled anytime, ranging from one month to two years.

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Genki comes from the Japanese language and means energetic, healthy, and full of spirit. This is how Genki sees its clients and what they use as guidance for their insurance policies.

This insurance company’s goal is to sit back and relax with your monthly subscription and not think about what policy is best for you. They combined everything a world traveler can need in the insurance policy and allow customization of their plans. They believe every traveler should enjoy their trip and live spontaneously while fully covered.

What Kind of Insurance does Genki Offer?

If you are looking for an insurance company that offers worldwide coverage, you are in the right place with Genki. This international insurance policy is specifically dedicated to digital nomads and their lifestyles.

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There are no limits on their benefits, with only a few exceptions. You can choose your doctors and get help 24/7, wherever you are. Genki insurance best suits those who love exploring and are frequently on the road but want to put their health first.

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Genki World Explorer Travel Health Insurance Benefits

One main thing that sets Genki apart from other companies is that they offer coverage worldwide. No matter where you come from or where you are going, your health and wellness will be taken care of.

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Here are some of the benefits of Genki health insurance you will love:

  • It is easy to sign up and cancel; everything can be done online in a few minutes.

  • You can cancel anytime, and there are no penalties for canceling before your term ends.

  • Available worldwide to everyone, no matter the country they are from.

  • Reimbursement for medical services with virtually no cost restrictions. Any hospital will receive direct billing.

  • You can choose your healthcare provider.

  • Medical rescue and transport are available 24/7.

Notable differences between Genki World Explorer and other Insurances

Digital nomads often find it challenging to choose the right insurance provider because there are so many limitations to every policy out there, starting with the countries you visit. Genki is different from other insurance providers because you don’t have to provide your travel plans in advance, and you can be spontaneous, knowing that you are covered everywhere you go.

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Most insurance companies offer a limited time frame for your insurance policy, while Genki offers up to two years of subscription, which can be canceled anytime. Also, while other insurance policies exclude all of your pre-existing conditions, Genki only excludes pre-existing conditions you have been treated for in the last six months.

While many insurance companies exclude sports from their policies, Genki supports all conventional sports and eight extreme sports. They also cover COVID, offer 24/7 help, direct hospital billing, and much more.

As a digital nomad, this is the insurance you have been asking for. From having access to healthcare, to travel accidents, everything is pretty much covered in this one policy, and the flexibility is worth taking advantage of.

What’s Covered by Genki World Explorer?

With Genki insurance, you get complete coverage of hospital visits, sports injuries, accidents, and more. There is almost no cost limit, and you will feel confident to travel extensively.

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Medical Treatments

Genki provides treatment at any medical facility that has been approved locally. This covers outpatient and inpatient visits, which need an overnight stay. Only dental and dental health treatments have certain limitations.

You have unlimited coverage for COVID-19 treatment costs, but quarantines are not covered because they are not medically essential.

If you need transport to the hospital or your home country, that is covered too. They also cover hospital visits, pregnancy, sports injuries, and medications. Reparation in case of death is covered as well. The remains can be brought to the home country or buried abroad.

Assistance and Direct Billing

With Genki, you have an available 24/7 emergency helpline. Their customer support assures top-quality care by monitoring your treatment. Direct payments are organized and guaranteed to your facility.

What is NOT Covered in the Genki World Explorer Plan?

The coverage has a few exceptions, like alcohol, extreme sports, or certain pre-existing conditions. Therefore, you should consider this list when choosing your insurance.

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Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition that you treated in the last six months, these are not insured by Genki. However, everything that has happened before is insured, which greatly differs from other companies.

Dangerous Activities

This policy does not cover dangerous activities and extreme sports like free climbing or car racing.

Here is the list of eight activities that are not covered so you have it in mind:

  • Bungee jumping.

  • Base jumping.

  • Motorcycle and car racing.

  • Parachuting.

  • Paragliding.

  • Free climbing.

  • Diving.

  • Mountaineering where specialized equipment is needed.

Also, keep in mind that accidents caused by alcohol or drugs are not covered by this policy, as well as anything not-medical related, which doctors decide upon.

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Genki Travel Health Insurance Coverage Restrictions

There are a few things that are not covered by Genki’s health insurance policy. These are related to deductions, pre-existing conditions, and your home country insurance. You should know that for the first 14 days of the start of your insurance, the cover is limited to life-threatening emergencies and accidents.

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Coverage in your home country is only available for accidents and severe life-threatening situations and is only valid for six weeks every 180 days. You will be insured if you leave your native country at least once after getting covered.

Also, the insurance only covers acute and unforeseen worsening in the mother or child’s health for pregnancies that have already begun before the policy’s start date.

When it comes to deductions, you have two options to choose from. The first one is that everything will be paid in full. The second includes deductions like €50 for each hospital visit or €250, which will be subtracted from any non-medically essential services received in American emergency rooms.

How Much Does Genki Travel Health Insurance for Digital Nomads Cost?

Genki offers a customizable plan which starts at €35.70 monthly for those aged 18 – 29 and €54.60 monthly for those who are 30 to 49 years of age. The cost depends on your age, the area of coverage, and the deductible you select. Also, you can have up to two years of price guarantee when you choose your plan.

Should You Choose Genki Travel Health Insurance for Digital Nomads?

Digital nomad insurance can often be split into two separate insurances, travel and health. Genki insurance gives you coverage in both aspects of life and at a great monthly cost.

The best part about this insurance policy is that Genki provides excellent customer service and a fast response time for your claims. At the same time, you are insured with the policy of the world-leading company Allianz. To sign up or to simply browse rates, find their site here.

FAQs About Genki Travel Health Insurance

This Genki insurance review answers some of the most common questions digital nomads have when choosing their insurance provider.

What Countries Will Genki Travel Health Insurance Cover Me?

When you choose Genki health insurance, you have two options, one is worldwide coverage, and the other one is worldwide coverage excluding USA and Canada. With the first one, you may have some limitations in your home country where you already have insurance. With the second one, you are limited to 6 weeks per every 180 days of coverage in the USA and Canada.

What Are My Obligations Under Genki Travel Health Insurance?

You can file a claim quickly and resolve it as soon as possible. It is best not to wait for filing but rather to do it as soon as the incident occurs. Make sure to provide your prior health insurance documentation.

Your doctor may need to be released from the doctor-patient privilege. This makes it possible to compile the data required to assess your claim.

When and How Do I Pay for Genki Health Insurance?

Genki insurance offers monthly subscriptions, which means you will be charged monthly. For the first month, you are paying when you subscribe. Then, subsequent monthly fees will start one month after your cover begins.

Unless you change your policy, the cost will not change over time. You can use any credit or debit card to pay, and the company uses Stripe to process payments.

When Does the Genki Insurance Cover Start and End?

Genki health insurance starts whenever you choose. You can select the date you are supposed to travel or start the next day of the purchase. The policy will end two years after it starts unless you cancel it.

How Can I Cancel the Genki Insurance Contract?

You can cancel your subscription before the end of the current billing cycle. However, within the first 14 days of your purchase, you have the right to cancel the contract and receive a refund.

If you finish your contract early, you may terminate your membership, and the time left on your policy will remain, so you are still insured until the policy expires.

Who Is Involved in Genki Travel Health Insurance for Digital Nomads?

Genki insurance is partnering with trustworthy companies to provide its customers with the best digital nomad insurance. Genki works with Allianz Partners as a risk carrier and Dr. Walter for insurance claims and handling. Genki is in charge of product development and customer service.