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G1G Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

G1G Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads enjoy a lifestyle that is exciting and spontaneous. The location independence helps to constantly feeding their wanderlust. However, this lifestyle comes with its own unique challenges and risks.

While the digital nomad life is full of sunny beaches and cool, dramatic landscapes, it also requires careful planning. We see a lot of digital nomads sharing their jetsetting lives through social media, and get excited about doing the same. But what we don’t see is the organization, budgeting and planning that goes into the digital nomad journey.

What happens if you fall ill unexpectedly? Or if you’re injured during your trip? The health care and insurance you normally have at home may not help you when you’re abroad. Some countries, like Taiwan, have an accessible health care system available to digital nomads. But that is not the case for every country. This is why being insured is beyond important when starting your life as a digital nomad.

On the bright side, since the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more popular each day, there are many insurance companies offering special services and options for remote workers. G1G is one of them and they have some amazing packages for all types of travelers.

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Who are G1G Travel Insurance?

G1G is a family-run business. Their mission to make travel safer and easier has been passed on through many generations of the Jeewanjee family. It all started when the founder, Zain Jeewanjee, suffered a terrible loss and was faced firsthand with overwhelming debt in health care in another country. After such a terrible experience, Zain was determined to create a company that served customers first, and so G1G Travel Insurance was born in 1985. Zain vowed to push forward the travel industry and soothe the burden on global travelers. They offer quality travel safety and protection services that people can rely on.

G1G describes itself as a trusted one-stop-shop for all travel insurance needs. This means they help you pick the right plan, find hospitals or doctors in the area, or file claims. They support travelers through every step so they can travel worry-free.

They know every journey is unique, so G1G is constantly improving and exploring new ways to connect to its diverse customer base. They help world travelers, immigrants, international students, expats, and more, creating custom-tailored plans for their specific travel needs.

Here are some of the digital nomad insurance plans that they offer:

Travel Medical Insurance

This is the standard travel insurance plan that G1G has to offer. It covers medical expenses and material/physical losses incurred while traveling.

These plans guarantee that any medical costs while abroad will be taken care of. They also come with additional features such as emergency medical evacuation, 24/7 assistance, and an international provider directory to locate proper medical care whenever you care.

They have different policies for each plan, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. Their highest-rated plan lets you visit any doctor or hospital you want and covers any minor ailments like cold, flu, food poisoning, etc. Routine procedures for pre-existing conditions are not covered, but if you suffer a medical emergency resulting from a pre-existing condition, your expenses will be covered in accordance with the details of your plan.

Expatriate Health Insurance

This health insurance is perfect for expats. The international plans were designed for global citizens and foreign nationals of all ages (including students, seniors, and retirees) residing abroad for a prolonged period of time.

The best thing about this insurance is that it has a quick approval process. It has next-day approval, so you can be covered 48-hours from the submission of your application.

These plans are fully-customizable, so you can choose the one that has the most benefits to your own unique experience.

Read more about it here!

Frequent Traveler Insurance

With this plan, you’re insured for every single trip you make, no matter what. This includes if your trip is interrupted, acute onset or pre-existing conditions, political evacuations, emergency medical evacuation, natural disaster benefits, and more!

This is a one-time purchase, custom-tailored to your exact travel needs, so you don’t have to worry about traveling without coverage. This plan follows you wherever you travel outside the country, as long as each trip lasts no more than 30 or 45 days.

Find out more about this plan here.

Schengen Visa Insurance

When applying for a Schengen visa, it is mandatory to have insurance. G1G makes the whole process easier for you. They let you compare the highest-rated Schengen travel insurance policies and select the option that best works for you.

Once you buy a plan, you can instantly download proof of coverage and a pre-written visa letter so you can submit it with your embassy application.

Read more about this option here.

Travel Protection

G1G offers travel protection plans that cover unexpected things that come up quite frequently for digital nomads. You might lose your luggage, or need to cancel a trip due to bad weather or a personal injury. G1G will cover the costs of canceled trips such as flights, rental car costs and event tickets.. It will also cover you in the case of trip delays.

Read more about their travel protection here.

What’s covered in G1G Expatriate Health Insurance?

The G1G expatriate health insurance allows you to choose a provider. If you’re inside the US, you can search for a provider within their PPO network directory. If you’re outside the US, all providers are considered in-network.

They offer three Expatriate Health Insurance Plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • All prescriptions administered in the hospital are covered in full under the Inpatient section, for all three plans. Fertility drugs and birth control are excluded.

  • All three plans include a maximum of 90 accumulative days in your home-country-care per year, except in the US. For US citizens, there is an additional charge to add 90 days of US home-country-care option.

  • All three plans offer global coverage, and the benefits can be used for a whole year in all countries, except for your home country. Home-country-care is limited to 90 days.

  • The Inpatient section of all plans include emergency vision and dental care. Routine vision and dental care are only covered if the Vision & Dental option is selected in the plan you choose.

  • When it comes to preventative care and routine services, these are covered fully in all plans, but only if you select the Health & Well-being option.

You can compare the different plans and get a quote here!

What’s covered by G1G Frequent Traveler Coverage?

The Frequent Traveler is perfect for those who find themselves traveling constantly. Either for business or pleasure. G1G gives you a single policy to cover all of your trips. These plans offer the same comprehensive protection as any other plans they offer, and they can be customized to your travel needs.

You can purchase a plan for a period of 364 days. There is no limit to the number of travels you make within that span, but each trip can’t exceed 30 days.

These plans cover every single trip, and include all of this:

  • Trip interruption

  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions

  • Political evacuation

  • Terrorism coverage

  • Moderate adventure sports

  • Crisis response

  • Emergency medical evacuation

  • Emergency reunion

  • Hospitalization and outpatient treatment

  • Natural disaster benefit

  • AD&D coverage

Read more about these plans and get a quote on this website.

What is covered by G1G Travel Protection?

G1G insurance for digital nomads has two categories of travel policies: Travel Medical Policies and Travel Protection Policies.

Travel Medical Policies has coverage against many medical emergencies that you might encounter during your trip. Travel Protection Policies also safeguard your health, and it also offers assistance in the event your trip is canceled or delayed.

It protects you in the event of illness, inclement weather, flight or cruise cancellation, or other drawbacks that interrupt your trip.

These plans also cover the following:

  • Surgical treatment

  • Hospital room and board

  • Intensive care unit

  • Physicians unit

  • Trip cancellation

  • Trip interruption

  • Emergency medical treatment

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation

  • Hurricane and weather

  • Terrorism coverage

  • Financial default coverage

  • Travel delay

  • Baggage delay

  • Baggage coverage

  • Missed connections

  • Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)

  • 24/7 worldwide assistance

To get a quote, visit this website.

What’s covered in G1G Schengen Visa Coverage?

If you’re applying for a Schengen Visa so you can go to countries like Hungary, Norway, Spain or Portugal then you must have insurance. G1G makes this process easier for you.

You can compare the highest-rated plans and choose one that best fits you. The plans cover the following:

  • Medical evacuation

  • Emergency reunion

  • Repatriation of remains

  • Trip interruption

  • Surgical treatment

  • Hospital room and board

  • Intensive care unit

  • Prescription drugs

  • Physical therapy

  • Dental Pal / Accident

  • Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)

  • Travel baggage

  • Terrorism

  • Return of minor children

  • Non-surgical physicians visit

The moment you purchase your plan, you can download proof of coverage instantly. You’ll also get a pre-written visa letter so you can submit them with your embassy application. Plus, if your visa is denied, you have a free cancellation guarantee.

Get a quote here.

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What is NOT covered by G1G Travel Insurance for digital nomads?

G1G sounds amazing. They have a variety of plans that can work for all kinds of situations, and they have great coverage!.

But there are things their travel insurance doesn’t cover. Here is a list of the things that are not available under their coverage:

  • Suicide or self-inflicted injuries

  • Immunizations

  • Routine physical examinations

  • Childbirth

  • Intoxicated

  • Illegal activity

  • Elective treatment

  • A mental or nervous condition

  • Piloting an aircraft

  • Professional or contact sports

  • Base jumping

  • Bungee jumping

  • Off-road motorized vehicles

  • Auto racing

  • Mountaineering

  • Animal racing

  • Spelunking

  • Underwater diving (below 32 ft.)

  • Big game hunting

  • Endurance racing

You can see all listed ‘exclusions’ located in the policy details when you’re getting a quote.

How much does G1G travel insurance cost?

G1G offers flexible and customizable plans. Costs vary depending on what you’re looking for, and what plan you choose. Factors like duration, destination, method of travel, and more will affect the final price.

The best way to figure out how much it will cost you is to get a quote based on your specific needs. Figure out what kind of insurance for digital nomads that you want, and the specific travel details to get an accurate quote.

You can plug all your travel details into this website to get a quote!

Should you choose G1G insurance for digital nomads?

Overall, G1G insurance is a great insurance for digital nomads looking for specific coverage details. Their biggest advantage is how customizable their plans are. They have many options for you to choose from. They’re flexible and give you the opportunity to choose based on what you need.