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What is Tulsa Remote Program?

The Digital Nomad and remote working lifestyle are usually associated with imagery of paradisiac beaches, green mountains, or blue lakes, but traveling to medium cities to work remotely has become increasingly attractive in recent years, especially with cities making an effort to attract remote workers.

Tulsa is one of such cities, as it has created a program aimed to benefit remote workers who decide to move to the city through its Tulsa Remote program.

The “Oil Capital of the World”, as it is known, has been going through a journey of self-improvement in recent years that has made it a place with much more to offer than oil: a vibrant and modern city.

Tulsa is a city with a population small enough to foster an incredible sense of community but big enough to boast about its cultural, sports, and gastronomical scene, as well as its nightlife, family-friendly parks, and multiple attractions

If you are looking for a place that strikes the perfect balance between bustling metropolis and calm city, Tulsa might be the perfect place for you.

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How does Tulsa Remote work?

Remote working is taking the world by storm as more companies and employees realize the potential of telecommuting to improve the quality of life of employees and adding value to the work they do for the company.

If you are a talented professional living outside of Oklahoma looking to work remotely (or already doing so) while taking a break from your routine, meeting new people, and traveling to a new place, you can apply to the Tulsa Remote program to win a $10.000 grant to help you move to the city and working from it for a year.

The program does not have any limitation in terms of your professional area, age as long as you are over 18, race religion, family status, or any other aspect, as diversity is treasured by the organization funding the program.

Tulsa remote was launched back in November of 2018 and funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and supported by local community organizations as well as the local government to ensure participants can engage with the community and fully enjoy their experience.

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The program will not only facilitate the transition when it comes to money, but it will provide you with the right tools to integrate with the local community and make the best out of your experience in the city.

By taking the program, you will not be only taking advantage of the opportunity to work remotely from a new and exciting city, but will also be developing yourself professionally and connecting with participating organizations, local non-profits, and entrepreneurs.

Who can qualify?

Are you a talented individual currently working remotely or considering the possibility to do so? If so, you might be able to apply to the program and move to a vibrant city that will not only allow you to change the scenery but also to grow personally and professionally.

To be selected, you should be someone who will be a positive element in the community, eager to engage with the community, and being open to new ideas and challenges.

To qualify for the program you should currently reside outside of Oklahoma and be legally able to work in the United States, as well as be self-employed or employed full time by a company outside Oklahoma.

What are the incentives?

The team behind Tulsa Remote understands that moving to a new city is not always an easy task as there are factors that might make you think twice. This is why the program has multiple incentives to help you before, during, and after the program.

Those who are selected to participate will receive a $10.000 incentive in installments, which will be paid as follows:

Upon relocation within the city’s borders $2.500

12 monthly payments of $500 each

After living within the city’s borders for the duration of the program $1500

If you are selected, you will not only receive this financial incentive but also be assigned a free desk and membership to one of the selected coworking spaces in the city, strategically located within the city and close to the recommended housing options.

You will also gain access to exclusive perks and events aimed to help you integrate with the local community, learning about the city, and making the best out of your time in Tulsa.

There are also events explicitly organized to help you network and collaborate with other entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs, while also connecting you with local non-profit organizations and individuals working to improve the city one step at a time.

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The team will also help you to identify housing opportunities that fit your expectations and needs, facilitating the move to the city and ensuring the quality of your new home.

What are the requirements?

The requirements to apply to the program are simple and chances are you already fulfill them if you are considering this option:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

  • You should be a citizen or legal resident of the United States living outside of Oklahoma and able to provide proof of residency.

  • You should be self-employed or work full-time for a company outside Oklahoma that allows you to work remotely. You will be required to provide proof of employment.

  • You should be able to move to Tulsa within the 2021 calendar year for a 12-month period.

  • If accepted, you will have to live within Tulsa city limits as surrounding areas are not valid for the program.

If you fulfill these requirements and match the profile the program is looking for, make sure to apply as Tulsa might just be your next destination.

How long does it last?

The Tulsa Remote program has a duration of 12-months from the time you move to the city but is not uncommon for some participants to extend their stay in the city for some months and even decide to stay indefinitely after experiencing it through the program.

Unfortunately, in such cases, the program will not continue providing you with any of the benefits as they were designed to assist you with the transition, but the most likely scenario is that you are already settled way before the end of the program.

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How do I apply?

The Tulsa Remote application process is as easy as it gets. You can start the process by filling the online application form you can find here.

The form will require you to provide basic contact and private information which will be used by the program officials to select those who will move forward with the process.

If you make it through this first step, you will be contacted via email by Tulsa Remote officials to be interviewed via a video call, with possible follow-up interviews.

In some cases, individual Assessments conducted by a third party may be a part of the process. These assessments will be optional and more information will be given to you if required.

During the application process, you will also be required to provide proof of residency, income, and employment.

If you are selected by the program officials, you will be given more information and supported for the duration of the program, which will start based on the ideal time you indicated in the program application.

Now that you know what the program is all about, the requirements, and how the application process works, it’s time for you to decide if Tulsa and the program are the right fit for you!

Enjoy Tulsa!


Nadia Dardón is a freelance writer from Guatemala. In early 2022 she embarked as a digital nomad, traveling through Europe, focusing mostly on the literary history of each country. She has worked fully remotely for the past four years as a reader, writer, and content creator with experience creating pieces for different industries. She also has a personal blog where she writes about her cultural and literary travels.