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Move to Michigan, Remote Work Program

Digital nomads exist worldwide, meaning you can also travel in your own country and call yourself a digital nomad. With so many remote opportunities arising, it is no surprise that the USA is starting different domestic programs for workers in all fields.

One of these recently introduced fantastic programs is Move to Michigan, which aims to attract remote workers to these beautiful coastal communities.

What is Move to Michigan?

Move to Michigan is a program that offers incentives to remote workers to come and live in its southwest coastal communities, where they would get $15,000 towards the purchase of the house and an additional $5,000 for other expenses to be spent in the first year of living there.

You can spend the additional $5,000 on services like coworking spaces, car services, athletic clubs, golf clubs, economic clubs, and several more options. You could even buy an annual pass for South Shore Rail.

Quick facts about Moving to Michigan

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  • You need to show evidence of remote employment outside of Michigan.

  • You must not currently reside in Michigan.

  • You must purchase or build a home with a cost of at least $200,000.

  • You must build your home in one of the qualifying cities or townships.


  • $10,000 toward your mortgage after closing.

  • Following each year of residency, half of the award is forgiven.

  • $5,000 if you intend to enroll a child (or children) in public school during the first two years of residency.

  • $5,000 for additional costs like club memberships and transportation.


The application takes less than an hour, and decisions are usually made within a few days after applying.

How does Move to Michigan work?

Move to Michigan is part of a larger program, Make My Move, which has already invited people to move to different states like Alabama or Vermont. It is an incredible opportunity for digital nomads to enjoy smaller towns, raise their families, and live a laid-back lifestyle while working remotely.

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What they offer is for you to get paid to move to a beautiful location. It may sound “too good to be true,” but it is a legitimate program that has helped many remote workers leave their busy cities and find a relaxing atmosphere elsewhere.

Who can qualify?

Remote workers who are US citizens and are not residents of Michigan at the time of application can qualify for this program. Even if you lived in Michigan before but moved and want to return, this is an opportunity for you.

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What are the incentives?

$10,000 toward the house

Every candidate accepted into the program will get $10,000 towards the house. This means you can build a house or buy it, and this amount applies to your expenses. Note that the house must cost a minimum of $200,000.

$5,000 toward the house

If one or more of your kids enroll in a public school for the first two years of your Michigan residency, you will receive an additional $5,000 towards the house cost, which means the total is $15,000.

$5,000 for living expenses

You also receive another $5,000 for living expenses like gym or golf memberships; the cash is there to lure you into this small-town lifestyle.

What are the requirements?

The main requirement is that you are a remote worker employed by the company outside of Michigan and not a state resident. Other conditions are regarding the home you will build or buy, which needs at least $200,000 in total costs.

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Once you’ve relocated, you must be a full-time resident of Michigan. This means you have to get a driver’s license from Michigan and declare your Michigan house as your principal residence.

The following cities qualify as places to build your home:

  • St. Joseph

  • Oronoko Charter Township

  • St. Joseph Charter Township,

  • Benton Charter Township

  • City of Benton Harbor

  • Village of Stevensville

  • Lake Charter Township

  • Lincoln Charter Township

  • Royalton Township

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How long does it last?

This program has no maximum length, as the main goal is to attract people to move permanently to Michigan. However the minimum length is two years, but if you settle down in a picturesque coastal town for two years, it is less likely you will want to leave, especially if you get involved in the local community and start making friends for life.

How do I apply?

The application process is simple.

Apply online on Move to Michigan website. They will ask for:

  • A statement about your remote work status.

  • Proof of income with a paystub or invoice.

List of personal information such as:

  • Current address

  • Email

  • Name

  • Phone number.

  • Marital status

  • Employment status

  • Current yearly income

  • If you have ever lived in Michigan

After a few days, you will receive the decision and date by which you have to make your move.

Don’t forget to prepare these documents in PDF before you start the application: a brief statement from your company explaining your remote job status and a copy of your most recent pay stub. This application is your opportunity to shine and show why you want to live in Michigan.

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