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On 18 July 2020, the Caribbean Island nation of Barbados was the first country in the Caribbean to launch a visa program for digital nomads called the Barbados Welcome Stamp.

This visa program allows digital nomads and home-working professionals to stay and work on this beautiful island for up to a year instead of the six-month tourist visa program.

If you are looking for a coworking space on the island – you are in luck.

What is Nhome Barbados?

Nhome is the first co-living and co-working space that offers accommodation, co-working space, and community for digital nomads, freelancers, or anyone who is staying on the Caribbean island for working remotely.

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In other words, Nhome is a place where remote workers gather to live, work, and build a relationship along with all the amenities for them. Absolutely, it will not be free but you can consider it.

Barbados is the island that has the fastest fiber internet and mobile services than the rest of the Caribbean countries. Many local cafe shops and a lot of public spaces across Bridgetown offer free public Wi-fi, therefore, you can keep in touch with your clients anywhere at any time without worrying about missing any important calls or meetings when you work remotely.

Although most of the time digital nomads spend their time working on white-sand beaches to enjoy the freedom that the beautiful nature offers, sometimes they need spaces with more professionals to work.

Understanding that, there are also many coworking and office spaces available in Barbados for you in case sometimes when you don’t want to work on the beach such as large communal workspaces Nhome community. Most of them are offered a fully furnished, air-conditioned office, and more.

Nhome offers apartment-style rooms with full utilities and high-speed free wifi through its two resorts: Sugar Cane Club and Worthing Court. Both include pools, restaurants, bars, well-equipped gym in addition to outdoor and indoor, air-conditioned workspaces with high-speed internet.

As Nhome mainly serves digital nomads and remote workers, this is also a place where you can find and meet someone who is also like you.

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As such, you may find opportunities to connect and confer with professionals just like yourself that may also give you a change in perspective from sharing tips and tricks, or bouncing ideas off each other.

In order to stay in Nhome’s hotels, you are going to pay a fixed monthly cost which is public on the website without any extra fees as their confirmation. Not only are basic utilities like water and electricity covered, but you also benefit from free wifi, cable television, once weekly linen and towel change, free access to co-working spaces during your stay there.

Co-working space that Nhome offers not only on a personal level but on a professional level with shared and private workspaces, high-speed internet, comfortable chairs, delicious bites to eat, and, of course, coffee.

It may be an ideal choice for you as you can save time and high travel costs when your workspace is a few steps away from your room.

In addition to offering good infrastructure and space to promote productivity and creativity for digital nomads, Nhome in Barbados also puts together an exciting list of excursions and outings as well as community-hosted events to make sure you would not feel bored of your time there.

Other facilities such as pools, a gym, and a spa may also help you to keep up with your health and beauty regimen.

Of course, unlike staying at a hostel or guest home, staying in Nhome’s hotels can benefit you on-site security guards, and the added protection of in-room safes. All of those can make you keep peace in mind during your 12-month stay in Barbados.

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What Are Co-Working Spaces for Digital Nomads?

The COVID-19 pandemic has closed some traditional doors. One of them is that companies across the world have to accept their employees to work remotely in order to keep business running amid the governments’ traveling restrictions.

Today, working remotely has become a booming trend. Not only freelancers but more and more fully employed are joining the digital nomad lifestyle. It can be seen that the pandemic has shown that untraditional office space can be a good alternative for many others as well.

Meanwhile, the visa program especially for digital nomads is currently a lifeline for economies, which mainly depend on tourists, which have severely suffered from the pandemic.

A range of countries from the European Union to Caribbean islands have been launching the program to attract emerging visitors – digital nomads, who can boost employment and the economy to stay in their countries for a longer period.

Being a nomad, things such as reliable internet service, weather, and a low cost of living are the most important to determine a destination. Of course, cultural and natural destination attractions, security, and a good public transportation system are also important.

Understanding that, countries are creating co-working spaces where you can find whatever you need for a nomad lifestyle such as company, good internet access, office space, access to a printer. Not only open office spaces, but co-working spaces are also places where you can meet new people by sharing a workspace with others.

Rather than a crowded urban locale or a home base such as a house or apartment, your dream office could be in a beautiful village where the food and wine are delectable and cheap, or on the white sand beaches with blue sky. The air is clear and all we hear is the sound of wonderful nature.

A New Way to Work and Live

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The charming island of Barbados has long been known as one of the most popular island destinations for tourists and digital nomads thanks to its tropical beauty, rich culture, and inspiring landscapes.

As connecting with nature or immersing in local culture, you may feel your spirits roar with new experiences.

Not only the wonderful nature and friendly people in Barbados are the reason that people are attracted to the island, but also the country’s infrastructure and convenience serving them. You will find how the Caribbean island is well equipped for visitors, especially for remote work needs.

Working remotely while on vacation has continuously increased as a major global trend and the boom of this wave doesn’t seem to have stopped yet.

It allows you to do your job while enjoying your favorite things like going skiing, hiking, diving, or even doing some yoga in your free time.

Co-working spaces like Nhome may help you to increase your productivity and also bring you other benefits as well.

Therefore, what are you waiting for to enter the name of your next destination and term ‘co-working’ in a search engine, then trying out living and working in a coworking space?