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Dojo Bali Coliving and Coworking Space in Canggu

For many years, Bali has attracted digital nomads and travelers from all around the world. It is a popular destination often crowded with tourists, so you must find a perfect place to live and work on this beautiful island. If you are interested in obtaining a Bali digital nomad visa, you will also need a place to stay, and one of our suggestions is Dojo Bali coliving, where you will find an ideal community of like-minded people.

What Is Dojo Bali?

Dojo Bali is a melting pot of digital nomad culture in the middle of paradise. You get a mix of Dojo coliving, Dojo coworking spaces, the Canggu lifestyle, and amazing people like you. It is easy to meet new people, find a perfect workplace, and never feel lonely, which is an issue for many digital nomads traveling the world.

Hidden in the Balinese-style houses, it is a unique community in the heart of Canggu. Because of its ideal location, you can walk to the beach, explore the nightlife, and go shopping at any moment. At the same time, you can always find a cozy corner for a little chat with your new friends.

Dojo Bali Coliving

Dojo coliving is tucked away from the city noise but still close to all the amenities like the grocery store, gym, coworking, etc. When you stay here, you can enjoy beautiful rooms, a swimming pool, surf lessons, yoga classes, different events hosted by other Dojo co-living members, and more.

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Just a few minutes away is Dojo coworking space Bali, and the best way to get to and from coworking and other locations on the island is by scooter. If you stay here longer, you should consider buying a scooter or a long-term rental.

When booking at Dojo Bali coliving, you can choose a package depending on the room you want to book and how long you will stay. All the packages include airport pickup, private workspace, cleaning service, ensuite bathroom, and much more.

Dojo Coliving Amenities

The best feature of coliving for digital nomads is sharing space with others on the same journey as you. Also, a coliving space like Dojo Canggu has everything a remote worker needs to thrive.

From the western kitchen, where you can prepare your favorite meals, fresh bath towels, and spotless rooms with linen changed weekly and daily cleaning services, you will live in a hotel-like community. Dojo Bali coliving has no minimum stay, and if you get a digital nomad visa for Bali, you can book your entire stay here and enjoy everything it offers.

Rooms & Accommodation

There are four distinct lodging choices available, ranging from spacious bungalows with balconies to smaller guestrooms. Each room has access to the tropical garden, pool, kitchen, and communal area. Here are the choices you have:

  • Queen room – $448 per week, or $1320 per month

  • Queen wooden bungalow – $483 per week, or $1470 per month

  • King room – $532 per week, or $1590 per month

  • King wooden bungalow – $532 per week, or $1590 per month

These comfortable air-conditioned rooms offer luxury accommodation with a spacious wardrobe, a desk where you can work, a safety box for your expensive belongings, and more.

Kitchen & Communal Area

Dojo Coliving offers guests a shared western kitchen with all the amenities needed to prepare meals. You can shop for local organic produce in a health food store nearby and then enjoy cooking with your new friends. There is a freezer where you can store your food and also some basic items you can use, like coffee, fruits, or tea.

Aside from a big kitchen, Dojo Bali coliving offers a comfy communal area where you can spend your free time. You can play board games, read a book, or chat with new people in the lounge.

Dojo Coworking

Dojo coworking Bali is located in the heart of the digital nomad area of Canggu. There are many coffee shops and restaurants nearby, and you can walk or rent a scooter for your commute every day.

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Dojo coworking Canggu is housed in a luxurious two-story villa that is traditional and relaxing. You will enjoy custom ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet, an art gallery, a library, and lockers. There is a balcony workspace as well if you prefer working outdoors. When you need to take a call or have a Zoom meeting, private booths are also available.

Dojo Bali Community

The central vision behind the Dojo Bali community is the connection between people. Here you can meet diverse people from all over the world, remote workers, entrepreneurs, artists, and more. They all have different stories that will inspire you and create a unique connection.

There are about 400 active members of the Dojo community at any given time and thousands of members you can connect with online. You can expand your skills, get a new perspective, and be inspired to start a new life when you join the Dojo Bali coworking Canggu community.

people at dojo coliving

Once you sign up for Dojo Bali, you can join their online community, meet people in person, or explore events organized only for members. The packages are created according to the hours you spend using the community. You can choose off-peak, 30 hours, 50 hours, 100 hours, or unlimited packages, ranging from $47 to $180.

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Dojo Events

At Dojo in Bali’s Canggu, you can sign up for many carefully chosen events yearly. These can be loosely divided into four groups: inspirational, educational, charitable, and networking. As a Dojo member or someone staying at the coliving space, you have these events included in your packages.

Events are listed on their Facebook page and website, but when you spend time at the Dojo Bali coworking space, you hear about events all the time. These events feature high-quality speakers, educational classes, and motivational speeches.

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Dojo Location

When you book your stay at Dojo Bali coliving, the package includes airport pickup, which is recommended to members because of the luggage you will arrive with. But you can also get a taxi, and you will be at your destination in half an hour.

Being located on one of the main streets in Canggu, Dojo Bali is within walking distance of cafes, a local supermarket, a beach, and sports centers. However, getting around the island by scooter is much easier than walking or depending on public transport.

FAQs About Dojo Coliving Space

How far is Bali Dojo Coworking from Bali Dojo Coliving?

Dojo Bali coliving and coworking spaces are located on the same road but only a few minutes apart. You can drive for 3 to 4 minutes or walk a short distance to get to a coworking space from where you will live.

What is the length of a stay at Bali Dojo Coliving?

There is no maximum length of stay, but the minimum is seven nights. Also, the price may vary depending on the season and how long you stay.

Is high-speed Wi-Fi only in the coworking space or the coliving space as well?

The coliving space has access to the same high-speed wifi as the coworking space. You are connected to the same network.

Is it possible to smoke in the Bali Dojo Coliving space?

Unfortunately, no. Although smoking is prohibited within the coliving space, there is a designated smoking area outside.