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Amarilla Coliving and Coworking Space in Tenerife

Tenerife is a beautiful, sunny hub for digital nomads. With its low cost of living, year-round mild weather, mountains, and beaches just outside your door, it is an ideal place to settle down if you are interested in a Spanish digital nomad visa. To experience Tenerife to its fullest, it is important to find the right accommodation, and Amarilla co-living is offering just that.

What Is Amarilla – Community, Coliving, Coworking?

Amarilla co-living and coworking is the answer to digital nomads’ needs. It is a perfect combination of cozy living, comfortable shared space, fun activities, and responsible coworking. Located in the two most popular areas of the island, with easy access to the beaches, hiking trails, and towns, it is ideal for travelers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and adventurers who want to stay longer on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

Living at Amarilla allows you to experience the tropical weather all year long while working with like-minded individuals and striking the perfect balance between work and personal time. You can make lifelong connections, discover the island, and advance professionally and personally.

Amarilla is not just living and working, it is also a community that offers everything from surf and yoga classes to educational talks, meetups, and dinners. Staying at Amarilla comes with its perks, like discounts for different experiences and excursions.

Another great option is Your Team Retreat, which is a subsidiary brand designed to make working together on projects, networking, and relaxing hassle-free for you and your team. They offer customized getaways for organizations of different sizes, sectors, and financial capabilities.

Amarilla Coliving

Amarilla co-living offers a selection of different size rooms, apartments, and even villas for you to choose from. Have a wonderful time every day, from hanging out in the kitchen with your co-living friends to reading a book by the pool or exploring hiking trails nearby.

coliving home in tenerife

Tenerife is divided into two sections, north and south. Each possesses unique qualities, from their restaurants, customs, and culture to their weather. Both, though, are very fantastic and well worth visiting. Amarilla is offering exceptional accommodation on both sides of the island, and you can choose where you want to start your visit to Tenerife.

Amarilla Coliving in Tenerife South

The Amarilla Coliving Tenerife location in the south is a great spot for a vacation, working holiday, or home base for digital nomads. People often choose the south side of the island for its fantastic sandy beaches that line much of Tenerife’s southern shore, earning the region a reputation for beauty.

The waters are kept warm by the year-round sunshine and consistently favorable weather, making it a wonderful location for water sports and other recreational activities. In Costa San Miguel, you can experience the lively Spanish culture and amazing activities and find some of the best bars and restaurants on the island.

Amarilla Coliving Accommodations in the South

Living close to nature, golf courses, and the beach is a dream which can be a reality at Amarilla co. You have several options for accommodation, so pick the best one for your needs.

Casa Marina is the newest villa that they offer, with a gorgeous private pool, chill-out sofas, outdoor eating space, and an exceptional interior. There is a fully functional kitchen, a large living area, and a separate gaming room. There are also workstations, a wide sofa, and a TV with Netflix inside.

  • Superior room – a double bedroom with a desk, an ensuite bathroom with a shower, and a view of a golf course.

  • Premium room – a double room with a spacious shared bathroom located on the first floor.

  • Standard room – a bunk bed room for two, which also includes a shared bathroom.

  • Classic room – two single beds or a bunk bedroom with a shared bathroom.

palmtrees in tenerife

Casa Russ is a five-bedroom home with lots of facilities. It has a cozy living room, a glass conservatory where you can work, a big outside area with a BBQ, a private jacuzzi, and a hangout area with outdoor dining, which is ideal for sharing a meal with your housemates.

  • Superior ensuite – a double bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and a private balcony.

  • Premium ensuite – a double room with an ensuite bathroom and a large wardrobe.

  • Premium room – a double bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and direct access to the garden and jacuzzi.

  • Classic room 1 – two single beds with a shared bathroom, but the showers will be used only by the guests of this room because other rooms have their own bathrooms.

  • Classic room 2 – two single beds with a shared bathroom and direct access to the garden and jacuzzi.


Casa Louise is the nearest Amarilla home to the ocean, which is one minute from the coworking space and three minutes’ walk from a black volcanic beach.

  • Superior ensuite – a double bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

  • Premium room – a double room with storage space and a shared bathroom.

  • Classic room – a spacious double bedroom with a shared bathroom.

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Amarilla Coliving in Tenerife North

Tenerife’s north coast is an incredible mix of natural sea pools and hiking paths. Here you can climb Mount Teide and explore the majestic Teide National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. For foodies, Tenerife’s north side offers authentic cuisine and numerous vineyards. Los Realejos is a municipality with excellent beaches and restaurants, where you will find the most tourists in the area.

Amarilla Coliving Accommodations in the North

Amarilla co-living in the north of Teneriffe offers access to an authentic Spanish town, an amazing community, and comfortable living and working spaces. Choose this co-living if you live in nature and want to be closer to it.

In the north, you have Hotel Rural available as accommodation. It is a rustic and cozy hotel, perfect for digital nomads that want to experience living in an authentic community with all the amenities like a kitchenette, TV, high-speed internet, TV, and more.

beach view on village on hill

  • Hotel Rural Premium Apt 5 – spacious one-bedroom apartment with a private bathroom and kitchenette.

  • Hotel Rural Mezzanine Room Apt 2 – big double room with shared bathroom.

  • Hotel Rural Premium Apt 1 – one bedroom apartment with private bathroom and a kitchen on the ground floor.

  • Hotel Rural Premium Apt 4 – one bedroom apartment with two single beds, a private bathroom, and a kitchen.

  • Hotel Rural Premium Room Apt 3 – one bedroom apartment with sofa, shared bathroom, and kitchenette.

  • Hotel Rural Classic Room Apt 3 – double bedroom with shared bathroom and kitchen and built-in wardrobe.

  • Hotel Rural Standard Room Apt 2 – double bedroom on the ground floor with shared bathroom and kitchen.

Amarilla Private Accommodations

If you prefer to stay in a private apartment or a villa, Amarilla offers private accommodation options as well. Staying in private accommodation is beneficial if you are traveling with your family or your spouse or if you want more peace. You can still enjoy the community and coworking and meet everyone at the co-living spaces if you wish.

people collaborating in a cafe

This is a hassle-free experience that will provide you with excellent living space, discounts for excursions and coworking, exclusive meetups, a swimming pool, local support, and so much more. You can also hire cleaning services or a chef.

Amarilla Tenerife Coworking

When you choose to work out of Amarilla coworking spaces, you get not only high-speed internet and comfortable chairs but also amenities like kitchen facilities, conference rooms, 24/7 access, and so much more. First, coworking was available only at the south location, but recently it was introduced at the north location as well, so wherever you stay, you have an office a minute away from your bed.

lady working on laptop

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to be staying at Amarilla to use the coworking space; even if you are staying somewhere else on the island, you can sign up for Amarilla packages and enjoy coworking, community, workshops, and comfortable offices. See what packages they offer and if there is something you would like to try:

The bronze package

includes 24/7 access to the coworking space, a large coworking office, and an available conference room for your meetings. Monthly it costs 115€, or you can choose the weekly option for 85€. If you are an Amarilla guest, the package is monthly 80€ and weekly 60€.

The silver package

has everything that the bronze package has, but you also get a workstation with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The price of this package is 155€ monthly, or 115€ weekly. For Amarilla guests, it is 108€ monthly and 80€ weekly.

The gold package

is an excellent option if you like private space for yourself because it includes a private office with the key, plus everything else that other packages offer. Space is limited for this one, so make sure to reserve it in advance. Monthly it costs 375€, and weekly it is 210€. In contrast, Amarilla guests pay a monthly fee of 262€ or a weekly 147€.

Amarilla’s coworking switch program

allows you to switch coworking locations depending on where you are at the moment. If you are exploring the island and your home base is in the south, but today you are in the north, feel free to come to Amarilla coworking in the north for the day. This Is the most convenient package for those who love traveling, so they can take advantage of both locations, Los Realejos and Costa San Miguel.

Amarilla Community

The idea behind Amarilla is to create a community of like-minded individuals who would connect through co-living, coworking, and sharing experiences and activities. Join the community by showing up for meetups held once per week; this is a perfect way to mingle and meet new people in the digital nomad world. They also organize all kinds of activities and excursions, as well as workshops and talks, so whichever is your area of interest, you will find it at Amarilla.

people on the beach

Amarilla Locations

At this location, you will be living and working in a relaxing environment in a neighborhood that is quiet and close to greenery, beaches, and viewpoints. Walking to the beach takes less than one hour, but you can also drive or take a bus, which is approximately 20 to 30 minutes long.

Nearby you will find several cafes and grocery stores, but if you want to experience the city buzz, you have to go to Puerto de la Cruz, which is much more touristy. There are several hiking trails, rivers, and forests near the co-living, so if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this place is for you.

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FAQs About Amarilla Coliving in Tenerife

Following are the commonly asked questions by digital nomads interested in trying out Amarilla co-living. Continue reading to find out all the details about this community.

How Far Is Amarilla Coworking from Coliving?

At the south location, coworking and co-living are close to each other, so you can walk every morning to your work. However, in the north location, they are at the same location, so it is even more convenient.

What Is the Length of Stay at Amarilla Coliving?

You can stay as long as you want, but the minimum is three nights. Also, the longer you stay gets cheaper because they offer more affordable packages for long-term visitors.

Is high-speed Wi-Fi only in the Amarilla coworking or in the coliving space as well?

The co-living space has high-speed internet as well, available in your room and the community spaces. So if you don’t feel like leaving the room, you can work out of it for the day.

Does Amarilla Coliving Have Any Discounts Depending on the Length of Stay?

If you extend your booking to monthly or bi-weekly stays, you can save 30%. This is an excellent deal for digital nomads that Amarilla co is offering.