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Visa & border information for those fleeing Ukraine

We want to thank the Reddit community for creating & updating this list of information. For access to the most up-to-date information, please visit the original Reddit thread

Borders information

Men ages 18-60 will be turned around by the Ukrainian military/border force due to the general mobilization decree signed by President Zelensky.


Armenia is accepting refugees from Ukraine.


Bulgaria will allow entry for 90 days if you have a Ukrainian passport. Otherwise, you can apply for refugee status at the border.


Hungary will allow entry for everyone coming from Ukraine. It has closed parts of its border with Ukraine. Armed troops have been deployed at the border to prevent the crossing of any armed groups onto Hungarian territory.

You will be allowed to bring your pets without further requirements. Please fill out this form if you want to bring your pet.


Moldova has set up tent camps and will keep its borders to Ukraine open.


Contrary to some reports, the Ukrainian-Polish border is and will remain open.

The visa requirement for Ukrainian citizens has been suspended. You don’t need a valid passport or ID. It’s much easier if you have it, but if you don’t, then article 32 of the Act on Foreigners allows the Commander of Border Guard post to issue 15-day consent to stay. During that time, one should contact Immigration Office to legalize a longer stay. Poland has set up facilities and camps to provide people fleeing the war with shelter, food, medical and legal aid.

You will be allowed to bring in your pets if you have a place to stay. Papers are not required, but it is recommended to have a rabies certificate ready. See here for more info

Poland is not different by nationality. Everyone fleeing Ukraine will be let in. Please do not fall for fake news about this issue.


The authorized governmental structures are ready to take the necessary measures for taking over, if necessary, the refugee flows. Romania has set up refugee centers in different counties across the border from Ukraine the border is open.


All border crossings with Ukraine are currently open, apart from the railway border crossing in Čierna nad Nisou, where passenger transport was stopped.

Under the current rules, Ukrainian citizens can enter Slovakia with valid documents and then move across Slovakia and the entire European Union for up to 90 days. In individual cases, people without a valid passport will be allowed to enter. To bring your pets along, fill out this form.

Slovakia is also ready to offer temporary shelter or asylum to those who ask for it.

If the inflow of people from Ukraine is higher, Slovakia will create hotspots on the borders, where soldiers will help them. They are ready to secure appropriate conditions for these refugees.

Ukrainians can travel free on Slovakian trains, provided they have their passport/ID. This also applies to the Czech rail company.


Various nations have offered up the border and scraped visa requirements for Ukrainian nationals needing asylum.

Various nations have offered up the border and scraped visa requirements for Ukrainian nationals needing asylum.

Train fares

Several national rail corporations will allow Ukrainians to travel on their trains for free if they can show a Ukrainian Passport/ID. Those countries are:

Denmark flagDenmarkGermany flagGermanyNetherlands flagNetherlandsPoland flagPolandSlovakia flagSlovakiaCzechia flagCzechia



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