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18 Best Apps for Digital Nomads to Work and Travel Easier

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18 Best Apps for Digital Nomads to Work and Travel Easier
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Being a digital nomad means that technology is a massive part of your lifestyle. Digital nomad apps can help you stay in touch with people, organize travel and work, and generally make your life easier. Check out the following list of some of the best apps for digital nomads to support your nomadic lifestyle:

Digital Nomad Community Apps

Being constantly on the move means that you always need to make new connections, stay in touch with the old ones, be available for your clients, and be organized. To easily organize your trips and keep track of your work, numerous apps can help you, some free and some paid, but well worth it.

Citizen Remote

Citizen Remote is not only the ultimate digital nomad app for community but also for keeping your busy life organized. From help with visas to a simple place to remember your Journey, the Citizen Remote app is designed for the digital nomad lifestyle by those living it themselves. The app also uses connectivity technology to make it even easier for you to find other remote workers, whether you need collaborators for work or companions for your next journey.

The app is available in beta form on both the Google Play and Apple App Store. Stay tuned to follow the progress as we continue to update the app’s features and tune it into the best tool a digital nomad has.

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Meetup, as the name suggests, is an app that will help you connect with a local community of like-minded people and other digital nomads. The app is easy to sign up for and navigate, and you can select your interests and favorite activities, so that algorithm can better suggest events for you.

There is no registration fee for this app. For groups with three organizers and up to 50 members, Meetup charges $14.99 per month or $19.99 per month with no limits. This is one of the apps for digital nomads that makes your life easier, especially if you are not comfortable making friends.

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WorkFrom is your personal cafe recommendation app, which will suggest remote workers-friendly coffee shops in your area. This is one of the best apps for digital nomads searching for a community, and our favorite feature is a virtual cafe, so you can stay connected even if you are working from your bedroom or another city.

You can sign up for free, but if you want to create virtual cafes for more people, there is a fee of $15 per month for a personal plan and $50 per month for a business plan. If you want a simple solution and a suggestion of where to go when you don’t know the area, this app is for you, available on the Apple store and Play store.

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Reddit is a unique place where you can find community online or connect to people in real life. Here you can find out anything by simply asking a question, and this is why so many digital nomads are using it to find the best cafes, coworking places, apartments, and more.

Gold membership costs $5.99 per month, which differs from a free account by eliminating the ads, although this app doesn’t have aggressive ads. Use this app to laugh at memes or find the best digital nomads communities.

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Best Travel Apps

With travel apps, you can keep all the information, bookings, tickets, and more in one place. You can also search for the cheapest flights or monthly stays. These are necessary apps for digital nomads.


Airbnb is among the best apps for digital nomads when it comes to finding places to stay. This is because the stays offered are not hotels, but local apartments, usually owned by the locals. The best opinion you can use on this is to search for monthly stays, which makes listings cheaper.

Often this is the best way to find stays in cities where housing is an issue or if you need to stay for a short period and don’t want to have a lease. Use this app for more accessible findings of places to stay at affordable pricing.

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Finding deals on flights is necessary for everyone traveling frequently. Flights can often be the most expensive part of your trip, but apps like Skyscanner are here to help us fight that battle. Skyscanner allows you to enter exact dates or choose to search per month, or even select the cheapest month if you want to see the best deals.

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and use the app, even though payments are not processed through the app. Once you select the flight you want, it will redirect you to the airline website where you will book the flight. It allows you to search and find the best deals quickly and securely.

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Uber, like the other ride-sharing apps, is available in many countries. It is the most commonly used app for affordable rides and is easy to use even if you don’t speak the language.

There is no fee to sign up for the app, but you will be paying for rides in local currency. You can use your credit card or cash, but the rides will always be cheaper than if you take a taxi. Using Uber is an affordable and safe way to get around foreign cities.

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Productivity Apps for Digital Nomads

When you change workspaces often, it is hard to concentrate. Having a routine works better for some people than constant changes; this is why productivity apps will help you.


With this excellent app, you will block distractions and focus better on your work. You can set a time when all your social media apps and websites are blocked or anything else that belongs to an online distraction, in your case. It helps you reset your focus when it goes to something else.

You can try this app for free and decide whether it works for you. You will get to choose monthly, yearly, or forever packages, which are $6.99 on a month-to-month basis, $2.42 a month if you choose the yearly package (paid at once for 12 months), or $129 for a forever package. Get this if you are willing to maximize your productivity hours and minimize distractions.

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Trello enables more efficient teamwork and increased productivity. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards give you a flexible, enjoyable method to organize and prioritize your projects. Trello cards can hold a lot of details and they are easily accessible by the entire team, making it easier and more efficient for everyone to be on the same page and perform their assigned tasks.

Although you can use Trello completely free as an individual or a small team in need of an organizational tool, some packages offer more options. The standard package is $5 per month, the premium is $10, and the enterprise is $17.50. Use this app if you want to boost the productivity and organization of your team.

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This is one of the best apps for digital nomads you can use to organize your work, keep notes, and stay on top of your to-do list for the day. The best feature of this app is that it is easy to use and it syncs your devices.

If you want to connect more than two devices or include your family or coworkers in a plan you have options for $6.99 per month for a personal plan or $8.99 per month for a professional plan. If you need planning and good organization to stay productive, this app is for you.

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Money & Financial Planning Apps

Money and financial planning apps are crucial for digital nomads, not only because of currency exchange but also because many digital nomads are freelancers and need great tools to manage their money.


PayPal has long been the industry standard for digital nomads’ payment alternatives. You could convert your deposits into any currency you desired to cash them out. PayPal has a business account available as well and you can accept payments as a business too.

It is useful if you need to accept payments or issue invoices to clients from different countries. But there is a small fee that applies, approximately 1% to every withdrawal you make. However, there is no fee for having an account, so if you are not using it you are not getting charged. PayPal is excellent to have for international payments and safe shopping online.

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Wise, previously known as TransferWise, is long known as the cheapest way to send money abroad. It is used in over 60 countries, and the fees are minimal. You can also use their debit card when you travel, and not only will your withdrawals from the ATM be cheaper, but also your currency conversion.

When you order a debit card, you will be charged $9; for wire transfers, you will pay a $4.14 flat rate. Use Wise if you need a trusted, safe, affordable, and widely accepted card.

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Similar to Wise, Revolut is one of the favorite digital nomad apps for money transfers, payments abroad, and online shopping. What is different is that with Revolut, you can also buy and sell cryptocurrency and stocks or open a savings account.

The standard plan is free and includes a free Revolut card, while the premium is $9.99, and the metal is $16.99. This is an excellent app if you are planning to use over 140 currencies and travel often or if you need to make international transfers.

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Health & Safety Apps

Often, health is suffering when we travel a lot, and apps dedicated to health are handy to digital nomads. Safety is also essential to be taken care of, especially if you are using WiFi in various locations.


Keep your passwords safe and secure with LastPass. The best features of this app are convenient because you don’t have to remember your passwords, instant online logging, and lengthier passwords that provide better security.

You can use LastPass as a browser extension or an app, which is covered with a free account. However, if you need more options and better command of your account, you can start a premium at $3 a month. Don’t ever forget your passwords again and lose time resetting them.

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This is one of the best-rated VPNs because it offers over 3000 servers in more than 94 countries. The pricing starts at only $6.67 per month, and also, when you sign up, they usually offer the first three months free.

It allows up to five accounts simultaneously to use it across your devices. Stay safe while surfing worldwide; you don’t want your trip ruined by hacks and stolen passwords.

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Nike Training Club

It is easy to stop your routine workouts when you are on the move but to stay healthy and toned, you must exercise regularly. With NTC, you can target your abs, arms, shoulders, glutes, and legs with more than 200 free strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility exercises.

You can see and feel improvements during sessions that last 5 to 50 minutes. Free accounts offer a lot, but if you want to try premium, you can do it at $14.99 a month or $119,99 a year. Even if you are waiting at the airport or in your new Airbnb, you can squeeze in a short exercise to stay healthy on the go.

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Apps for Content Creation on the Go

Content creation is a big part of digital nomad lives. You will appreciate some valuable tools even if you are creating content only for your page. But if you are creating content for the business, it will be even more helpful to you to discover these apps for digital nomads.


Canva is the best app you can use if you don’t know about graphic design. Choose a template, stock photos, and even what type of post you want to create, and within minutes your posts will be finished and look professional.

It is entirely customizable, and if you need it for work, the premium plan will be better than the free one, lacking in some high-quality stock shots and designs. Monthly you can pay $12.99 or opt for a yearly subscription of $119.99. You can use Canva for fun or work to create excellent designs quickly.

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If you love using video, this app is for you. InShot is ideal for scaling your content to meet the size of social media and allowing you to speed up, add filters, and edit your video clip.

Although you can do a lot with a free account, you can take your editing to the next level with the paid plan. Choose $3.99 monthly, $14.99 yearly, or a one-time charge of $34.99 which will grant you lifetime access. This is a leading video editing app for mobile phones.

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FAQs About Apps for Digital Nomads

The life of a digital nomad is not simple, but it can be made easier with these apps that help us organize our travels, work, and life. Here are some common questions about digital nomad apps:

Is there one app that will have everything I need as a digital nomad?

The Citizen Remote app keeps you up to date with all the information regarding the digital nomad lifestyle, traveling, travel visas, and remote workers' communities. From finding the best place to stay to submitting paperwork for the visa, Citizen Remote is there every step of the way.

What apps can help me save money?

Money-saving apps can help you in the long run and are excellent tools for digital nomads. Some of the most useful apps for saving money are Acorns, best for investing; Qapital, best for long-term saving; and Digit, best for everyday use.

What app can help me start my career as a digital nomad from scratch?

Starting a new career can be overwhelming, and apps like Citizen Remote, which have all the information you need on the digital nomad lifestyle, will be the most useful. Also, if you are starting a freelancing career, use Upwork to find the best gigs.

What apps do I need to entertain myself on the go?

It depends on what type of entertainment you like, but most people love reading books, watching movies and listening to music. Numerous apps will help you stay entertained, but Netflix, Spotify, and Kindle are the most widespread.

What is the best app for digital nomads dating?

Dating is difficult when you are a digital nomad, but there are a few apps that will connect you with like-minded people. The most popular one is Nomad Soulmates, but you can also try Miss Travel or Fairytrail.

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