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Digital Nomad Visa For Greece

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Digital Nomad Visa For Greece

Greece Quick Facts

Greece is well-known as an amazing vacation destination. This paradise has beautiful scenery, friendly people, delicious cuisine, and amazing history. It is the southernmost country in Europe and also has the longest coastline on the continent.

Capital Athens
Form of Government Parliamentary republic
Population 10,761,523
Climate Mediterranean
Language Greek
Currency Euro - Need Help Converting?

The country is known to have over 6000 beautiful islands, which make up 9,942 miles of pristine blue coastline, ranging from the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Ionian Sea to the west, and the blue Aegean Sea to the east.

Each island has a unique culture and landscape that brings travelers a brand new adventure and wonderful weather. With the new remote work visa from Greece, this nation of islands could be your next home.


When someone mentions Greece, you might picture the whitewashed buildings and blue-domed churches of the cities, but most of Greece is actually mountains. The Official Greece Tourism Site informed that 80% of Greece is made up of mountains, one of Europe’s most mountainous countries.

Besides, Greece is also an interesting place for people who love to learn about human history. As you know, Greece’s historical and cultural heritage has resonated throughout the modern world in its long years of literature, art, philosophy, and politics. It is also home to several famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Temple of Apollo.

Athens, the capital of Greece, has attracted a lot of travelers for years, and it continues to be a popular place for working remotely among digital nomads. It is a transit hub for the whole of Europe and the place of most UNESCO world heritage sites in Greece.

As such, if you are a person who is looking for a life in harmony with the natural wonders of the planet, where you can see over 100,000 birds migrate to Greece’s wetlands each winter, to live and work remotely as well as a lover of learning the history of mankind, Greece is the right place for you!

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Greece Digital Nomad Visa Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic has been adding to the boom of digital nomad trends worldwide. Greece is one place that attracts digital nomads looking for a safe and peaceful place for remote work. Bloggers, writers, coders, web development companies, and artists can all live and work in Greece.


Greece launched a digital nomad visa through Law 4825/2021 in September 2021, a plan agreed on between Greece’s Ministers of Migration and Foreign Affairs. It aims not only to help remote workers choose the nation but also to attract permanent investments. You can receive a remote work visa and work how and where you want.

The program allows you, who may be entrepreneurs, remote workers, or digital nomads, to easily spend a part of your life in a European country surrounded by the deep blue ocean and breathtaking views while also enjoying the good weather, the culture, and the laid back lifestyle at an affordable cost of living.

Holding a digital nomad visa, you will have the right of legal residence within Greece but have no access right to Greek-dependent employment or business activity in Greece.

Greece has abundant sunshine, a history that goes back thousands of years, amazing cuisine, and thousands of islands waiting for you.


One of the most important things for digital nomads is good and stable internet speeds. Internet connectivity in Greece is decent, with the average fixed broadband speeds of 39.08 Mbps across the country and an average internet speed of 92.54 Mbps for mobile networks.

As mentioned, Greece is well-known for its food and cafes; most of these cafes provide free wifi that allows you easily find one to sit and work. Due to Greek’s late-night culture, most of these cafes remain open till late hours. Therefore, you would not worry about scheduling a night call with your client in a different continent or time zone.

To apply for the visa, you must show your passport, identity proof, address proof, and contact number. Bills will be paid monthly through mostly online payment methods.

One solution that Greece has provided is a digital banking system that allows nomads to make transactions with their mobile phones or laptops, provided that they have opted for online banking services.

The new law was introduced as a way that the Greek government accommodates a new class of professionals in a more flexible employment environment.

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Who Can Apply for the
Digital Nomad Visa for Greece

While European Union and EEA passport holders can live and work in Greece without the necessity of a special visa, non-EU citizens have to use the Schengen tourist visa allowing for a maximum of 90 days.

Law 4825/2021 allows issuing the Digital Visa for non-EU citizens, wishing to work remotely from Greece. Therefore, Non-EU nationals can stay longer in Greece to work remotely than the period of a Schengen tourist visa.

Digital nomads such as salaried employees, freelancers, or the self-employed now have the right to obtain a 12-month residence permit to work remotely from Greece for their employers and clients based outside Greece using Information and Communication Technologies.

This is also a good idea for UK citizens who have lost the right to stay longer than 90 days in Greece after Brexit was implemented.

How to Apply for the
Digital Nomad Visa for Greece

As we said before, the Greek government has simplified the procedure to obtain a digital nomad visa by applying a fast-track process as approved by the competent authority of the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum and is valid for a period of up to 12 months.

Submit your application to the Greek consular authority of the place of its main residence in person directly or by email or registered mail before traveling to Greece. Once you’ve made your application, you will get an answer within 10 days. After approval, the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum will issue the digital nomad visa.

Since the digital nomad visa does not allow any access to dependent employment or business activity in Greece, you must submit supporting documentation proving that you are not employed or engaged in any business activity in Greece.

Having the necessary income of at least 3,500 euros per month can be proved by an employment agreement or proof of funds in your bank account. It aims to prove that you have adequate financial resources to cover your living expenses while residing in Greece without burdening the national social welfare system.

Your family members may also be issued the digital nomad visa, but note that the required income amount is for the main applicant only. In this case, the above amount is increased by twenty percent (20%) for the spouse or cohabitant and fifteen percent (15%) for each child under 18. In addition, the family members also need to provide documentation proving that they are dependent employees or self-employed people working remotely with employers or clients outside Greece.

In other words, they are not allowed to engage in any kind of economic activity in Greece, aside from remote work.

In case you and your family are already in Greece on a uniform visa or under a visa/residence permit scheme and meet the eligibility criteria for the digital nomad visa. You can apply directly for the abovementioned residence permit within the period of validity of your existing visa to the one-stop service of the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

You are required to submit documentation proving their residence address in Greece, such as a lease agreement or a real estate purchase agreement.
Also, you may apply for the issuance of a digital nomad visa with 2 years of validity if you and your family members believe you’re still going to be eligible. You need to apply for this before your digital nomad visa expires.

You’re free to leave Greece during your digital nomad visa period, but this period of absence shouldn’t exceed six months.

How much does it cost?

The fee for Greece digital nomad visa is 75 euros per applicant. Once approved, you will have a work visa to do remote work in Greece.

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Timeline for Applying

The process is also very simple through a fast one-stop-shop procedure, which issues the digital nomad visa within 10 days by the Greek consulate in the country where the applicant resides.

If you have a stable online income, obtaining a Greece digital nomad visa is pretty easy. Greece may be another option for your next destination where you can work remotely in the paradise of Europe.

Do you qualify for this visa?
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