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DeFi Protocol Designer at Zilliqa

Zilliqa Zilliqa Design Full-time

Job details


Zilliqa is the world’s first public blockchain platform to be built on sharded architecture. We are a globally diverse team on the lookout for like-minded and passionate people who share our mission of making the development and use of blockchain applications for everyone’s life.

Job Description

You will take ownership of the DeFi protocol design from ideation to launch. As a part of a dynamic team, you will take the lead to deliver future DeFi products, owning the most important design and development stages. You have to be hands-on to discover and apply new tech available to achieve our goals and to build a future DeFi at Zilliqa. We are looking for an experienced DeFi hacker to help design innovative protocols within Zilliqa. This is a vital role to drive and position Zilliqa as a hub for DeFi activities. You will be responsible for the…

  • Design and engineer innovative DeFi DApps for the Zilliqa ecosystem
  • Lead our token engineering function
  • Support DeFi initiatives from the Zilliqa ecosystem
  • Promote DeFi within the Zilliqa ecosystem


  • Understand existing DeFi trends and gaps within the Zilliqa ecosystem
  • Own the DeFi product lifecycle
  • Design and prototype  new DeFi protocols from scratch 
  • Lead a cross-functional team to design, prototype and deliver new DeFi protocols from concept to contracts to UI/UX
  • Work with leading ecosystem DeFi DApp teams in the Zilliqa ecosystem
  • Lead governance discussions for various DeFi and Zilliqa initiatives


  • You should be passionate about the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields with a strong interest in DeFi. You love to constantly learn and keep abreast of trends and developments in the industry. Degen and DeFi hacking is a plus
  • A computer science background
  • 3+ years experience in full-stack and smart contract development (eg. Solidity, Rust, Scilla)
  • Excellent understanding of the functionality and engineering aspects of web3 tooling and of leading DeFi projects eg. Aave. Yearn, Sushi, L2, etc…
  • Ability and passion to prototype and test DeFi protocols 
  • Good understanding of token engineering
  • Good understanding of spot and derivative crypto markets is a plus
  • Participation in Crypto hackathons is a plus
  • Excellent oral and written communication, including presentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal and networking skills
  • Must possess excellent time management and prioritization skills
  • Strong experience working on multiple assignments at once, while maintaining project deadlines
  • Excellent attention to detail and an ability to produce high-quality, accurate work in a fast-paced environment

Location preference

At Zilliqa, we work remotely. 

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