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Director of Product Design

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Superside Product, Full-time

Job details

We are looking for an ambitious and dedicated Director of Product Design, that has both the technical and the communication skills to help continuously improve our product design practices, implement them among our product designers. You’ll be overall responsible in creating a better ecosystem for our engineers, product managers and designers to collaborate.
Superside is a tech creative company that focuses on enabling Design as a service to an entirely new scale.

We’re building Superspace, our DesignOps system that allows our users to focus on the design production instead of wasting time and energy in all the operation activities that comes with it. We enable seamless remote creative collaboration and project management across the world thanks to features like briefing, project management, staffing, design feedback and asset delivery. This result in faster delivery without compromising the quality of the design work.

This is where you come into play.

You’ll guide the creation of a better design organisation with a clear product design vision in mind to facilitate our product user experience.

You will ensure our products and features are valuable for people, easy to use, and of the highest level of craft and execution. You will operate autonomously with the freedom to deliver value and impact across all business areas. This will require designing, building and owning our design ecosystem, from tools to processes, roles and responsibilities. You will be in the driver’s seat to lead our organisation towards better product design.

If you’re ready to join an international remote team with the responsibility of building an incredible product design team and moving towards leadership and ownership, then keep on reading.

Some of the things you’ll be actively involved with:

  • Lead Superside Product Design organization, driving strategic and tactical efforts to create effective solutions,
  • Deliver end-to-end design projects,
  • Drive excellence for the Design Competence through the development of best practices and standards,
  • Position yourself as the go-to resource for all things product design,
  • Design your organization with a focus on creating capacity and a culture all product designers want to work within,
  • Solve complex interaction design problems,
  • Build, grow and lead a team of product designers and researchers and partner with cross-functional stakeholders,
  • Work closely with the product management organization.

What You’ll Need To Succeed

  • 4+ years of management and leadership.
  • Experience working directly with product leadership and executives on ambiguous problems and crafting big picture strategies driven by design.
  • Experience working with and/or helping your team conduct research, presenting results and acting on those results.
  • Ability to communicate in English (both verbally and written)
  • Awareness of how visual design languages and UI frameworks affect the design process and contribute to the adoption of design systems.
  • A proven track record of launching products that delight, innovate and scale.
  • Ability to define mechanisms and processes to deliver quality product experiences in an effective, predictable way.
  • Ability to multitask with efficiency, overview, structure, and attention to detail.
  • Strong people development skills, ability to mentor others on craft, process and leadership.
Bonus points: If you have worked on world-class product systems (Saas, B2B products).

What it means to join Superside:

Well, we’re on a mission to create more equal opportunities globally. And with that in mind, we’ve built a natively remote company enabling us to reach out to the best talent no matter where they work.

Need more convincing? Here’s a skimmable, non-exhaustive list of reasons to join us:
  • A global community of talented people working from 60+ different countries.
  • Flexible working hours from anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the internet.
  • Work closely with leading global brands. We’re talking Amazon, Salesforce, Spotify and a lot more.
  • A career path towards increased responsibility, mentorship and leadership. We grow, you grow.
  • A trusting, ego-free and truth-seeking environment.
  • A high-pace, high-energy, and high-performance environment,
  • Pioneering the future of work with a fair, friendly and supportive community. We’re pretty proud of that one.
  • Disrupting a massive global industry with a huge market opportunity.
What your first months will look like:

1st month: This is the time for your onboarding. You get to know how Superside works and is organized. You’ll meet other Supersiders that are starting at the same time as you. The usual new Supersider batch is between 20 and 50 people. Next to the general onboarding, you meet your teammates.

2nd month: Begin building and leading our team of engineers and Managers. Working alongside the VP and other Directors on our strategic roadmap.

After 3 months: You already work pretty smoothly with your teams. You’re familiar with our values and use these as the springboard for organization building.

Hiring process:

We want to make sure we hire the right people so we created a hiring process that will help us understand if we’re the right fit for one another. We are remote and it’s critical that we hire self-reliant, autonomous people. Everyone from the team has been through the process. Be assured that by joining Superside, you’ll be part of a talented team, cherry-picked among the best out there.
  • Our first introduction: 30 – 45min introduction call. No need for any formal prep beforehand, we’re here to get to know each other enough to see if we’re a potential good match.
  • Meet and Greet: First interaction with the Management team (VP or Director). It lasts around 30 – 45 minutes and our goal is to dive deeper into your skills, experience, and motivation while explaining who we are as a company and how we work and what the vision is for this role. Should you be successful, you will be given a case assignment to complete.
  • Case study presentation: This will consist of a 1-hour discussion regarding your case assignment. This is your chance to walk us through your work and the logic behind it. We will share the link to the case with you and provide you with a week to prep for the interview. During the discussion, you will be given the opportunity to present your thoughts on the case and the team will be able to ask questions. We want to make sure we’re the right place for you as much as you’re the right fit for us, so fire away!
  • Ability assessment: The ability tests have been selected to measure the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the role.
  • Final interview: The last meeting with the Management team will last around 1 hour and it’s another chance to talk about our mutual expectations, address any concerns, and dive deeper into how you could be successful leading a team in Superside. At this stage, it is clear we want you! We’ll make sure you want to join us too.

Life at Superside’s TPD (Tech, Product & Design department)

You made it this far. We’re impressed! Let us tell you a bit more about Life at Superside and especially Life in the Tech, Product and Design (TPD) department.
Our TPD team is remote and contains multiple self-directed and cross-functional teams fully distributed across EMEA, LATAM & APAC.
The members represent 14 nationalities with alumni from Adobe, Revolut, BlockFi, Typeform and many more.
We are intellectually curious and creative thinkers, eager to grow and ready to make a big impact in the world. We analyze data, talk to users, prototype and iterate. We don’t need offices, our conversations happen in Google Meets and Slack. We focus on discovering and solving real-world user problems, not just building and shipping features.
Teams at Superside own the complete software lifecycle starting from the roadmap, implementation, testing, deployment and operations. We foster an open feedback culture and Everyone’s opinion is important to push our common mission forward. As a member of our engineering team you’ll take on a key role in this process and see your work be used by amazing companies.
On a company wide level, we make sure that working remotely doesn’t mean working alone without ever meeting your peers. We take great pride in our company culture. We have a team dedicated to people’s care with an emphasis on wellness and connectivity. You can expect Quiz night, Gala’s, Coffee meet up and Cultural session to learn more about your teammates culture and country. You’re passionate about a subject, there’s probably an internal slack community about it. Whether you want to talk music, crypto or play DnD, we got you covered.

About Superside

Trusted by 450+ ambitious brands, Superside is the #1 creative-as-a-subscription service designed with Marketers and Creatives in mind. By combining the top 1% of creative talent from around the world with purpose-built design ops technology, Superside helps companies like PUMA, Shopify, Prime Gaming, Autodesk and LVMH scale creative in order to test, learn and grow faster. Since inception Superside has been a fully remote company, with 700+ team members working across 60+ countries and 19 timezones.

The company is backed by Y Combinator, Luxor Capital, Prosus Ventures, Slack Fund, Freestyle Capital, High Alpha Capital and Alliance Ventures in the quest to create equal economic opportunities for creatives all around the world. To learn more, visit

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We’re an equal opportunity company. All applicants will be considered without attention to ethnicity, appearance, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran or disability status.
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