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Senior Software Engineer, Data Infrastructure at Data Full-time

Job details

Sound is hiring a Data Infrastructure Senior Engineer to help shape the future of a new music economy that values artists and their music while connecting fans more closely to the music they love.

Sound is a suite of web3-native music and economic tools powering the next generation of artists and their communities. We’re passionate about helping artists capture more value from their art, and connecting fans more closely to the music they love. Since launch, we’ve onboarded over 200 artists (including Snoop Dogg, Pussy Riot, Salem Ilese, RAC, Soulection, and more) and generated over $3.5 million in proceeds that have gone directly to those artists.

As a Data Infrastructure Senior Engineer, you’ll be responsible for building and maintaining the end-to-end data infrastructure and architecture that powers our product and data initiatives. You’ll play an instrumental part in architecting and scaling our infrastructure to support growth, defining the way product performance is measured, all while raising the bar for how high-quality and high-velocity decisions are made at Sound.


What you’ll be doing:

  • Build, maintain, and consistently evolve our data model and data schema to meet business and engineering requirements.

  • Scale our data infrastructure with a DevOps mindset to support growth while maintaining performance and reliability.

  • Support warehousing and analytics customers that rely on our data pipeline for analysis, modeling, and reporting.

  • Manage data monitoring and alerting tools to provide more visibility about data quality, scalability and performance metrics.

  • Design and develop disaster recovery plans to ensure data integrity.

  • Work across teams to identify and solve pain points in our data architecture.


Who we’re looking for:

  • 5+ years of experience building and operating critical data infrastructure.

  • Proven track record of architecting large-scale data processing and proficiency with building and operating robust data pipelines using modern technologies such as AWS Kinesis, AWS Glue, Athena, PostgreSQL, etc.

  • Experience with the AWS data ecosystem, including ECS, SNS, EventBridge.

  • Experience championing quality through thoughtful code reviews, thorough testing, rollout execution, monitoring, and proactive ownership of code bases.

  • Ability to communicate and discuss complex topics with technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Ability to tackle ambiguous and undefined problems.



  • Experience working with microservices.

  • Experience scaling existing codebases.

  • Experience with modern application frameworks (React, Relay, Next.js).

  • Experience integrating with various web3 technology including Ethereum, Arweave, IPFS architectures.

  • History of open source contributions.


Benefits at Sound:

  • We offer top-of-the-line benefits, including health, mental health, dental, and vision insurance.

  • Remote-first teamwork with team and community members around the world

  • Work-from-home/remote office stipend

  • Team offsites for periodic collaborative strategy sessions in person

  • Passionate, supportive team dedicated to learning and growing together in web3


Sound is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, civil or family status, disability or race.

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