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Head of Product at Commons

Commons Commons Product Full-time
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Commons empowers people to decarbonize their lives. With our mobile app, track, reduce, and offset the emissions of everything you buy. We’re a 14-person startup headquartered in Oakland, CA, backed by top-tier investors including Sequoia Capital and the founders of Fitbit, Headspace, and Candy Crush. We are honored to be among TIME100’s Most Influential Companies of 2022.


We’re looking for Commons’ first product hire. The ideal candidate has a track record of driving growth and engagement at a fast-growing digital consumer startup.

You’ll work closely with Commons’ Founder & CEO to shape the roadmap, bring the product vision to life, and ship new features.  This is a critical and highly impactful role, building and scaling a product that empowers people to tap into the climate power of their spending.


What You’ll Do

  • Work with the CEO to shape product strategy and prioritize the roadmap. As the first product hire, you’ll work closely with Commons’ CEO & Founder to bring the product vision to life. You’ll help to prioritize how we build out the core user experience from conception to delivery.

  • Drive rapid learning and experimentation to deliver user value. Working closely with Commons’ design and data teams, you’ll transform qualitative insights and quantitative data into stories and hypotheses to build and test in the product.

  • Work cross-functionally to ship experiments and features. You’ll lead the product development process, working collaboratively with team members across design, data, engineering, and growth, to ensure new experiments and features are shipped on time.

  • Build a highly impactful company at scale. You’ll work closely with our data team to learn from new features and experiments to drive our metrics across activation, engagement, and growth. You’ll apply these learnings to decide what will have the highest impact on our business goals. You’ll scale a world-class digital product that changes the way a whole generation of consumers makes purchasing decisions.



  • Track record scaling engaging consumer digital experiences. You’ve driven meaningful growth and engagement at an early-stage consumer digital product before. You know what it takes to deliver value to users and meaningfully move business goals forward quickly.

  • Thrives in fast-moving, entrepreneurial environments. You’d rather test and iterate on a clear hypothesis than put a lot of resources into implementing a perfectly crafted solution. Speed of execution is important to you. You’re happiest working on scrappy teams with limited resources, and are excited to structure experiments to learn quickly.

  • Analytical, ruthless prioritizer. You’re skilled at using data to narrow in on the highest impact projects to build first. You’re experienced in setting up and attributing meaning to data to drive strategy. You’re enthusiastic about testing hypotheses and working closely with engineers, data scientists, and marketers to implement experiments. You’re comfortable with tools like Google Analytics, Optimizely, Amplitude, and Branch. 

  • Deep user empathy and personal passion for climate. You are personally deeply concerned about the climate crisis, and believe people have an important role to play in shaping our shared carbon economy. You can – and will – put yourself into the shoes of our users.

  • Humble, curious problem-solver. You seek out new ideas and creative, out-of-the-box solutions. You’re proactive and action-oriented, and are always looking for the best solution to a problem, regardless of who suggested it. You’re seeking a team that values feedback and professional growth.

  • Collaborative, clear communicator. You thrive in environments with open and honest communication. You know how to work closely with design, data, and engineering, and understand how to create processes that value ideas and efforts across people and teams.

  • Detail-oriented and highly organized. You’re the person to call to keep the trains running on time. You have strong organizational skills. You’re obsessive over the details of the end-to-end customer experience. Your product specs are specific and detailed, exploring the ins and outs of edge cases – not just the happy path.

Think you might have what it takes, but not sure you meet every requirement? Research shows that women and marginalized folks tend to only apply when they check every box. If you’re passionate about what we’re building, please apply. You might be just who we’re looking for.

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