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Director of the Board at Cadasta

Cadasta Cadasta Business Operations Full-time

Job details

Location: Remote

The Cadasta Foundation Is an award-winning, high-impact non-profit organization that is a leading global platform and service provider supporting the securing of land rights for a more sustainable and equitable planet.  Cadasta works through partnerships with civil society and government agencies to provide technology, training, and technical support to help marginalized communities document and secure titles to their land, property, and resource rights. 

We are seeking a new volunteer member for our Board of Directors to serve as a steward and ambassador for the organization. The Director will work with Cadasta’s Board and senior management to advance Cadasta’s impact, visibility and funding through strategic and advisory support.

A strong candidate will have the ability to see the big picture of how Cadasta is positioned in the land sector, and how our work also intersects with climate, gender equality, sustainable land use, Indigenous and community rights, equitable housing, and other relevant sectors.

We seek all qualified candidates, with a special emphasis on those who bring cultural, language, racial, ethnic, national origin, and other forms of diversity to the Board. We seek dynamic leaders in their fields with the willingness to contribute time, treasure and talent to Cadasta. Specific needs at this time include Directors who bring links to philanthropy and major donors; target region expertise and representation; diversity of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, and gender; links to Indigenous Peoples alliances’ expertise in climate work; and marketing, and corporate networks.

Specific Expectations and Responsibilities 

  • Attend quarterly board meetings, an annual budget meeting. There may be a few additional meetings during the year related to committee work, strategic planning, or other ad hoc meetings when necessary. Meetings are currently all virtual but there is the possibility of occasional face-to- face meetings if and when possible. 
  • Review all materials prior to Board and Committee meetings, and actively participate/contribute to issues being discussed.
  • Contribute to the annual performance goal-setting and evaluation of the CEO and to other actions related to the recruitment, hiring, and succession-planning for the CEO role.
  • Promote Cadasta within the Director’s professional and personal networks, create connections and open doors to potential donors, partners, and resources to help advance the mission.
  • Nominate and recommend Board member prospects, supporters and donors.
  • Fundraise and cultivate relationships that lead to resource mobilization including finances, talent and other services.


  • Provide overall governance, stewardship, compliance and financial support to the achievement of Cadasta’s mission.
  • Approve Cadasta’s strategic plan, annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Partnering with the President and Chief Executive Officer and other Board Members to ensure that board resolutions are carried out.
  • Taking on special assignments that are mutually agreeable to support the organization’s Board and mission.
  • Representing Cadasta to stakeholders; acting as an Ambassador for the organization.
  • Foster and advance Cadasta’s mission, interests, and profile globally.

Term and Participation 

Directors are elected by a majority number of votes by current Directors. Elected Directors are elected for a term of three years and can be re-elected for a second term for a total of six years.

Directors do not receive,  directly or indirectly, any salary, compensation, or emolument for service as a Director. The Board of Directors may authorize the advance or reimbursement of actual reasonable expenses incurred by a Director in carrying out his or her duties as a director, including for attending meetings  of the Board and Board Committees.

Desired Skills, Qualifications and Experience

Desired expertise in areas including:

  • Business development and fundraising;
  • Philanthropy and social investing;
  • Climate and climate finance;
  • Use of technology for social impact;
  • Land, forest, or agricultural sector experience;
  • Marketing and communications;
  • Leadership and development;
  • Knowledge of target regions (South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America) and cross cultural competence; 
  • Relevant government, bilateral, and multilateral agency connections.

About Cadasta

Since its founding in 2015, Cadasta has worked with 100 partners to document the rights of  6 million people across 45 countries covering 21 million hectares of land. Cadasta is continuously growing, innovating, and driving positive transformation in the land sector.

Vision: Our Vision is to build a world where even the most marginalized individuals and communities can benefit from the opportunities afforded by secure land and resource rights.

Mission: Our Mission is to be the leading provider of technical tools and services to support the documentation of land and resource rights to build stronger, more sustainable communities. 

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