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Job details

We are seeking a Head of Content to lead our content team. You will play a crucial role encompassing premium content generation, creation of overarching content strategy and execution, implementing SEO best practices, and scaling a content team.

Our ideal profile is a content professional who possesses a strong attention to detail and excels in a fast-paced environment.

Your responsibilities

First and foremost, we're looking for people who are excited about what we're doing.

More than a specific set of skills, we're looking for someone that (1) has the talent/experience/drive/work ethic to drive your own work (2) understands that good employees do what you tell them to do, great employees tell you what they need to do. We're defining a new category, so you'll be able to use creativity to help us solve problems and delight our customers. (3) Demonstrated experience as a writer and running and scaling content team.

Roles and job descriptions at our stage are necessarily ambiguous and cover a huge portfolio of responsibilities, so we need someone who thrives in that environment. Among the responsibilities for the role:

  • Hiring and managing content writers, video content creators, designers, and others to scale the content team. You will be responsible for your own budget and your own team, with broad authority within the domain of content. We need someone who can build their own team under them.

  • Creation of overarching written and video content strategy for the company, including planning, developing and implementing company’s content strategy, and developing strong editorial processes.

  • Premium (legal) content creation: research and writing on a wide variety of topics relating to citizenships, residencies and company incorporations and creation of highly referenced legal based articles that define the new landscape of citizenship, and why multiple passports are relevant for global investors.

  • Ability to research and understand primary literature and statistics for use in written content and creating effective storytelling and throughlines from primary literature.

  • General editing and ensuring legal veracity of the work of freelance or staff content creators that you manage.

  • Experience creating various types of content such as blog posts, guest posts for external sites, ebooks, guides, infographics, newsletters, videos, and social media copy.

  • Managing content partnerships with other companies and being the primary point person for these relationships. Strategizing on taking on new guest posting opportunities.

  • Regular interactions with Customer Success and Product team to have deep understanding of customer questions and educational needs, in order to create content to address this.

  • Interactions with digital marketing team to understand SEO best practices for

  • Define process and implementation of updating old evergreen content with newest research information and shareable elements (ie infographics, etc).

  • Assistance with company email marketing efforts.

  • Understanding of how written content strategy can be leveraged across all online platforms (blog, social, newsletter, youtube, etc)

  • Inbound content marketing background and ability to understand content marketing as a sales channel; assistance implementing SEO best practices and, ideally, experience with SEO and site analytics analysis to optimize content

  • Familiarity of software that can monitor content marketing efforts (ie Ahrefs, Clearscope, etc)

This list is not exhaustive at all, and you'll have a lot of autonomy over your work.

We're looking for a full-time hire.

  • Alignment with the Baseflow mission and vision.

  • Experience, sourcing, hiring, and managing a content team for a high impact outlet or company

  • Love thinking broadly and creatively about problems and how to solve them efficiently. Skeptical of the status quo

  • Understands systems, process, and how to scale a team

  • Preference for ambiguity, open-ended problems.

  • Excited for a front-row seat into a fast growing, early stage company. Things will change a lot!

  • Enjoy thinking through trade-offs, with both mindfulness of short-term needs and our long-term direction.

  • Happy writing documentation so that others can ramp up super easily and you're never a single-source-of-failure. We're too small to have silos.

Nice to have
  • Willingness to spend time in Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Legal background and demonstrated experience with legal writing and managing other legal writers

  • SEO and growth skills are a plus. If you have familiarity with some of the following items, that’s great, but not necessary:

  • Bitcoin, it's always nice to have Bitcoin.

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